It Felt Like Bamberg, But The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were Really 60 Kilometers Away As Danny Gibson Pulled A Dashaun Wood Leading BBC Bayreuth To A 86-79 OT Win

Having to sport a mohawk as actor Jim Carey momentarily does, 196cm shooting guard Robert Varden being sent to the D-league Tulsa 66ers from the Oklahoma Thunder or Paris Hilton having to pick up her cell and call a hair salon herself for an appointment instead of her assistant are unappropiate and some what undesirable things, but nothing compared to the tears and bitterness that club BBC Bayreuth would have to feel if they were to be relegated to the PRO A. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners have not had easy opponents recently facing a depleted, but still defensive fire power in TBB Trier had to face a desperate BBC Bayreuth who with three games to play had a 8-23 record together with The Giessen 46ers and Mitteldeutscher BC. BBC Bayreuth were not going to lay down and play dead like a slightly distraught possum as they came out upsetting the second place Deutsche Bank Skyliners with a hard fought 86-79 win in OT. “I would rather dress up as a woman than have to go down to a lower league with a team. I think it would be embarrassing to have to go down. People judge you how you play and if you go down, you can´t show that you can compete in the first league”, stressed 2011 beko BBL MVP Dashaun Wood. “I would have to agree with Dashaun Wood on dressing up as a woman as something I don´t want to do, but would rather do than have to go down to the second league, but we want to stay in the beko BBL and just wanted it more tonight. We came together as a team and just fought it out”, added 2010 Dutch league top scorer Danny Gibson.

With the loss, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners  were unable to secure the second spot in the standings for the season, because Alba Berlin was able to win in Bremerhaven and only have one loss less with two games to go. BBC Bayreuth on the other hand made a huge jump moving from 17th place to 15th place jumping past The Giessen 46ers who lost at home against TBB Trier and the Mitteldeutscher BC that were defeated at home by The Walter Tigers Tuebingen. BBC Bayreuth have shown their strength at home this seeing compared to on the road winning their 7th game in the friendly Oberfranken Halle in Bayreuth and now can clinch a berth for next season in the beko BBL with a victory in Duesseldorf Sunday. “This was our biggest win of the season, but it only means something if we can win in Duesseldorf on Sunday. This was a huge confidence booster and we need to prove that we can win on the road”, added ex Nordlingen Giant Danny Gibson. It was no secret that BBC Bayreuth might be the most talented 17th placed team ever to play in the beko BBL. “You have to give them a lot of credit. They are fighting to stay in the league and can beat any team on a good night. They deserve to stay in the league. It was a playoff atmosphere and we stayed together. However we were leading by 10 points in the third quarter and we made some bad offensive plays and let them back into the game”, stressed Skyliner point guard Dashaun Wood.

Bamberg may have the loudest arena in the beko BBL, but the Oberfranken halle in Bayreuth isn´t far behind. “The atmosphere was amazing. I don´t think that it gets any better than this. It was like a playoff atmosphere. It was tough playing in this arena and their crowd had a big effect on the game”, commented Skyliner forward Kimmo Muurinen. “I don´t know if Frankfurt was shaken by the atmosphere, but our fans helped us get back into the game in the second half”, stressed ex NBA player Jared Reiner. “I think the atmosphere was normal, but this is the loudest that I have heard anywhere that I have played in Europe”, warned Danny Gibson. “This was one of the loudest arenas that I have played in Europe”, warned Dashaun Wood.

