Ted Scott Gets An Extra Dose Of Nerds Candy Energizing The Fraport Skyliners Past Braunschweig 61-59

When coming into the Fraport arena, a real basketball fanatic doesn´t only come to see a smorgasbord  of amazing Fraport Skyliner players like hoping to see a Quantez Robertson finally catch a ball at the rim and dunk over two players something that is still missing in his play arsenal, Devin Gibson moving his hands quicker than Edward Scissor hands in the defense or Columbus Ohio sharp shooter Ted Scott getting a pass in the corner and releasing the ball quicker than Bret Favre does a football and dropping a bomb over the double team and then winking to the opposing coach as if it was the most natural thing. However each week, there is always at least one player from the opposing team that gets the basketball heart of the fans thumping as they do their incredible hoop magic on the court. One of these players is soft spoken American Immanuel Mcelroy from Texas who has been coming into the Fraport arena the last nine seasons. He is known as having one of the widest grins in the Beko BBL only matched by retired Michael hakim Jordan. In his first seasons, he showed his sizzling athletic ability with Rhine Energy Cologne where he won his first titles with the cup and league championship in 2006. In the years to follow, he rode into the Fraport arena on his high horse with Alba Berlin always competiting in exciting games and winning the league title in 2008 and cup in 2009. Who could forget the breathtaking 2010 semi finals series where the Deutsche Bank Skyliners prevailed in four games or the 2011 semi finals where Alba Berlin snuck to the final in five games all with Mcelroy on the floor. Despite his 32 years of age, the friendly American still has the capability to have big games on offense and defense. In the 61-59 loss, Mcelroy played 25 minutes registering zero points, but grabbing four rebounds and dishing out and assist and getting a steal. Despite these unspectacular stats, Imac is still a jewel for Phantoms manager Oliver Braun. “He is still one of the best defenders in the league. Not many can hustle around the blocks as well as he does on defense. There aren´t many in this league that have achieved as much as he has. What I like about his game is that when his shots aren´t falling, he will try and concentrate on something else like passing which he did against Trier. He remains a very important player for us”, stressed Oliver Braun. “Imac is so important for us, because he always has to stop the opponents best player. He is so present on the floor and is a very good passer. He is always talking with me and helping my game get better. I have learned so much from him”, added 19 year old Phantoms German guard Dennis Schroeder.

The Fraport Skyliners came into the game in 16th place while the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig were hovering in 15th place. That there was some immense history between these two teams seemed to be only a side note as MUli Katzurin had stressed that the game would start at 0-0 and anything else was irrelevant even if the Fraport Skyliners had won the last nine games in a row in Frankfurt dating back to 2002. Frankfurt last lost to Braunschweig 80 months ago in 2006 and had a 14-1 record since. Guys like captan Nils Mittman had lost many hard battles against Frankfurt since his return back to Braunschweig in 2008 and young German Dennis Schroeder had unpleasant memories to the game in Frankfurt last season as they lost a 81-80 nail bitter in OT where the German almost had won the game by himself. Braunschweig also had lost many close games this season and 2012 Olympian Eric Boateng didn´t see this as a mental problem. “We have lost some close games, but I don´t see it as a mental thing. Each game is different and we always prepare the best we can. We have to find a way to be able to close out games to our advantage”, expressed the ex teammate at Arizona State of NBA player James Harden Eric Boateng. The Fraport Skyliners  were able to get their biggest lead to 11 points in the third quarter, but allowed Braunschweig back into the game. “This was not a pretty win. It was a crazy game and got more crazy down the stretch. We will take any win we can. We didn´t execute well in the end and got lax on defense. We should not have Casey Mitchell get hot like that”, stressed 2012 Portugal league champion with Benfica Lisabon Ted Scott. Ex Phantom Leo Niebuhr who is playing for Gotha  was in the stands watching his ex team and friend Konstain Klein play and was disappointed of how they played and had a suggestion to Fraport Skyliners head coach Muli Katzurin. “They way the Phantoms palyed at the end, there is no wonder that they lost. There was too much guard play and ego´s involved. Basketball is a team game, but Braunschweig didn´t play as a team. Frankfurt will have to battle hard this season to win games. The young Germans have to play more. The more experience that they get, the more they will help during the season. Klein played great defense, but unfortunately missed some open shots”, said ex Artland Dragon Leo Niehbuhr.

