Kejuan Johnson: I Was Acting As A Determined Basketball Player)

Kejuan Johnson is a 26 year old 193cm guard from Long Beach, California. He played together with Jibril Hodges at Long Beach State. The two guys are reunited now in Hungry playing for Jaszberenyi. He started his professional basketball career in 2007 for Hapoel Galil Elyon (Israel-Premier League, starting five): released in Dec.’07: ULEB Cup: 2 games: 4.0ppg, 1.5rpg, 1.5apg, 1.5spg. In 2009-2010, he played for CRE Eagles Itzehoe (Germany-Regionalliga): 19 games: 29.2ppg, 6.5rpg, 4.9apg, 3.3spg, 2FGP: 56.5%, 3Pts: 36.3%, FT: 79.8%. Last season, he tore up the German PRO A for Paderborn Baskets (Germany-ProA, starting five): 29 games: Score-1(21.0ppg), 6.0rpg, Assists-5(5.1apg), Steals-1(3.0spg), FGP: 50.6%, 3PT: 34.2%, FT: 81.3%. He started this season with BG Illertal Weissenhorn averaging 9,0ppg, 2,0rpg and 1,5apg. He recently left the team and he and the club had their differences and the American wanted to tell his side of the story to German Hoops.

Kejuan, thanks for taking some time to talk toGerman Hoops You had a very short stay at BG Illertal Weiseenhorn for 10 days. Are you disappointed that this team didn´t work out for you?

No, I am not disappointed. I believe everything happens for a reason, and those10 days served my purpose there.

What was your goal with BG Illertal Weissenhorn? It seemed like you were going to be the big scoring help, but you only got 24 minutes per game. Why do you think did the team not give you more of a scoring role?

My goal with BG Illertal was to turn their losing streak into a winning streak. My objective was to come on to this team and do what I do best, which is play my position as point guard and help utilize my fellow teammates strengths. I think the team had a difficult task in giving players equal playing time. As a result of only averaging 24 minutes per game I was unable to get into a rhythm on the court and play my best basketball.

The team said in their press release that you acted like a diva. How much does an accusation like that hurt your feelings?

It’s unfortunate and disappointing that I was labeled as that, to my knowledge I was acting as a basketball player. A determined one at that. And because I know that is who I am, no feelings are hurt here.

In the press release it also stated that you were more of a problem in one week then other players are during a whole season. Could you please defend yourself and explain why the team would say that?

This is not my first time in Germany, nor is it my first year playing overseas, and I have a solid understanding for how teams are supposed to be ran. I am not going to bad mouth the team. But I had to do what was best for me and look out for myself and my future in basketball.

You were promised an apartment, but had to live in a hotel where you couldn´t wash clothes or cook own meals. Did this arrangement effect your play?

Nothing outside of myself can effect my play. Not being able to wash my clothes, cook my own meals and be in the comfort of my own apartment were factors that didn’t abide by the contract.

How disappointed are you by the way the team treated you? What have learned from this experience?

I’m not disappointed by anything, I am healthy and still able to do what I love. I’ve learned that if you are unhappy in a situation, then you need to take the necessary steps to get yourself in a better one.

You played together with American Harley Fuller. How much potential does he have as a player and to make the next step?

Harley is a great player who has a lot of potential, I believe he will do what it takes to make the next step happen for him. I hope this year ends on a strong note for him and that he may lead his team to victory.

What is your next step? Will you stay in Germany or go back to the States?

I am currently in Hungary playing in the 1st division for Jaszberenyi. I believe this team is a great fit and I am happy where I am.

After going through this unfortunate experience, would you be willing to give Germany another chance if a team wanted your services?

I never look at any experience as an unfortunate one. This was just a minor bump in the road. I have no ill-will towards Germany. I am always open to any and all opportunities.

Thanks Kejuan for the chat.

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