Matt Bauscher Slips But Recovers Bausching Home A Buzzer Beater As BG Goettingen Shock The Fraport Skyliners 62-61

Saying goodbye to the sympathetic purple colors of BG Goettingen after this season will be as difficult for New England Patriots fans when Tom Brady is no longer barking signals for them, when Ray Bourque left the Boston Bruins after 21 seasons with no Stanley Cup win to go play for the Colorado Avalance in 2001 to finally win that cup or former Boston Celtic great Robert Parish leaving after a stellar 14 season career and three NBA titles to end his career with Charlotte and Chicago. BG Goettingen will return back to the PRO A after five successful seasons where they reached the playoffs three times. The two teams have had some very memorable wins in the last five years like the 64-61 win in 2008, where half the Skyliner team was sick and Maksym Shtein exploded like a mini Dwight Howard scoring 24 points leading the team to victory or last season where Frankfurt won 88-82 as Dashaun Wood countered with 25 points and 12 assists. In their last meeting, BG Goettingen was able to win in exciting spectacular style as Matt Bauscher hit a buzzer beater giving BG Goettingen their third win this season 62-61. After playing in Holland the last three years, Bauscher was humble and lauding the BG Goettingen organization despite their hard times this season. “It has been great playing for this organization. They have die hard fans. The fans have showed a lot more heart than what we could ever ask for. It has been a pleasure playing here”, stressed 2009 Dutch scoring champ Matt Bauscher. “I remember winning games against them, but I will never forget their press defense”, stated Skyliner American Quantez Robertson. It isn´t always the best thing to do after a bitter buzzer beater loss to have a player reflect on what had happened in the past against BG Goettingen after a game like that. Skyliner guard Jimmy Mckinney couldn´´t reflect on his memories about BG Goettingen, but probably more on the last play in which Bauscher was able to retain himself after slipping and making the shot. “It doesn´t mean nothing to me what happened in the past”, expressed Jimmy Mckinney. Burtschi played four times against BG Goettingen in his career and only had praise for the 2010 Eurochallenge winner. “You have to give them a lot of credit for the success that they have had despite a small budget. They have a great fan base there. I am sure that they will find the right pieces next season and be back soon in the Beko BBL”, added ex Phoenix Hagen forward Jacob Burtschi.

The Fraport Skyliners came into the game trying to start a new winning streak after their heart breaking OT loss in Berlin where Jimmy Mckinney failed to win the game in the fourth quarter, but had problems finding their rhythm on offense in the first quarter and when they finally did find it, losing it in the fourth quarter when BG Goettingen starting playing anything like an 18th placed team. “We came out very sluggish and had no real energy. We were unable to establish the kind of defense that we played in the last two games. Darrell Tucker hit some big three pointers at the end. We just didn´t play the way that we wanted to play”, added Quantez Robertson. For BG Goettingen, they hadn´t won in months and were trying to erase their 14 game losing streak and came out never letting Frankfurt find their rhythm or going on a big run. “This was a big road win. Anytime you can stop a long losing streak against a team like that is great. I hope we can start a winning streak now. We never gave up, got big rebounds and loose balls at the end”, commented Matt Bauscher. After tow great efforts against Bamberg and Alba Berlin, did the Fraport Skyliners underestimate the 18th placed team? “I don´t think that Frankfurt underestimated us. All games are important and you have to be ready. I am just happy we won. I can´t remember the last time that we won”, stated BG Goettingen sharp shooter Jerel Allen.

The first five minutes of the first quarter looked more like a sluggish ice hockey game than a basketball game as both teams had about as much problems finding a way to drop the ball in as Shaq did at the free throw line through out his career. With five minutes played, Jimmy Mckinney made a lay in giving Frankfurt the 3-2 lead. Skyliner Devin Gibson then made three free throws while Jerel Allen scored inside as BG Goettingen trailed 6-4. The Fraport Skyliners then slowly found their rhythm on offense going on a 7-2 run to lead 13-6. German national player Johannes Herber dropped a three pointer and Jermareo Davidson hit a mid distance jumper and free throws. BG Goettingen were limited on offense with their play, but had the upper hand controlling the boards especially on the offensive glass. Sean Evans then scored inside, Davidson took the mis match against ex Skyliner Max Weber hitting another mid distance jumper and Paris Horne ended the first quarter with a buzzer beater as the Fraport Skyliners led 15-11. “It took some time for both teams to get started. We didn´t really know who should take command on the offense. We were rebounding very well on the offensive boards, but not so on the defensive boards”, stressed BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 33% from he field and 25% from outside while BG Goettingen was shooting 29% from the field and 20% from outside. BG Goettingen had the huge rebound edge 15-6, but five turnovers while the Fraport Skyliners had one turnover.

