Malcolm Boone (I Used To Think The BBL Was For Ex NBA Players And Division 1 Athletes, But My Brother Is A Prime Example Of Proving Me Wrong

Malcolm Boone is a 196cm power forward from New York that just completed his rookie season in Germany with  TG Wuerzburg Blue Baskets (Germany-Regionalliga, starting five): 26 games: 14.8ppg, 9.1rpg, 1.3spg. He played at Keystone (NCAA3) from 2008-2012 and played a total of 99 NCAA3 games and in his senior year played  26 games: 15.2ppg, 7.7rpg, 2.3bpg, 2.3apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 53.3%, FT: 72.0%. He is also the brother of s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg center Jason Boone and spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Thanks Malcolm for talking to Where are you at the moment and how are you enjoying your summer?

Currently, I am up at my parents house in New York. Summer is going well so far. I have a vacation lined up next week but I’m continuing to play the game I love, stay in shape, and getting the opportunity to see my family. This was the longest I had ever been away from them.

You played as a rookie in Germany for TG Wuerzburg Blue Baskets (Germany-Regionalliga) Did the transition to Germany make it easier since your brother Jason was also in Wurzburg playing for the Beko BBL team s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg?

Absolutely. Having family around in a situation where you are far from home makes everything a little bit more comfortable and easy going.

The team finished in 8th place with a record of 11-12 What were the main reasons for the team finishing in the middle of the pack?

We were very young. It was my first year overseas and I was the oldest guy on the team. But we stayed together and showed a lot of heart. We had two players who came onto our team midway through the season; Paul Brotherson and Nicolau Dilukila that were a tremendous help. That’s when we really began to come together as a solid team.

You played at Keystone (NCAA3) and then played Regionaliga. What were the main differences between Regionaliga and NCAA3 if any?

The speed of the game was completely different. At Keystone, we were a “fast-pace” team, but when I came to Wurzburg, I learned what the real defintion of “fast” was. I was also fortunate enough to practice with the BBL team every so often, and that REALLY redefined the word “fast” for me. It was just another level.

You had a very solid rookie season playing 26 games: 14.8ppg, 9.1rpg, 1.3spg. How happy were you with your rookie season?

I was not overly satisfied with my rookie season at all. I felt I could have been more aggressive at times. But I did get a very good feel on the way that European basketball is played, reffed and coached. I am working on several different parts of my game to come back a more complete player for next year.

In what areas can you still improve your game?

Defense is always a priority. When I practiced with my brothers team, depending on who I subbed in for, I would be guarding bigger guards like Jimmy McKinney, all star forwards like Alex King and Dwayne Anderson. Or at times even my brother and the centers. I quickly learned that being able to guard multiple positions is what is going to help my career continue to progress. Three point shooting is going to be another main focus for next season as well.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t always get noticed right away?

The ability to handle the ball. When matched up against other Power Forwards in the league, there were many of them that weren’t allowed to put the ball on the floor unless it was a power dribble. My head coach would allow me to bring the ball up the court at times as well as push it in transition after a defensive rebound. I feel that set my game apart from other forwards in the league.

What was it like playing for your first German coach Soren Zimmermann. What was the most important thing that you could learn from him last season?

Playing for coach Soren was a great experience. He didn’t just coach you, he taught you. He had a solid player/coach relationship with all of his players. He taught me how to really keep moving forward. For example, after a bad/broken play, just continue to keep playing and make up for it on the defensive/offensive end. He was really good at getting that point across.

Jason Boone had a similar career route like you in that he played at a NCAA 3 school and then played Regionaliga at Bernau and then took the jump to the Beko BBL. Do you think that you could make the jump to a higher level?

Absolutely. I don’t think I will make the jump to the BBL overnight but I’m fully confident that this season I can perform well in the Pro B or Pro A.

Your brother is 5 years older than you. What is something that you will always cherish from him in the basketball department that he taught you over the years?

If you really want something, going out and getting it. The time and effort isn’t going to put itself in, it has to come from you. He’s the perfect example of “hard work pays off”. He has put in so much time and dedication to be where he is today. I used to think the BBL was for ex NBA players and Division 1 athletes, but he is a prime example of proving me wrong. I will continue to work.

If you could describe your game in a few sentences how would you do it so that teams would get interested in your services right away?

I am willing to do whatever it takes to win. I am a defensive minded player and like to play above the rim. I am unselfish and respect the game. You will not find a more coachable and dedicated hard-worker.

When you are on the play grounds during the summer and clash with your brother, do you have any chance of beating him at one on one?

That’s a tough one. If I can bring him out on the perimeter a little bit than it’s tough for him to guard me one on one. However, once it becomes an inside battle, that’s when it becomes a little tougher for me. We’ve only played one on one twice and we both are 1-1. Whenever he’s ready, we can take it to the playground.

How does a normal Malcolm Boone work out look like during the summer?

During last season, the s. Oliver Baskets strength trainer, Piet Arlt, turned me onto different Olympic lifts. A “normal” Malcolm Boone workout would consist of 3-4 sets of power clean to squat to overhead press, planks and other core work exercises, along with a 2-3 mile run. Outside of basketball training I’ve been doing a ton of Cross-Fit work.

Which New York team is most likely to win a next title?

The NY Knicks after they sign Chris Paul for next season.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Glory Road.

Thanks Malcolm for the chat

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