The Oberfranken Halle reminded one a bit of the old Hardberg Halle where the Telekom Baskets Bonn played before moving into the new Telekom Dome a few years ago. Even though the game was a type of do or die game for BBC Bayreuth, the mood was still chilled before the tip off as Skyliner German Dominik Bahiesne De Mello was chatting with BBC Bayreuth big men Stefan Schmidt and Phillip Heyden and on the other side of the court, Skyliner forward Roger Powell and Jared Reiner seemed to be in a deep conversation. “I know Roger Powell from the NCAA days when I played at Iowa and he played at Illinois. We were Big Ten rivals and even toured Europe with an All Star team France and Belgium. Actually Powell, Chris Moss and I all played for Murcia in Spain, but not at the same time. They both did  a great job inside using their mobile bodies”, stressed ex Brose Baskets Bamberg center Jared Reiner.
The arena was sold out as 4,000 people witnessed the last home game and The Deutsche Bank Skyliners quickly felt the strong support in terms of noise. In the first 3-4 minutes, Frankfurt had big problems finding their rhythm on offense as BBC Bayreuth led 6-2. Ex North Carolina Tar Heel Marcus Ginyard got their first points on the fast break, Ekene Ibekwe made free throws and Jared Reiner a tip in. Frankfurt was having problems executing in their set plays and being forced to shoot more from outside than inside, but they were quickly ruling the boards. Frankfurt then took their first lead 7-6 going on a 5-0 run as it was Roger Powell that was controlling the offensive boards with two put backs. After Ginyard made one free throw to knot the game at 7-7, Frankfurt went on a mini 5-0 run as Jimmy Mckinney dropped a bomb from the corner and Skyliner center Marius Nolte barreled around Jared Reiner making a lay in as Frankfurt led 12-7. However runs seemed to be on the menu as it was the turn of BBC Bayreuth as they went on a 6-0 run to retake the lead 13-12. American Jaivon Harris who waited 7 seasons to reach the beko BBL hit a three pointer and Jared Reiner made a mid distance jumper over Marius Nolte and Gibson made a free throw. Frankfurt fought their way to retake the lead as Jevohn Shepherd made two free throws and Jimmy Mckinney made his second three pointer of the first quarter. After one quarter, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had the slim 17-15 lead. “We had a slow start. Maybe the crowd had something to do with it. Mckinney made some big shots and we got good shots, but sometimes luck isn´t there”, added Kimmo Muurinen. Frankfurt was shooting 35% from the field and 33% from outside while BBC Bayreuth was shooting 33% from the field and 33% from outside. Frankfurt had the overwhelming 16-7 rebound edge, but five turnovers while BBC Bayreuth had three turnovers.
In the second quarter, big German talent Simon Schmitz came off the bench used his energy and hit a massive three pointer as BBC Bayreuth retook the lead 18-17. Both teams then went on lightening runs started by The Deutsche Bank Skyliners who blasted away on a 6-0 run to lead 23-18 as captain Pascal Roller hit an open three pointer as did Jevohn Shepherd. However BBC Bayreuth didn´t allow Frankfurt to break away as they went on a 5-0 run to tie the game at 23-23. Gibson penetrated into the lane getting by Roller and Jaivon Harris scored inside coming in hard from the wing as the help side was unable to recover in time. The game continued to be a game of runs as now it was the turn of Frankfurt who escaped on a 8-0 run to quietly break away and lead 31-23. The Frankfurt offense was rolling in this run as the club found many different ways to score. The run was started by an open jumper from Kimmo Muurinen. The ball found 8 players and to this moment in the game was the best exhibit of Frankfurt ball movement. Dashaun Wood then scored with one of his many options as he decided on his hesitation step back jumper, Mckinney then nailed a pull up jumper as confidence was beaming in his eyes as current Schalke goal keeper Manuel Neuer who has the soccer world in his arms at the moment. Then it was Wood again who found space in the lane and easily scored looking like an Easter stroll in the park. BBC Bayreuth was able not allow Frankfurt to extend their lead as former Michigan standout Drew Neitzel hit a fade away jumper over Quantez Robertson and Reiner socred inside again. Frankfurt led 35-27 with a minute to go before halftime, but let BBC Bayreuth come back with a mini 4-0 run as Pistol Pete Campbell hit a catch and pop and Harris scored inside. At halftime, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had the 35-31 lead. “We continued to rebound very well, but the 4-0 BBC Bayreuth run at the end of the second quarter hurt us”, stressed Kimmo Muurinen. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 39% from the field and 31% from the three point line while BBC Bayreuth was shooting 41% from the field and 22% from the three point line. Frankfurt still had the big 24-14 rebound edge, but seven turnovers while BBC Bayreuth had five turnovers.
