Too Much Sweet Philly In Dawan Robinson´s Penetration As He Leads The Fraport Skyliners Past Tuebingen 92-78

It is never easy coming to a new team and then playing on the road for three straight games and just having to wait and wait and wait to getting that first taste of the Fraport arena. For Americans Ryan Brooks and Laquan Prowell having to wait 12 days before playing their first home game in front of the energetic home crowd  must have been as difficult as school grades being delayed and straight A students not being able to brag for a while, Rajon Rondo tearing his ACL and having to miss the rest of the season and recuperate and having to have to wait until next season to play again and typical D-league players who have to wait for their call up never knowing when the NBA limelight will shine into their faces like a floodlight giving off glittering dollar signs. Many fans enter the Fraport arena to see the next amazing dunk battle on the court between Quantez Robertson and Danilo “white men can jump” Barthel, seeing if a Sebastian Jung or Alex Meier are sitting courtside to help support the home team or if a Kamil Novak made the trip back to Frankfurt to help cheer on the Skyliners. Of course there were many fans also that wanted to see the two ex LTi Giessen 46ers Ryan Brooks and Tez buddy from Auburn Laquan Prowell and watch them strut their basketball tricks. Both guys were on the floor highly motivated and gave the fans a show as always as they combined for 25 points, but Quantez Robertson/Reggie Redding duel was really what many were waiting for and cleaning the drool from their mouthes, but Air Tez left the floor with the satisfying 92-78 win. Redding had fond memories from last season as he stepped on the floor in the Fraport arena having his best point game of the season netting 24 points and help lead Tuebingen to the late season win after the playoff train had already been derailed. Just observing basketball duels on the court is always a delectable basketball delight, because no matter how delicious the serving is, the munchies will always last you until breakfast and the next game. “This is a great duel. I really like Reggie Redding. He is the sparkplug and heart and soul of the team. When Redding is on then so are the Tigers, but when he isn´t then the Tigers aren´t either. It is interesting to see how both player play and use their advantages like Redding with his physical play and Robertson with his athletic play. It is always wise to get Redding in foul trouble. I always like to look at how the players use their strength and how the coaches figure out ways to help them. It is always interesting to see how Tez plays against bigger players. One saw that he had problems against the bigger Robin Benzing in Munich”, stressed basketball expert Steven Clauss. Fraport Skyliner American Taylor Brown watched the Tez-Redding duel from the first row behind the Skyliners bench and was amazed at their play. “They were both banging down low and were very physical. Redding didn´t have his best shooting day, but that was because of the defense of Tez. If Frankfurt could of limited the passing of Redding, then they would of led at halftime. Redding is a good passer and not selfish at all and knows how to make the right passes”, stressed Taylor Brown. Robertson was as soft spoken as always and saw as just another day at the office guarding Redding. “Redding is always a challenge to guard. He is one of the best wings in the league. I just tried to contain him and not give him any open looks”, expressed Quantez Robertson. “Robertson played very well, making the big plays and grabbing rebounds and getting steals”, added Reggie Redding. Devin Gibson might be the second best defender on the Fraport Skyliners and has to concentrate on his man, but even he was able to catch glimpses of this Cincinnati-Philadelphia battle. “It is always fun to watch Tez play defense. He always has to defend the other teams best player. He is the best defender that I have ever played with. I have never seen an opponent have his way with him”, added Quantez Robertson.

Dawan Robinson was playing his ninth Beko BBL game for the Fraport Skyliners and has been up and down so far. He had good scoring games with 16 in Giessen, 12 points in Munich and 14 points in Bayreuth, but then again weaker games like 0 points against the Artland Dragons. He may not have a high assist rate, but he is able to find his teammates if he has to. His biggest strength is his penetration which just exploded against the Walter Tigers Tuebingen. Robinson finished with 21 points on 7/9 shooting and just killed the Schwaben team with his quick penetration. Robinson hails from Philadelphia and has that sweet Philly touch in his game. However according to the 30 year old, there was nothing sweet Philly about his potent driving to the basket. “There was nothing sweet about my penetration, but it was hard and ruthless and as hard as nails”, smilied Dawan Robinson. Robinson was as aggressive as ever in the set play finding the holes and not losing any time getting to the hole as well as getting quickly out on the fast break and getting easy buckets. “This is the best that I have seen him play. He seemed to attack more than ever and I think that he finally has his stamina after his injury. He is quick, but very smart how to use his body”, expressed Fraport Skyliner guard Devin Gibson. Robertson quickly got on the fast break and often found Robinson down court for the easy lay up. “He didn´t do much in the first half, but going in the second half. He got to basket and used the pick and role well and got wide open on the fast break. Having a big body and getting to the free throw line was also important”, stressed Quantez Robertson.