4,400 fans wanted to see the second home win of the season for the Fraport Skyliners. Many had predicted a hard fought defensive battle and that is exactly what was given by both teams. The first two buckets were fade away jumpers from Miah Davis and Zach Peacock. After the trading of baskets, both teams went through a difficult phase where no offense could establish a healthy rhythm as missed shots were about as prevalent as apples falling from a tree through  a gusty wind period. “Both teams had problems finding a rhythm and also seemed a bit nervous and not as calm as both coaches would have wanted”, stressed basketball expert Steven Clauss. Shots had to fall sooner or later and did as Harding nana hit a three pointer for the 5-2 lead. Peacock then hit a fade away jumper over Eric Boateng and seemed to be on a roll. Braunschweig then scored in bunches as Thaddeus Mcfadden hit a runner in the lane and Miah Davis showed his explosiveness scoring on a penetration and tear drop lay in and 10-4 lead. Muli katzurin then took a timeout and seemed to find the right words and personal changes inserting Dion Dowell. Sometimes leads can evaporate  as quickly as the wink of the eye as Dowell showed again as he has so often this season scoring in bunches nailing two three pointers tying the game at 10-10. Schroeder then made two free throws and Devin Gibson made a big bucket at the end getting an offensive rebound and getting a lay in. After one quarter the game was dead locked 12-12. “The game was even. Both teams were fighting hard and not giving the opponent any real option on offense. Both teams were trying to get their shooting established while there was little play down low”, stressed basketball expert Steven Clauss.

The second quarter remained a defensive  duel as no team was able to get away on a run. The Fraport Skyliners started the second quarter on a quick 5-0 run as Dion Dowell hit his third three pointer of the game and Fraport Skyliner captain Marius Nolte scored on the pick and roll getting a nice feed from Devin Gibson for the 17-12 advantage. However not only Frankfurt was able to produce a run, but the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig escaped on a 8-0 run to take the 20-17 lead. 2010 Eurochallenge winner Robert Kulawick may have a very unorthodox shot, but it can be effective as he nailed a three pointer, Davis then showed his most dangerous side faking left and going right and scoring high off the glass and Kulawick then scored again off the catch and pop. Braunschweig stepped up their defense a bit more causing some turnovers from Nolte and Dowell. There was only one microwave in the NBA with ex Detroit Piston Vinny Johnson, but Ted Scott can heat up like a mini microwave as he hit consecutive shots giving the Fraport Skyliners the 21-20 lead. He showed how dangerous he can be not only from outside, but also penetrating and making the right shot. The swapping of runs continued as now it was time again for Braunschweig to take control as they went on a 7-0 run to lead 27-21. British national player Eric Boateng was giving Frankfurt difficulty and wrecking havoc as he scored inside twice and was a bit too active on the offensive glass. Davis also scored again with  a floater. The Fraport Skyliners kept pace as Devin Gibson hit a three pointer where the club stayed patient getting the prefect shot and Quantez Robertson ended the second quarter with a lay in, but Braunschweig still led 29-26. “It was a very exciting first half with both teams remaining very aggressive on defense. Frankfurt had problems giving up offensive rebounds and couldn´t contain Eric Boateng. Both teams were very disciplined on offense with only three turnovers per team”, stressed basketball expert Steven Clauss. The New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig were shooting 35% from the field and 25% from outside while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 35% from the field and 29% form outside. Braunschweig had the 22-19 rebound edge.

The third quarter started out with a bang as Davis made a steal fed Mcfadden who was blocked by Quantez Robertson who gave the ball out on transition to Johnathan Jones who found Zach Peacock for the monster dunk over Eric Boateng. After a free throw by Davis, Gibson tied the score at 30-30 with one of his typical penetration plays that either result in a bucket or trip to the foul line. “It is so hard to keep Gibson out of the middle. He presents so much problems to the opponent´s defense and getting to the free throw line”, stressed Ted Scott.  The game remained tight as Super Tez made an easy dunk as Braunschweig were caught napping on an inbounds pass under their own basket with Gibson making the pass. Braunschweig then went on a mini 5-0 run as Boateng dunked being set up by a no look Schroeder pass and Harding Nana hit a three pointer for the 35-32 Phantoms lead. However the turning point of the game came now as the Fraport Skyliners cruised out on a 11-2 run to end the third quarter 43-37 having the momentum. Peacock and Nana exchanged buckets as Braunschweig still led 37-35. However Frankfurt closed out the third quarter with a banging 8-0 run as Scott connected for a three pointer, Dowell got to the line making three free throws and Robertson closed out the quarter with a dunk. “The Phantoms lost their rhythm as they were forcing up too many shots. Frankfurtw as playing with a lot of emotion and had their best quarter letting up only eight points”, stressed Steven Clauss. “The third quarter is where we lost the game. It made it so much harder having to come back in the fourth quarter”, added Phantoms captain Nils Mittmann.

