Augie Johnston(SC Rist Wedel) Konstantin Klein Is A Good Player That Uses Screens Well

Augie Johnston is a 26 year old 185cm guard from Atascadero, Calfornia. He played at Cal.St.-Monterey (NCAA2) and his infinite range has proven he was one of the best shooters in the country. Although he is a prolific shooter, it is his overall ability to score the basketball and defend the opponent’s best player that is so impressive. He is one of the most professional and hard working players. As a captain at Cal State Monterey Bay he has shown to have all the leadership qualities you would want in a point guard or shooting guard. He started his professional basketball career in 2009-2010 for Velbert Baskets (Germany-2.Regionalliga), playing 9 games: 28.4ppg. Last season, he played for SpVgg Rattelsdorf Independents (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 25 games: 29.8ppg . This season, he is playing his second season for  SC Rist Wedel and helped bring the team into the playoffs against Nordlingen last season and Fraport Skyliners juniors this season. Last season he played 27 games: 15.9ppg, 4.4rpg, 4.0apg, FGP: 48.8%, 3PT: 40.1%, FT: 77.9%. He spoke to German Hoops after the sweep of the Fraport Skyliners juniors.

Congrats on a 75-74 win in Frankfurt. Did you think that the game would go down to the wire before the game started?

Yes actually. I knew it would be a close game and that their first league players would give them a big boost. It’s not easy to win on the road after a 7 hour drive no matter who you play against.

SC Rist Wedel did a good job throwing the ball inside in the first half. Was that the first option in the game plan?

Yes it was. You don’t want to dig yourself into a hole in the first quarter if your outside shots are not falling so we always try to look inside first.

Frankfurt ran out on a 12-0 run at the end of the second quarter. What was key for Frankfurt getting back into the game?

It was the pressure defense from their guards. The forced a couple turnovers that turned into easy points for them.

In the second half the game was very tight. Marvin Adu added that SC Rist Wedel won at the end because they had been used to those kind of situations all season long. Would you agree with him?

Yes I agree 100%. We played a lot of close games this season and won every game but one against Wulfen.

The biggest strength of Frankfurt was their fighting mentality. What was the biggest strength of SC Rist Wedel on this day?

It was our balanced attack. Three of our starters scored over 15 points and we had some bench players step up and have huge games.

What was it like playing against Konstantin Klein. Your 35 points were cut in half in game two?

Konstantin Klein is a good player that uses screens well. I have to give him and Mertz some credit on the defensive end. My 3pt attempts that game were pretty low so they did a good job chasing me off screens and not leaving me open.

You were impressed by Falko Thelig in game one. Did that inbound ally op pass surprise you that they called it at that stage of the game?

Yeah that was a nice pass. I knew they were trying to get a quick 2 pointer and they ran their OB play to perfection and the pass was almost perfect so they were able to convert on that play

What was your overall impression of the Fraport Skyliners juniors. Did you like the mix of many young German players?

Yeah I think they have a good core group of guys there. It seems like they lack a little depth right now. I know they have some really young players on that team and with a good off season they could be a good team in the ProB next season, especially if the first league guys play again next season.

How have you been experiencing March Madness? Kentucky is out and Harvard advanced.

Yeah it seems like everyday there is a new upset that kills everyone’s brackets. I can’t wait for the final four!

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

I Am Legend

Thanks Augie for the chat.

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