The Fraport Skyliners desperately needed a win and were looking to snap their five game losing streak and instead of starting slowly came in very focused and a high intensity showing the Walter Tigers Tuebingen quickly that they had come to play. It was high noon for the Fraport Skyliners and they understood how important the game was and just played top team basketball. “Coach Katzurin was pissed at us after the Braunschwieg loss. Last Thursday, we didn´t even practice, but just watched video of that game. We came into this game with a sense of urgency and we just knew how important this game was. We played with a lot of energy and just came out with passion and desire”, explained Dawan Robinson. For the Walter Tigers Tuebingen, they have never been this close to the playoffs at position nine so late in the season and were looking to get a tighter grip on the playoff picture. The Walter Tigers Tuebingen played a solid first half, but in the second half seemed to be a bit surprised at the stronger and improved play of the Fraport Skyliners and just couldn´t match their intensity and just couldn´t play consistent defense to derail their the offense of Frankfurt. “Points came easily for both teams in the first half. We took the whole situation to comfortable and they came out at us in the second half. We had many turnovers and just couldn´t get over the hump. We had stupid turnovers at crucial times and just made uncharacteristic mistakes on defense”, warned Dashaun Wood buddy Vaughn Duggins.

The Walter Tigers came out on a mission in the first quarter leading 6-0 before the Beko BBL mascot had even introduced itself to Fraport Skyliner mascot Dunking Kong. Tuebingen started to attack Frankfurt inside early as Duggins and Notre Dame alumnist Tyrone Nash scored inside. This quick force of offense didn´t hinder Frankfurt from getting points fast as ex LTi Giessen 46er Ryan Brooks who was making his debut in a Skyliner uniform in Frankfurt nailed a three pointer and then scored inside driving past Vaughn Duggins as Frankfurt trailed 6-5. The game was high paced as both teams were in an offensive furry. The Fraport Skyliners got some buckets from Robinson and Peacock, but Tuebingen kept the lead, mainly because they also scored at leisure. Duggins scored on a runner and big man Kenny Frease who can chew a stick of gum with the best baseball players scored on the fast break as Tuebingen led 14-11. After Cameron Wells found Redding for a back door reverse lay up and 16-13 Tigers lead, Frankfurt took a 5-0 run to lead 18-16 for the first time getting a big boost from the German kids Johannes Voigtman making a mid distance jumper and Danilo Barthel hitting from down town. Wells and Barthel then exchanged free throws as Frankfurt led 20-18. Tuebingen had one last possession and Houston native Wells hit a three pointer with one second on the shot clock as the Frankfurt trailed 21-20 after one quarter. “Frankfurt played at a good tempo. Frankfurt had a good flow on offense and taking good shots. Frankfurt had problems securing that first rebound which hurt them”, expressed Fraport Skyliner junior Taylor Brown. The Walter Tigers Tuebingen was shooting 64% from the two point range and 33% from outside while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 50% from the two point range and 40% from outside. Both teams secured seven rebounds and Tuebingen had three turnovers and Frankfurt two turnovers.

The Walter Tigers Tuebingen kept up their fats tempo offense going on a 5-0 run as Oklahoma native Josh Young was the recipient of making all five points and giving Tuebingen the 26-20 lead. A 6-0 Tuebingen run was followed by a 5-0 Frankfurt run as the Skyliners understood to keep their offense in rhythm and not let it sputter for minutes and let the opponent go on a high lead something that had happened in the past. Barthel hit his second three pointer of the game and Peacock took his money shot the mid distance jumper cutting the Tuebingen lead to 26-25. Once Peacock gets going nothing can really stop him except for maybe some let loose alligators from the Everglades, but even then the Miami native could probably shoot over them. Peacock made a step back jumper and tied the game at 29-29 with free throws. Nash then made a tip in off a Duggins miss and Super Tez scored with a hard penetration drive with his left hand to dead lock game at 31-31. Tuebingen kept attacking the Frankfurt bucket and making the Skyliners penetration defense look harmless as Frease and Redding scored for the 35-31 lead. “We had problems with their drive and dish. We were unable to stop penetration earlier”, added Dawan Robinson. Laquan Prowell then scored on a lay in as the Fraport Skyliners did a super job freeing themselves from a full court Tiger press. Redding then found Duggins for a back door cut and Robertson closed out the scoring with a lay in as the Walter Tigers Tuebingen led only 39-37 at halftime. “Frankfurt was giving up too many easy baskets inside. On offense Frankfurt made some bad decisions, but they continued to fight as they showed they knew how big this game was”, stressed Fraport Skyliner junior Benedikt Nicolay. The Walter Tigers Tuebingen were shooting 48% from the field and 33% from the three point line while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 45% from the field and 33% from the three point line. Tuebingen had the 18-12 rebound edge, but six turnovers while Frankfurt only had three turnovers.

