Bamberg Wins Beko BBL Finals Opener Over Berlin

For almost three quarters game 1 of this year’s Beko BBL final was very competitive and close. Both teams showed that they are the best in the country this season and deserve to be in the finals.

But late in the third quarter Bamberg was able to step up defensively and turn a 52:53 into a 74:60.

It was their 25th consecutive home game victory in the BBL this season.

Bamberg was led by Kyle Hines (15 p/6 r/ 4 bl.), Casey Jacobsen (15) and Brian Roberts (14).

Derrick Allen was Alba’s best scorer with 13 points, but his +/- stats looked poor with -17! Bryce Taylor had a double-double scoring 10 points and grabbing 12 rebounds.Offensively Berlin certainly missed some production by Julius Jenkins and Immanuel McElroy. Combined they made just 3 points (compared to the usual 24 point average)and shot 1/6 from the field.

While McElroy looks tired and is probably injury plagued, Jenkins just needs to step up his game.

Even though Bamberg won game one the game ended rather unfortunately for the franconian team. In the last few seconds of the game John Goldsberry went to the ground and looked injured. It is still not clear if he is healthy enough to play the next games.

Brose Baskets Bamberg – Alba Berlin 90-76

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