It seemed like the Fraport Skyliners were on there way to deciding the game quickly at the start of the fourth quarter going on a 5-0 run to get their biggest lead of 48-37, but New Yorker Phantoms head coach Kostas Flevakaris still had American Casey Mitchell dangling from his sleeve as he hadn´t done much in the first thirty minutes. Just like at the start of the third quarter, the Fraport Skyliners started out the run with a Super Tez explosion as Jones fed him for a crushing ally-op dunk which then on the next six plays, the teammates of Scott and Mitchell took a back seat and watched their shooting clinic as they nailed six consecutive consecutive three pointers, but Frankfurt still had the 54-48 lead. “Coach got on me on my turnover in the third quarter and I had something to prove. I was just in the flow and was feeling well. I didn´t force anything. Mitchell looks so lax and relaxed on the court, but he is real dangerous with the ball”, stressed Ted Scott.  “I didn´t do anything in the first three quarters, but I am more a guy that hits his shots in the second half. I always feel confident hitting shots when we are down. I am not the kind of guy looking to be the leading scorer, but that is just how the game is going and I am just trying to help my team the best way I can”, warned 2010 NCAA final 4 player with west Virginia Casey Mitchell. Braunschweig kept giving the ball to the hot hand of Mitchell as he nailed another three pointer as Braunschweig suddenly only trailed 55-53. Frankfurt showed grit staying calm on offense as Gibson found Robertson cutting into the lane and dishing him the ball for an easy lay up and the 59-53 advantage. In this phase, the Phantoms were forcing many shots, but somehow were still staying in the game. With crunch time arrived, the Phantoms never let up and continued to keep on hand against the door from letting it slam in their faces. The Phantoms gave their last gasp going on a 6-0 run as Nana and Mittmann hit consecutive three pointer as they trailed only 60-59. These buckets were helped with no execution on offense by Frankfurt. The fortunes of the Phantoms seemed to rise with 30 seconds to play as Texas native Dowell lost the ball out of bounds, but he raced back and blocked Mitchell conserving the lead . “ Dowell got us going off the bench. His big shots got our motor going. His block and end was huge. After his turnover, it would have been normal to hang his head, but he went back and got the block”, said Ted Scott. Scott closed out the win with 1,1 seconds to play with a free throw. “This was a tough loss. A couple more plays and possessions and we could of won. It wasn´t just at the end where the game was decided, but many little plays throughout the game where we were unable to be consistent”, warned Eric Boateng. “The third quarter decided this game. Frankfurt got the momentum and despite a hot Mitchell could change the game in the fourth quarter and get the lead back”, added Steven Clauss.

The Fraport Skyliners were led by Ted Scott with 17 points. Dion Dowell had a strong game with 12 points and ten rebounds and Quantez Robertson also steered 12 points and eight rebounds to the victory. Devin Gibson added 10 points, five rebounds and two assists. The New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig were led by Casey Mitchell with 14 points. Miah Davis contributed 13 points and Harding Nana 11 points. With this being a defensive battle, it was no surprise that the shooting percentages of both teams would be down. The Fraport Skyliners shot 39% from the field and only 29% from down town while the New Yorker Phantoms shot 34% from the field and 36% from downtown. The Phantoms won the rebounding 38-37 and Frankfurt can still improve on offensive rebounds given up as they allowed 13. Both teams did a decent job not turning the ball over as Frankfurt had nine turnovers and Braunschweig had 11. The big strength remained the consistent defense of Frankfurt that got many big plays from Devin Gibson and Dion Dowell in the fourth quarter. “We can´t take the credit, because it was team defense that helped us make the big plays. Team defense gave us the extra edge to make those plays. Our defense also trusted each other at the end. I made a mistake on the pick and roll, but all the other four guys knew it and just reacted making the stop. We had good stops at the end to help get this win”, stressed Devin Gibson. The Fraport Skyliners next journey to Alba Berlin November 18th for a 17:00 game.

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