Hansbrough Watch – Nov 29


Ben played a whopping 23 minutes and 21 seconds in FC Bayern’s 75:62 Eurocup loss against BC Spartak St. Petersburg today. As we know from the last edition of Hansbrough Watch, Jonathan Wallace is injured. He didn’t even make the trip to St. Petersburg with the team. Ben saw increased floor time because of this – and because SG Je’kel Foster also suffered an injury during the game. He twisted his ankle near the end of the second quarter and didn’t return. Details on the type and severity of his injury are not yet available.

Unfortunately, the game was not broadcast on TV (and I didn’t feel like hopping to St. Petersburg), so I can’t give you my impressions of Ben’s performance. I can only take a look at the boxscore, which is … not flattering:

23:21 Minutes

4 Points

1/5 FGs

0/2 3Ps

2/2 FTs

3 REB (1 OFF, 2 DEF)

1 Assist

1 Steal

2 Turnovers

4 Fouls

I didn’t see the game, so the following observations are just things I gleaned from the livescore:

Ben came on the floor with 6:13 left in the first quarter, after starting PG Steffen Hamann was whistled for two quick fouls. Ben started out well, grabbing three rebounds and scoring on a layup in a short span of time. He slowed down after that, not really contributing stats-wise for the rest of the game. For all I know, however, he played a good game that just isn’t reflected in the boxscore (like he did against ALBA).

One thing that should be noted: Because of the injuries to PG Wallace and SG Foster, Ben spent a significant amount of time on the floor as a SG, with Steffen Hamann manning the point. I believe this is the first time Ben was used as a SG by Coach Bauermann – but he couldn’t capitalize on it, it seems.


FC Bayern’s next game is at home against LTi GIESSEN 46ers on Saturday. Gießen has a storied history in German basketball. They were founding members of the Bundesliga way back when and won six German championships in the 60s and 70s. Nowadays, they are one of the usual suspects for possible relegation from the BBL … every year. They lack the money to play with the big boys, but they certainly make up for it with passion – especially their fans. They celebrated a surprise home win against reigning back-to-back champions Brose Baskets Bamberg last weekend and are currently sitting relatively comfortably in the middle of the BBL table, two games ahead of one of the two relegation spots. However, I don’t think they are good for another surprise upset one week after tripping Brose Baskets, so Bayern *should* get an easy win on Saturday.

Details on Wallace’s and Foster’s injuries are not available yet, so we don’t know whether they will be playing against Gießen. If they are not, look for Ben to see big minutes. And even if they are, I believe Ben has managed to crack Coach Bauermann’s rotation and should see at least a few minutes.


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