In the second quarter, the Fraport Skyliners lost a little of that defensive fire as BG Goettingen got more into a groove on offense as the game went back and fourth until the end of the second quarter where BG Goettingen was able to slightly pull a way with the lead. Ex St Johns guard Paris Horne was second on the all time three point list at 148 for a reason as he started the second quarter with three point bomb as just watching his release was worth the admission. Jimmy Mckinney then knocked home a three pointer as the Fraport Skyliners held the slim 18-14 lead. BG Goettingen then went on a timely and slick 5-0 run to lead 19-18. Matt Bauscher who would steal the show at the end already showed his scoring talent early dancing in the zone hitting a fade away jumper and basketball world traveler Darrell Tucker hit from downtown. However it was Mckinney again who was a one man wrecking crew in this faze scoring in the lane as Frankfurt led again 21-19. German national player Tim Ohlbrecht then followed up a miss with a tip in dunk, but Evans scored inside again as Frankfurt still led 23-22. Both teams would exchange the lead a few more times as Tucker made a tip in and Davidson another typical mid distance jumper as BG Goettingen trailed 25-24. BG Goettingen then closed out the second quarter with a 6-0 run to lead 30-25. Evans and Allen hit jumpers in this run. Frankfurt got a bit inconsistent and lost focus as Davidson was doing too much alone on offense and the team took three bad shots in a row. “We were shooting better, but what was most important was that we kept the Frankfurt shooting percentage low. Allen and Horne were bringing a lot of energy and Max Weber got going as well”, added BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. BG Goettingen was shooting 38% from the field and 30% from the three point line while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 27% from the field and 27% from the three point line. BG Goettingen still had the big 27-15 rebound edge, but six turnovers while Frankfurt had only three turnovers.

Despite the five point lead by BG Goettingen, the third quarter remained very tight as there would be seven lead changes in the second half of the third quarter. Michael Thompson who had missed his first three shots in the first quarter, finally got on the score board releasing his juicy juice floater, but Bauscher countered with a lay in as BG Goettingen still led 32-28. The Fraport Skyliners stayed calm and continued to run their sets finding the open man as Mckinney hit a three pointer and then served up a perfect pass to Robertson for the lay in and 33-33 score. Then there would be seven lead changes. After Tez and Davidson free throws, Fraport Sklyiners PRO B Larry Wright teammate at ST Johns Paris Horne nailed a three pointer over Jacob Burtschi who was practicing some trash talk with the American who seemed to want to show the BG Goettingen player on the next set what he could do. Burtschi didn´t hit ove rHorne, but drew a foul and gave Frankfurt the 37-36 lead. Evans and Mckinney then traded buckets as Frankfurt led 39-38. Ex New Yorker phantoms Braunschweig forward Phillip Noch then hit a jumper and Jacob Burtschi closed out the third quarter with free throws as the Fraport Skyliners led 41-40. “We did a good job on offense and on defense seemed to rattle them a little and get them out of their sets”, explained Matt Bauscher. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 27% from the field and 25% from the parking lot while BG Goettingen was shooting 35% from the field and 24% from the parking lot. BG Goettingen still had the comfortable 34-28 rebound edge, but nine turnovers while Frankfurt had six turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, the Fraport Skyliners finally got on a horse and sped away from BG Goettingen going on a 12-3 run to break open the game 53-43. The Fraport Sklyiners open the fourth quarter with a sense of urgency and new found self confidence as Johannes Herber nailed a three pointer from the wing and Ohlbrecht made a tip in. Tucker continued being parked outside and showing his sweet touch with a bomb which was followed by another Herber three pointer and Thompson also found his range from the parking lot. As quickly as the Fraport Skyliners produced this lead, they just as fast lost the lead as BG Goettingen rallied and plastered Frankfurt with a 12-4 run and really found support from many guys on this day as ex Florida State stand out Jerel Allen connected twice taking BG Goettingen on a 5-0 run to trail only 53-48. After Mckinney fired over Evans, it was the American Evans who had started the season with the Gloria Giants Duesseldorf got revenge scoring which was followed by consecutive Tucker three pointers as BG Goettingen had found light at the en dof the tunnel getting the lead back56-55. “We gave up too many open shots and had some defensive break downs during the two Tucker three pointers”, commented Johannes Herber. The last few minutes were exciting as it seemed like bG Goettingen were going to go home with the win, but were surprised right before the buzzer beater with a lightening Frankfurt comeback. The Fraport Skyliners retook the lead 57-56 as Mckinney found Robertson on flight to the basket with an ally-op that he rattled home off the backboard. BG Goettingen then went on a mini 4-0 run to lead60-57 with under a minute to play. Tucker socred inside and Davidson stepped out to challenge Paris Horne who made the ex NBA player dizzy with his cross over as he connected with a jumper. With BG Goettingen threatning the Skyliner playoff chances with the three point lead and 40 seconds to play, Frankfurt stayed on guard as Davidson put home a shot as BG Goettingen only led 60-59. Davidson then made a steal and fed Robertson with the lay in which ignited the Fraport arena into a frenzy. Then memories came back form the 2010 Beko BBL cup top 4 where the Sklyiner fans and BG Goettingen fans started the famous Hall Goettingen hallo Frankfurt shouts as they tried it again with the Frankfurt fans winning in volume. With 5.4 seconds to play, BG Goettingen had one more play to win the game and won it with a Matt Bauscher buzzer beater. “I have hit some buzzer beaters in my career, but this was my first in Germany. I got the ball slipped as did Mckinney, kept my composure and just took the shot. It felt very good after it left my hand”, explained Matt Bauscher. “You have to tip your hat to Bauscher. He made the shot over two players”, added Quantez Robertson. “Bauscher made a tough play, but big time players will make big time plays”, stressed Skyliner guard Devin Gibson. “We are really thankful that Bausch made that shot, but it should never have come down to that. After the bitter buzzer beater loss, Skyliner players had sunken heads and had problems reflecting on what had just happened. “I think that we had strength to win this game, but we were to passive on offense. We knew that something like this could happen if we weren´t consistent on offense. Letting up 62 points is ok, but we can´t let them win a game like this”, warned Johannes Herber.

