Jacob Burtschi (Phoenix Hagen) The Artland Dragons Are A Very Good Well Rounded Team That Can Hurt You In Many Ways

Jacob Burtschi is a 26 year old 198cm forward from Chickasha, Oklahoma who is a rookie this season for Phoenix Hagen. He played at the Air Force from 2003-2007. In his senior year, he played 35 games averaging 13.5ppg, 6.0rpg, 2.3apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 49.7%, 3Pts: 39.0%, FT: 77.3%. He had offers to play in the NBA, but served in the Air Force the last three years and could only play club ball. Some achievements that he got in the NCAA were All-MWC Honorable Mention -05, MWC Regular Season Runner-Up -06, All-MWC 2nd Team -06, 07, NABC All-NCAA District 13 2nd Team -07, and NIT Final Four -07. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against The Artland Dragons on April 15th.

After the 101-92 win in Braunschweig, how quickly were you able to forget the loss in frankfurt 48 hours earlier?

Well we were fortunte to be able to play 2 days later and put that game behind us. Everyone has a bad night. we had a TERRIBLE night, but we bounced back sunday and got a huge road win

How tough was it bouncing back playing on the road twice within three days?

2 road games in 3 days is demanding on the body. Especially with how short we were with players. now we get a full week of before Artland comes in.

How did you like the Volkswagon arena in Braunschweig? It is a very beautiful modern arena

Its a great arena. Probably in my top 4 or 5.

Braunschweig defeded very well in the Top 4, but allowed 101 points. Did it seem like they had less intensity and aggressiveness on defense for 40 minutes.

Well they had just beat MBC by 40 and we just lost by 40. They probably werent as mentally ready as they should have been. Luckily for us, we capitalized on it.

Braunschweig made a come back in the fourth quarter, but it wasn´t enough. What was key in getting the win?

Knocking down our free throws. We had missed a couple it could have gotten to a 2 possession game with 1 minute to play.

Zygimantas Zonusas had 30 points. Its no secret that he can drop bombs from outside. Who wins a three point shooting game, you or him?

Zygi can get hot in a hurry, but I still win.

Phoenix Hagen played their last road game of the season. How happy are you too close out the season with two home games?

Its great to close out the season at home. No more long bus trips.

Phoenix Hagen had a big win in Braunschweig. Was this road trip extra ordinary in any way since it was the last one?

No different than the others. I was able to watch Semi-Pro so that might have been the difference maker.

The next game is against the Artland Dragons. Could they reach the beko BBL final?

Artland has a good chance. They are a very good, well rounded team that can hurt you in a lot of ways.

What is your memory of the 111-92 loss at Artland earlier in the season?

they didnt miss much and whatever they wanted to do on offense, they did. We were outplayed and outworked.

Is it easier to defend Nathan Peavy on the perimeter or inside?

Either way he is a tough cover.

Will BG Goettingen reach the 2011 beko BBL playoffs?

They got the much needed win in Tubingen, but they still have a shot. They definitely cant afford to lose again.

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard has stated that he wont chnage the way he acts on the court despite getting suspensions. Is this the right attitude? Do you think its good for the league to have more of these type of players just to spruce up the league like Dennis Rodman did in the 90s?

Absolutely its the right attitude. The refs and the commissioner have tried to micro manage the game way too much. I enjoy watching those type of players.

Does Dwight Howard have any chance of winning the 2011 NBA MVP award?

He has an outsde chance. I still think Derrick Rose earns the award.

The Miami Heat have said that they wont sign Eddie Curry for the post season. Would he fit into the Heat system?

I dont think he would. The Heat would have been he same with or withou him

If someone would have told you that The Chicago Bulls would have the second best record in the NBA before the season, would you have believed him?

Maybe. They have a lot of talent on that team and not too many super stars. great role players and thats what it takes for a championship team.

Steve Nash is leading the NBA in assists getting by Rajon Rondo. How do you explain the slump of Rondo recently?

Rondo is still maturing as a point. He has great veterans around him to make him better, but like I said before, every player goes through a slump at some point in the season.

What makes you such a strong monoply player? Whar is your favorite monoply street?lol

Its like luck of the irish but im not irish, you figure it out. And the key to winning is the Orange properties. Dave, Q, Matt, Mark, and Malte know all about it.

Thanks Jacob for the chat.

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