The third quarter remained a very tight game until the last few minutes where the Fraport Skyliners were able to regain the lead again. After Peacock scored inside after getting a slick pass from Barthel, the Walter Tigers Tuebingen escaped out on a 4-0 run to lead 44-39. Young scored inside getting past Ryan Brooks and Frease made a baby hook shot. Frankfurt got free throws from Brooks and Robertson, but Tuebingen was still very aggressive inside as Duggins gave Frease a no look pass and then scored himself past Barthel as Frankfurt trailed 49-43. When your behind and in need of scoring, then you call on a Peacock who could be called Mr scoring in bunches. He scored three times showing just how explosive he can be tying the game at 49-49. Frankfurt had a great offensive rhythm and were finding open shots. They were looking for Peacock and if they had been a bit more aggressive on defense would have been leading. “Skyliners fed of the energy of Peacock”, added Taylor Brown.  Tuebingen then took two leads as Redding scored inside getting the perfect bounce pass form Nash and Duggins scored high of the glass, but Frankfurt tied the score twice as Tez scored and Robinson scored as the game was knotted at 53-53. However Frankfurt closed out the third quarter strong getting buckets from Robinson, Prowell and Brooks and stepping up their defesne forcing some Tiger turnovers. Ohle closed out the scoring with a lay in as Frankfurt led 62-59. “Zack Peacock already got involved in the second quarter, but really got going in the third quarter. He got comfortable and we fed off his energy”, stated Dawan Robinson. “We didn´t come out as strong as we needed to. We just didn´t attack enough at both ends of the court”, stressed Reggie Redding. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 54% from the two point area and 36% from the parking lot while the Walter Tigers Tuebingen were shooting 63% from the field and 25% from the parking lot. Tuebingen had the 25-16 rebound advantage, but 11 turnovers while Frankfurt had only three turnovers.

The Fraport Skyliners kept their high intensity in the fourth quarter as they kept their lead and never looked back. Despite Devin Gibson turning the ball over at the start and being punished by a Wells lay up, the Fraport Skyliners went on a 6-0 run to lead comfortably 68-61. Little used captain Marius Nolte exerted some extra team energy with a bucket inside, Robinson hit free throws and Prowell took advantage of the mismatch against the smaller Wells and shot a hook shot over him. Lischka and Redding answered cutting the Frankfurt lead to 68-65, but Frankfurt never let up on offense continuing to attack inside weakening the Tigers. Robinson scored inside as Frankfurt led 71-65. Tuebingen once again scored on the Drive and dish as they had so often as Redding found Ohle inside for a difficult with contact lay up cutting the Frankfurt lead to 71-67. “We actually focused on the Drive and dish in this game. Their help was so good that we did more drive and dish and were able to finish well”, added Vaughn Duggins. “Our rotations was a problem on their drive and dish”, stressed Dawan Robinson. Frankfurt continued to attack on offense and defense getting steals that led to fast break points from Robinson and Brooks as Frankfurt led 77-67. Tuebingen had big problems against the Frankfurt penetration as they could do what they wanted and were attacking with passion. “Our penetration opened it up on the pick and role. We were able to find each other due to our aggressive play”, said Dawan Robinson. However Tuebingen wasn´t down and out yet as German Johannes Lischka reeled his team back with a lightening 5-0 run dropping a three pointer and finishing on the fast break cutting the Frankfurt lead to 77-72. However Frankfurt continued to be too strong  for Tuebingen as they continued to score any which way as Tez stole the ball from Nash´s hands under his bucket or the smaller Brooks hitting over FRease as Frankfurt led 81-74 with time running out. After Duggins free throws, the Fraport Skyliners sealed the victory with back to back steals from Brooks and Robinson leading to transition buckets from Robinson and Brooks. “Frankfurt made big steals in the last minutes leading to easy transition baskets. Brooks had the icing on the cake with a big shot. They played great team basketball at the end”, stressed Taylor Brown. “We were able to cut it down to five points, but then they were up again. Then we had two big turnovers. It was tough having to come back then”, commented Reggie Redding.

The Fraport Skyliners were led by Dawan Robinson with 21 points. Zach Peacock added 20 points and five rebounds. Ryan Brooks contributed 19 points, five rebounds and four assists. Quantez Robertson added 12 points and Danilo Barthel 10 points. The Walter Tigers Tuebingen were led by Vaughn Duggins with 15 points. Kenny Frease added 13 points. Reggie Redding produced 11 points, six rebounds and five assists. Tyrone Nash has 10 points, six rebounds and three assists. The Fraport Skyliners had a much needed win with an offense that had sputtered much this season, but finally broke out of its funk managing 92 points. When you shoot 55% from the field and 42% from outside and defend well, then you will win on many nights. Frankfurt lost the rebound battle 30-22 and had problems with the constant inside pounding of their drive and dish, but took good care of the ball coughing it up only seven times. Frankfurt simply had so many positives on this night. “Our biggest strength was our cohesiveness. We just stayed together today”, stressed Dawan Robinson. Tigers Vaughn Duggins saw anything but a team close to the bottom of the standings. “Frankfurt was a totally different team to what we saw before Christmas in Tuebingen. The addition of Prowell and Brooks have helped. They were feeling their way around in the first games, but are here now. Danilo Barthel was very strong one more player that we had to worry about and Robinson had a big second half”, added Vaughn Duggins.

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