Augie Johnston(SC Rist Wedel) Ismet Akpinar Reminds Me A Lot Of Jeremy Lin

Augie Johnston is a 25 year old 185cm guard from Atascadero, Calfornia. He played at Cal.St.-Monterey (NCAA2) and his infinite range has proven he was one of the best shooters in the country. Although he is a prolific shooter, it is his overall ability to score the basketball and defend the opponent’s best player that is so impressive. He is one of the most professional and hard working players. As a captain at Cal State Monterey Bay he has shown to have all the leadership qualities you would want in a point guard or shooting guard. He started his professional basketball career in 2009-2010 for Velbert Baskets (Germany-2.Regionalliga), playing 9 games: 28.4ppg. Last season, he played for SpVgg Rattelsdorf Independents (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 25 games: 29.8ppg . This season, he is playing for SC Rist Wedel and helped bring the team into the playoffs against Nordlingen.This season in the PRO B he is averaging 16,3ppg, 4,2rpg and 4,0apg in 24 games. He spoke to German Hoops after the exciting 85-83 win against the Nordlingen Giants.

Congrats on the 85-83 game one win in Nordlingen. This team played in the Beko BBL three years ago. How did you like the atmosphere in their gym in crunch time?

Wow, that was one of the loudest gyms I have ever played in. The fans wanted their team to win and they had a lot of drums and horns. In the U.S. it is not allowed to use artificial noise makers, such as horns and drums during games and those can really distract you when shooting a free throw in crunch time.

SC Wedel had a 31 point explosion in the second quarter to have the 49-40 lead at halftime. What adjustments did the team make?

Well, they were switching back and forth between a 3-2 trapping zone and man man defense in the first half. I got hot for a few minutes in that second quarter and they went into a box and 1 defense on me. This kind of defense is good for stopping one player but it makes it much easier for the rest of the offensive players to find holes in the defense and make plays and thats what my teamates did. So we made a nice run against that defense and then they got out of it and went back to man to man for the rest of the game.

In the last interview, I asked you about Ismet Akpinar. He hit a big three pointer with 1.22 to play and won the game at the end. Please describe the winning shot and how it happened?

It was sort of a broken play and Ismet caught the ball on the wing and just penetrated baseline. The best way I can describe the shot is to have you think of a Kobe Bryant two dribble pull up fade away. It was a very difficult shot, but one that Ismet makes all the time in practice. A lot of credit needs to go to Fabian Boeke too. He was working really hard in the post when Ismet caught the ball and did a good job sealing off his man so he couldn’t help. You can watch the video of the last shot of Youtube.

Who does Akpinar remind you most of when you see him on the court?

To be honest, he reminds me a lot of Jeremy Lin how he plays. He can shoot very well, has the same shooting form of Lin and can penetrate to the basket and finish with floaters. Also, his shake and bake game is very similar.

SC Wedel can wrap up the series at home. What is going to be key in winning the game at home and not falling into uneeded bad habits?

The key for us will be teamwork and getting the ball inside. If we play inside out we are dangerous because we have a lot of great shooters and big men that need to be doubled.

Jason Jamerson connected for 27 points. What will SC Rist have to do better in game 2 against him?

Keep him off the foul line. We actually did pretty good on him considering the caliber player he is, but he scored 11 points shooting free throws and a lot of them were in the 4th quarter. We play very tough defense in Wedel and we just need to be smarter against him.

Fabian Boke had a strong game with 20 points. What do you like most about his game?

Well besides his 7 foot wing span, it’s got to be his shot. This guy is 6’10” and is a pure shooter. Teams don’t guard him that way though because he is 6’10”, but he is deadly.

You had 15 points, six rebounds and five assists in 39 minutes. How happy were you with your own performance and how critical can you get about your play?

I am very happy with my performance since we won. If we would of lost I would not of been satisfied with those numbers at all though. I think our team is best when I am making plays for others. I had a very good first half in scoring and a good second half in assists and I don’t really care what my stats are, but more of how I got them and I got all of those points taking good shots, and all of my assists were for easy lay ups or wide open jump shots. Against a good team like Nordlingen we need a complete team effort to beat them.

What is your take on the Rajon Rondo trade talks? Why would the Boston Celtics want to trade him?

That is insane. I guess they think they can get a Derrick Rose type player otherwise they would be crazy to take any one else. I hope they keep him and clean house with everyone else.

How soon will we see another point guard other than Deron Williams score 50 + points?

Could be this weekend. Ismet has his confidence up now and will probably get some more minutes, haha. But really, I think Russell Westbrook has a chance of scoring 50 if Durant misses a game or two.

Thanks Augie for the chat.

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