Marian Schick (White Wings Hanau) Doesnt Experience A Crushing Dunk In 12,000 Meters

When you look at the tough guys like John Bryant, Kenny Frease, Zack Peacock or a Brandon Hunter last season from the Beko BBL, you would never think that anything could ruffle their feathers on the court as they battle with anyone that comes in their way and rarily put off their game faces. However it would be interesting to see how they would react when something goes wrong in a plane 12,000 meters in the air? Marian Schick (204-C-86) of PRO B team the Hanau White Wings may not be as well known as those Beko BBL players, but he is a tough 204cm player that can battle inside. Currently he is averaging 9,4ppg and 6,4 rpg and 1,4apg and has added 11 rebounds twice this season against Nordlingen and Leverkusen. Running into a Johannes Voigtmann of the Fraport Sklyiners juniors in the lane could give him a shock, but he really expereinced a schock recently while flying on the The 787 Dreamliner which applies breakthrough technologies to an all-new airplane design. Recently he was enjoying his break from PRO B play in Addis Abeba in Ethiopia and on his return flight experienced something that one wouldnt ever imagine flying in such a technological innovative jet plane. While flying back to Frankfurt, he suddenly noticed dark splits in the window. “I had a very quesy feeling. But luckily we only had an hour left to go until Frankfurt”, stressed Marian Schick. The pilot quickly gave the all clear warning to the pasengers. The window was damaged, but their was no risk. One thing is for sure, in the next practice, Marian Scick will have a story to tell his teammates.


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