Nick Freer (Webmoebel Baskets Paderborn): I Dont Get A Lot Of Steals Or Blocks, But I try To Harass My Opponent As Much As I Can

Nick Freer is a 26 year old 198 cm shooting guard/small forward from Stevensville, Michigan that will be playing for the Webmoebel Baskets Paderborn this season. He played atE.Michigan (NCAA) from 2004-2007 and then transfered to Grand Valley St. (NCAA2). In his senior yearthere, he played 37 games: 7.0ppg, 3.4rpg, 1.0apg, FGP: 48.5%, 3PT: 29.2%, FT: 77.9%.He started his professional basketball career in 2009 for the Holland Blast (IBL) and then In March 2010 signed at Newcastle Hunters (Australia-ABA) playing  21 games averaging 22.7ppg, 9.0rpg, 1.8apg, 2FGP: 41.8%, 3PT: 35.3%, FT: 80.5%. Last season, he played for the TV 1864 Salzkotten (Germany-Regionalliga) and the Southwest Slammers (Australia-SBL).He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Congrats on getting the job with the Webmoebel Baskets. How happy are you about getting this job considering you played in the Regionaliga last season for TV 1864 Salzkotten?

I’m really happy. I’m just excited to be able to play at a higher level and keep improving my game. Plus the fact that I get to go back to Paderborn is really great, I made a lot of good friends while I was there last year so I was really hoping to be able to go back.

Thomas Glasauer seems to have a lot of trust in you. Did the fact that you practiced with the Webmoebel baskets help your chances of getting this job?

Yeah I think it made it easier for both sides. They knew exactly what they were getting with me and I knew exactly what the club and atmosphere were like in Paderborn.

You tore up the Regionaliga last season. Do you feel a lot of pressure having to perform in the PRO A which is two levels above the Regionaliga?

No I don’t feel pressure at all. I just have put in a lot of hard work and continue to get better. I would say I feel less pressure, I’m not going to be expected to score 20 pts a game.

You showed that you were a scoring machine in Australia. Is this something that you could continue in the PRO A?

I don’t think I’ll have to be a scoring machine, we will have a lot of scoring options on the team this season. If the team is going to be successful we can’t rely on one, two, or even three guys to score all the time.

Do you see yourself becoming a leader of the Webmebel baskets on and off the court?


You averaged 9 rebounds in Australia at 198cm. What is your secret to your adept rebounding skills?

My strategy is to jump higher than the other guys.

What is a strength in your game that isn´t always seen right away?

Probably my defense, I don’t get a lot of steals or blocks, but I try to harass my opponent as much as I can.

On what things did you be work on this summer in the gym to get better?

I’ve been working on my ballhandling and scoring around the basket with contact.

You spent last season in Germany. What do you like most about the country?

The people were so friendly, and I loved how crazy the fans are. It makes for a great atmosphere to play in.

What was the weirdest experience that you had during your time in Australia?

Haha, probably swimming in the ocean in the middle of their “winter”. Which is very mild compared to Germany or Michigan.

You spent two seasons together with EnBW Ludwigsburg center John Bowler at Eastern Michigan. What could you learn from the big man?

The big fella taught me a lot. Mostly just how to have a good time.

What will you never forget about John Bowler on and off the court? Was he already showcasing those old school moves and shots in practice and games?

What I remember most about playing with John is how much of a competitor he is. At the same time he’s a great team mate because he is always making people laugh and keeping a good team atmosphere. No old school moves from John in college, more just overpowering 2 to 3 guys. No one could guard him.

Who was the best player that you had to play against in the NCAA?
Just off the top of my head, probably Stephen Curry from Davidson

What were the most free throws that you have made in a row in practice or in a game?
100 in shoot around

Your most crazy shot that you ever made in practice or game?
Last year in Newcastle I made one from 3/4 court just after the buzzer so it didn’t count. But it was definitely the most crazy shot I’ve made.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?
Transformers 3

Thanks for the chat Nick.

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