Jack Eggleston (Bayer Giants Leverkusen) I Can´t Even Imagine Where We Would Be Without Josh Parker

Jack Eggleston is a 24 year  old 203cm power forward from Noblesville, Indiana that is playing his second year as a professional for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen in the German Pro B. He played at  Pennsylvania (NCAA) from 2007-2011. He played a total of 125 NCAA games. In his senior year he played 28 games: 13.2ppg, 8.0rpg, 2.1apg, FGP: 50.4%, 3PT: 45.1%, FT: 73.5%. Last season for Leverkusen he played  23 games: 14.0ppg, 6.0rpg, 2.1apg, FGP: 49.5%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: 71.2%. He spoke to German Hoops after beating Oldenburg in the playoffs.

Congrats on getting past Oldenburg in the first round of the playoffs? The three games had a total of 551 total points. How much energy did this series cost the team?

We’ve played all of our games this year at a pretty fast pace so I don’t think that the series took any more energy than usual out of us. We have plenty of time to get rested and ready for our first game Sunday.

The Bayer Giants Leverkusen won game three 95-90. The Giants had a nice lead at halftime, but Oldenburg stormed back in the third quarter to get back into the game. What was key at the end for Leverkusen winning the game?

I thought we did a great job of finding their shooters down the stretch and making sure they didn’t get any easy looks. Also we made sure to secure defensive boards and limit them to one shot.

How impressive was the 47 point effort by Michael Taylor in game two? It isn´t often that one sees a player score more points than Josh Parker. What was your impression of the American?

Taylor is a tremendous player. Watching the film of that game where he had 47, I was amazed at how tough some of the shots he hit were. We had hands in his face and he was still hitting everything. Fortunately, he didn’t shoot the ball as well in Game 3.

Josh Parker scored a total 108 points in the three games series. Basketball is a team sport, but not to take anything away from the team, but where would the Giants be without Josh Parker?

Man, I can’t even imagine where we’d be without him. He leads the Pro B in minutes at over 38 a game so I don’t have to worry about not having him out there too often.

How much fun has it been playing with Parker? You guys are a nice two punch combo. He was top scorer in the three games and you were top rebounder.

It has been such a blast playing with Josh this year. I feel like he and I have developed a great chemistry with each other over the season that has allowed us to be successful as a team. He draws so much attention from the defense that it has allowed me to get some great looks offensively.

How important has German Mark Rass been for the team this season? He was steady in the three game series scoring in double figures in each game. Is he a sort of the Giants unsung hero at times?

Compared to last year, Marc has improved by leaps and bounds. I’m really proud of the way that he has become more consistent and increased his understanding of the game. Having him as a legitimate scorer this year has been a huge help for us.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t always get noticed?

I’d say that my ability to adjust to however I’m being played is something that might not be noticed right away. Especially with a guy like Josh who has a great feel for the game, we can make changes on the fly that make us tough to guard.

What has been the most amazing thing that you have seen josh Parker do this season on the court?

Man, you can’t make me pick just one. I’d say the 48 point explosion at Dresden was pretty incredible, but for me this last game where he carried us in the fourth quarter after getting cut under his eye and had blood dripping down his face was one of the most impressive performances I’ve ever seen live.

How exciting are these playoffs playing teams in the playoffs that you have never played before? How difficult is the scouting process?

It’s always interesting and a bit of a challenge to play against teams you’ve never played before. But we have film from every game teams have played so Josh and I just try to watch the tape to see how we think teams will play us and figure out what we need to do to be successful.

The next opponent are the bsw Sixers. What kind of series can we await?

Once you get to this point in the playoffs, you have the expectation that every series will be hard fought. I expect nothing less from the Sixers.

Who are your NCAA Final 4 picks?

I didn’t fill out a bracket this year, but my mom would kill me if I said anybody other than Indiana. I’m rolling with them to win it all.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

I just watched A Prophet. Great movie.

Thanks Jack for the chat.

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