Dominque Jones(My Hunger For The Game Has Increased Times 20)

Dominque Jones is a 175cm guard from Harlem that ha sone season of professional ball under his belt. He played at Hudson Valley Hype (EBA) then moved to BG Illertal/Weissenhorn (Germany-ProB) playing  10 games: 15.7ppg, 3.5rpg, 4.3apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 43.3%, 3PT: 36.2%, FT: 73.5%. He started his basketball career at  Fashion Institute of Technology (NJCAA3) and finished at Ft.Hays St. (NCAA2). He spoke to Eurobasket about basketball.

Thanks for talking to German Hoops. Dominque where are you now and how has your summer been going?

I am currently back home in Harlem, New York. My summer has been going good so far just have been working on my craft and hooping in the New York summer leagues.

After a very good season with Weissenhorn, you sat out last season. What were the main reason for not playing?

My main reason for sitting out last season not playing is the worst month of my life! I had sustained two injuries within the month of august 2012. The first injury I was hooping in a summer pro am out here in New York and got elbowed in my face which caused two of my teeth to come one pushed into my gums and the other into my bottom lip, so the trauma and dental work I needed was immense. Two weeks later I ended up breaking my foot coming from the dentist tripping over a distorted grate which sidelined me until January. The good thing is I did not need surgery and I healed on my own.  Talk about bad luck and bad timing!! My first time being injured in my life. But I am 110% better now. It was a minor setback for a strong comeback! With the grace of god!

Has the job market been getting tougher the last years? Was there no option to have played for a minor league club in the States?

Well I would say so even though i’ve only been out of college for 2 years its all about who you know and which agent you sign to and which contacts they have in the overseas market depending on that it can be either really difficult or really easy. Also if they can convince a team to believe in you and the work you have already put in and the work your willing to put in to provide the best service available. I live in Harlem  the city there aren’t many minor teams around and not much of a market for it  when the Knicks play 20 min from you lol. But I actually played 3 games for a semi pro team in the EBA called PrimeTime we went 3-0 but team disbanded for whatever reason but was definitely fun while it lasted.especially after being sidelined  for a few months.

How did you spend the last season basketball wise? How did you stay in shape mentally and physically?

Well after I was cleared to play and run again I got right to it. Running the track in 20 degree weather and linking with different trainers everyday I was in the gym for hours two and three a day workouts whenever a gym was open I was first and last one in there. You never know how lucky you are to receive another chance to do something you truly  love are dedicated to until it was taking away from me for the 1st time. I also attained a strength and condition coach as well as working with different basketball trainers to get a full and diverse workout to help elevate my game to new heights. My hunger for the game has increased times 20

What are your memories of your stay with Weissenhorn besides your strong stats?

In Weissenhorn it was great! I loved everything about it had great teammates,ownership, managers and the fans were amazing a few always contact me via Facebook and ask me to come back so it was a very humbling experience. Had a chance to workout with the Ratiopharm/Ulm BBL team and they were also great guys and we had some intense workouts. I had the chance to attend a lot of the home games for Ratiopharm and learn for what im working for and where I need to be. So it was a great experience in Weissenhorn and a great learning experience for me.

You weren´t so long in Germany, but if you had the chance would you like to play in Germany again?

Germany was definitely a great place and was good to me and wouldn’t mind going back at all. But if i’m able to attain a job anywhere else wouldn’t oppose to that either.

What was your nicest memory at Weissenhorn with American Mike Mercer? He had some very good years at Georgia and last played in the minor leagues in Australia. Are you surprised that his career didn´t take more of a bang?

Me and Mike had so many good moments out there together were should i begin lol. Me and Mike had a good bond on and off the court I can say we respected each others games and enjoyed playing with one another. Also a lot of great battles in practice pushing one another to get better everyday. Yes I am very surprised 6’4 combo guard with  athleticism  out this world with a work ethic to go with it. Like i said its a lot about who you know. Iut its far from over and im sure people will take notice sooner than later I hope.

If you could describe your play in a few sentences how would you sell yourself best to a team now?

Your getting a total package. I can score, I can shoot , get my teammates involved, defend, rebound, Im a leader on and off the floor and Im a great well rounded person. I am willing to do whatever it takes to take a team and myself to the next level. My work ethic is superb. My heart and passion for this game is colossal!!! People often look at the height and what school you went to to determine whether you can get the job done. Measure my heart and my talent when I step on that court and ill show and prove!

How does a normal work out day in the summer look like for Dominque Jones?

4 times a week  I meet with strength and conditioning and we get it in legs, arms, abs , parachute runs, agility sprints he’s insane lol . Several times out the week I meet with different basketball trainers and I have individual workouts. Working on shot, ball handling , game situations moves and scenarios. Different days different workouts all helping me to become better than I was yesterday. I also hoop in summer New York street ball tournaments  where other overseas, NBA, college players bring there talents to compete.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Last dvd I watched ‘above the rim’ so ironic a young Harlem basketball high school standout had a goal to attain a scholarship to Georgetown and when all chips were against him with his family, street life situations and school he overcame that adversity and was successful in acquire that scholarship!

Thanks for the chat Dominque.

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