BG Goettingen was led by Darrell Tucker with 16 points and five rebounds. Sean Evans added 13 points, six rebounds and two assists. Paris Horne produced 12 points and Jerel Allen 10 points and eight rebounds. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Jimmy Mckinney with 15 points and Jermareo Davidson chipped in with 11 points. Anytime you shoot 34% from the field and 33% from downtown, you will have problems to win as the Fraport Skyliners found out. Despite evening out the rebounding 39-39 in the fourth quarter, the Fraport Skyliners ahd problems under the boards again and lost the points in the paint 26-16. “We were flat on the boards with no energy. We seem to give good efforts against the top teams, but seem to decide to half ass it against a team like BG Goettingen which won´t work. You have to give them credit. Because they kicked our butts on effort on the boards”, added Jacob Burtschi. Despite only giving up 62 points on defense, the play isn´t satisfying to all. “”We have to get rid of these defensive lapses that we continue to have”, stressed Devin Gibson. With only a few games left all BG Goettingen can do now is end the season and play with pride. “We kept our composure. We played with a lot of heart and never gave up”, warned Jerel Allen. With only seven games to play and two wins away from the last playoff place, the Skyliner playoff hopes continue to dwindle, but there is still hope. “All teams have tough programs. I think we have to win all the rest of our games, but it is still too early to put our heads in the sand. We still have a chance, but it gets tougher. It is sad that we lost so many games to lower teams this season. We have to start winning”, warned Johannes Herber. The Fraport Skyliners now have to wait to see when they face off against the Artland dragons as they play Besiktas Istanbuhl in Eurochallenge play in a best of 3 series. With March Madness rolling Skyliner players will keep a close eye on whats happening especially Johannes Herber who went to West Virginia and must see how they have to tangle with Gonzaga and German national player Elias Harris. “West Virgina hasn´´t played so well recently, but I think that they will come to play. They will win by seven points. I don´´t care if Harris makes 20 points as long as West Virginia wins”, smiled Johannes Herber. Jacob Burtschi will be following the NCAA tournament with a passion. My picks are VCU and Florida State to advance. My sleeper is Baylor as they could surprise some teams”, added Jacob Burtschi. After the bitter loss, Devin Gibson wasn´t thinking too much about March Madness. I am not worrying about March Madness, but more about the Skyliners reaching the playoffs”, warned Devin Gibson.

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