The third quarter has been the sore spot this season for BBC Bayreuth as they have had problems coming back on the court and letting teams go on runs. This time, it looked like BBC Bayreuth might start their own run as they came out with a high intensity as Danny Gibson nailed a three pointer which was followed by a Super Tez air ball as Frankfurt still led 35-34. However The Deutsche Bank Skyliners then suddenly awoke making their break out going on a 14-5 run to lead 49-39. In this run, Dashaun Wood sparkled with 9 points, 2 assists and one monster block and sharp shooter Pete Campbell. Wood scored three times on the fast break and hit a three pointer. Powell and Robertson also gave stability in this run scoring inside. However Frankfurt was unable to keep this comfortable lead as BBC Bayreuth fought back going on a 11-2 run to trail only 51-50 and their aspiration of beko BBL was in their dreams again. Neitzel was huge in this run making seven points as he scored inside twice including a floater bank shot and a huge three pointer. Gibson made a huge three pointer despite a Mckinney in his face. Frankfurt had costly mistakes, offensive fouls and a missed two handed jam by Super Tez. Muurinen closed out the third quarter with an off balance bank shot and Schmitz made two free throws as Frankfurt still had their nose in front 53-52. “The third quarter continued to controlled by runs. Wood was huge in this quarter”, added Kimmo Muurinen. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 43% from the field and 29% from the parking lot, while BBC Bayreuth was shooting 45% from the field and 33% from the parking lot. Frankfurt still had the massive rebound edge of 29-20. Frankfurt had 10 turnovers and BBC Bayreuth eight turnovers.
The fourth quarter was lo scoring, but the intensity of both teams seemed to have skyrocketed a bit as the fans were witnessing a real old fashioned grudge match on the basketball court. In the first few minutes of the fourth quarter, neither team was able to produce a field goal as free throws were made instead. After BBC Bayreuth had the lead for a short time, Frankfurt was able to regain the lead as Shepherd scored free throws and Powell made another offensive rebound and put back for the 58-55 Frankfurt advantage. However It was Drew Neitzel again burring a seemingly impossible shot as Mckinney was in his face tying the score at 58-58. Gibson then scored inside as BBC Bayreuth led 61-58. Frankfurt needed a spark plug and who else than Dashaun Wood to fill the call of duty. Wood scored inside as the game was tied 61-61. Neitzel then gave BBC Bayreuth the lead again 63-61 with an important pull up jumper. However it was Wood again making his second consecutive basket displaying an incredibly beautiful cross over past Danny Gibson who was searching for his jock strap in the dust by road runner Dashaun Wood. The game was dead locked again 63-63 as the excitement kept increasing. Then it was the Frankfurt duo of Powell/Moss who helped stop two consecutive BBC Bayreuth attacks inside on Ibekwe and Neitzel, but they were unable to compensate on offense with buckets. “It was difficult to keep Powell and Moss off the boards”, added Danny Gibson. “Powell and Moss did a good job on reiner and Ibekwe who are always capable of having big games”, stressed Dashaun Wood.  BBC Bayreuth then had some luck as Robertson missed two free throws and Ibekwe and Ginyard hit at the free throw line as BBC Bayreuth led 67-63. Powell then scored inside cutting the BBC Bayreuth lead to 67-65 with 30 seconds to play. Campbell then made one free throw as BBC Bayreuth led 68-65. Wood then nailed a three pointer at the top of the key with 6,3 seconds to play to tie the game at 68-68. Frankfurt then forced a BBC Bayreuth turnover in the next inbound play and got the ball back with 6,3 seconds to play. Wood missed a floater in the lane sending the game into overtime. “Wood hit big shots at the end and Powell and Moss stepped up on defense”, commented Kimmo Muurinen.
The over time started well for The Deutsche Bank Skyliners as Powell got set up nicely ba Wood for two points as Frankfurt led 70-68. However the story of the game as in so many games each weekend were runs and BBC Bayreuth elected a super time for an 8-0 run to lead 76-70. Reiner scored inside, Gibson did what Wood usually does scoring in an important phase and Campbell nailed an open three pointer that Mckinney did in Trier last weekend. Wood missed two shots in this run. “They made one easy lay up and just hit tough shots. We struggled getting inside and took too many outside shots”, stressed Kimmo Muurinen. Frankfurt continued to fight as Powell made free throws to cut the BBC Bayreuth lead to 78-74, but Frankfurt was unable to get big stops as it was Gibson again that scored this time past Wood as BBC Bayreuth led 80-74. “Gibson played well making big shots. He made the plays at the end that I normally would of made”, added Dashaun Wood. “Wood had a good game and is one of best guards in league. I wanted to measure up against him and made the big plays at the end”, said Danny Gibson. BBC Bayreuth then caught Frankfurt not getting back quickly on the full court press as Campbell snuck around it scoring an easy hoop as BBC Bayreuth led 82-76. Then it was GIbson again that nailed a giant three pointer to seal the 86-79 victory for BBC Bayreuth. “I think that at times were to uptight and some guys passed up shots. We weren´t aggressive enough enough”, warned Dashaun Wood. “We always believed that we could win this game. Even after we came back form 10 down, we stayed together as a team”, added Danny Gibson. “They wanted to win more than we did. We missed too many shots. Our field goal and free throw percentage was really bad”, added Kimmo Muurinen.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dashaun Wood with 29 points, nine rebounds and three assists. Roger Powell chipped in with 17 points and 10 rebounds. BBC Bayreuth were led by Danny Gibson with 22 points. Drew Neitzel produced 14 points. Jared Reiner added 13 points and ten rebounds. Jaivon Harris chipped in with 10 points and seven rebounds. Frankfurt doesn´t have much time to dwell over this loss as The Telekom Baskets arrive in less than 48 hours on Sunday. “We need to take this fighting attitude into the Bonn game. This has won us many games this season. We will have to shoot better than we did in Bayreuth”, stressed Kimmo Muurinen. “Bonn is a good offensive team. We will have to control Nic Wise and their three point shooters. We want to win this game to lock up second place. This is a big game since it is our last home game”, warned Dashaun Wood. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners host The Telekom Baskets Bonn April 17th at 17:00.

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