Corey Stokes (BBC Bayreuth): Dwayne Anderson Was Like A Big Brother To Me

Corey Stokes is a 23 year old 195cm guard from Bayonne, New Jersey that is playing his first season for BBC Bayreuth. He played at Villanova from 2007-2011. In his senior year, he played 29 games: 14.9ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 43.3%, 3PT: 43.2%, FT: 89.4%. He reached the NCAA Final 4 in 2009. Recently, he took part at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (Pre-NBA Draft): 3 games: 16.0ppg, 2.7rpg, 3.0apg, 1.0spg. Corey took some time to talk to German Hoops about his rookie season in Germany.

What was it like being on the same court with ex NBA player Bobby Brown and 2004 NBA Draft pick Rickey Paulding?

They are great team players and it was exciting playing against them. They both kept telling me during the game on the court to keep my head up and keep shooting.

BBC Bayreuth have started the season slowly. On what things does the team still need to work on?

We need to work on our team chemistry, but we are very motivated and work hard in practice each day.

What is your role in the team?

My role is to be an outside shooter, scorer and defensive stopper. I am still getting a feel of the rules in Europe. It is a lot different here, but I am getting a good feel for it.

You had a strong career at Villanova and strong stats at the 2011 Portsmouth Invitational averaging 16,0ppg, 2,7rpg and 3,0apg. Why did it take it so long for you to find a team?

I was keeping my options open. I checked the draft and I had an offer from a Turkish team, but in the end I felt the best opportunity for me was in Germany with BBC Bayreuth. I worked out in Las Vegas until I got the call from BBC Bayreuth. I love the fans, my teammates and the coaching staff.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away?

My driving to the hoop and my passing skills. I also have good defensive skills. People tend to think that I am only a shooter, but I can do so many things.

What is your fondest memory of your 2009 Final 4 run with Villanova?

My teammates Dante Cunningham, Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fischer that gave so much to the win. I will never forget the shot from Scottie Reynolds that beat Pitt. That moment was like a film for me.

You played together with Dwayne Anderson and Reggie Redding. What are your fondest memories of them at Villanova?

When I was a freshman, Anderson was a junior and he took me under his wing. I looked up to him like a big brother. He was one of the hardest working players that I have ever seen. I remember our coach telling him that he would never play for Villanova, but Dwayne worked harder and proved them all wrong and became one of the best players in the NCAA. Redding was one of the best defensive players that I ever played with. He is having  a great career in Europe and I look forward to playing against him.

What was the craziest shot that you ever made in a practice or game?

I hit a shot two steps in front of half court.

Who is the best player that you played against in the NCAA that might be in the NBA now?

I played against so many good players, but I would have to say JR Smith from the Denver Nuggets who also played on my high school team.

Why do basketball players like theTV show Entourage so much?

It is one of the best shows. I think that it is so popular because it feels like real life. It has many NBA players and celebrities on the show.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Limitless. I have seen it 4 times and it is one of my favorite movies.

Thanks Corey for the chat.

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