Another Typical Day At The Office For Dashaun Wood Displaying A Strong Combination Of Monta/Kemba/Lebron Stats As The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Outgrind BG Goettingen 88-82

This season, it has become a fact that Skyliner Dashaun Wood has been reigning the BEKO BBL and has been as dominant in his sport as internet hero Mr facebook Mark Zuckerberg is with his company worth of 23 billion, Sergey Brin co founder of the search engine Google and Jimmy “jimbo” Wales who came up with the unique website Wikepdeia as his net worth is calculated at 25 million in their jobs. Wood might not be making the astronomical sums of these internet junkies, but his worth to The Deutsche Bank Skyliners is seen each weekend as he is the motor that makes the Frankfurt engine run so smoothly at all types of precarious situations and on top of that his engine is as vital to the club as that of a X-43 plane. Wood has to see different defensive guard formations on him each weekend, but he always finds a way to have great games. Against BG Goettingen, he didn´t have to put up with organized chaos, but moreover a controlled pressure that gave Frankfurt some problems in the first half, but in the second half as if somebody had ordered him to finally take control, Wood showed why he is the 2011 BEKO BBL MVP leading his team to a 88-82 win. It doesn´t really matter what type of pressure defense BG Goettingen hurled at Wood, the American was able to escape all danger as if a halo was over his head at all times. BG Goettingen coach John Patrick was sad about the loss, but in awe about the play of Wood. “I have been coaching 12 years now, but Wood is about as close to unstoppable as I have ever seen. We tried to use so many different strategies on him, but nothing seemed to work. I thought we did a pretty good job on him, but his 25 points and 12 assists shows how good he really is”, stressed BG Goettingen skipper John Patrick. “Wood is a great player. He hit a couple of three pointers and then the basket gets a lot bigger. We wanted to keep him out of the lane, but that was easier said than done”, added BG Goettingen guard Trenton Meachem. Wood teammate Quantez Super Tez Robertson, who might be a regular in the highlight films, but knows who the real BEKO BBL MVP is. “Wood didn´t make many shots in the first half, but got us going. In the second half, he hit big shots and got to the free throw line. For me he is the BEKO BBL MVP and has a big lead over the other players”, warned Quantez Robertson.

This season in the BEKO BBL, Dashaun Wood has scored over 30 points twice and twenty points or more nine times. Wood also has shown his versatility getting his share of assists and rebounds each weekend. He has dished out 12 assists twice and has had eight rebounds four times and nine rebounds once. It is very rare, in the BEKO BBL, that  a player consistently gets high stats in points, rebounds and assists, but Wood has done it on a regular basis this season and the question is when will he register his first triple double. While everyone is waiting for that magical moment to happen, one can pass the time by throwing up brilliant NBA players and current NCAA players who compare to the current Wood stats. It seems like the name Monta Ellis has been thrown around by the American, but after the 25 point, 12 assist, seven rebound performance, Wood threw out a name that might just reign at the 2011 March Madness. “I have been watching a lot of basketball recently and UCONN´s Kemba Walker scored something like 33 points and 12 rebounds the other night. Guards like that have a knack for competing. We show that we can be efficient in more ways besides scoring and passing. It is hard to defend guys like that when they can do more than two things well”, joked Dashaun Wood. After the game, teammate Jimmy Mckinney took about 10 seconds to come up with some NBA names that could warrant the Wood stat line. “There are so many good NBA players that I could compare to that stat line. If I had to choose a few I would take the old Chris Paul before his injury, Tony Parker and Derrick Rose”, added Jimmy Mckinney. Teammate Super Tez didn´t hesitate long before coming up with a name that would make any player get goose bumps getting compared to him. “Dashaun always says that was my Lebron show. I would compare those stats to Lebron James”, laughed Quantez Robertson. “I think the Monta Ellis comparison is on par for Wood. But no matter how good his game stats are, one must remember that he wants to win most before anything else”, commented Jevohn Shepherd.
Since the loss to The Brose Baskets Bamberg 5 weeks ago, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners have played very strong basketball winning their sixth game in a row. 2010 Eurochallenge winner BG Goettingen had their three game winning streak snapped, but despite hanging heads at the conclusion of the game, the club that is fighting for a playoff spot played a very spirited game and never gave up. “We needed to be better tonight, but we just couldn´t. Powell hit big three pointers as did Wood and he got to the basket whenever he wanted to. Frankfurt play hard each game. We have to learn to play intense for 40 minutes, but we had a little blackout in the second quarter. We played hard, but lost concentration in the second quarter. Frankfurt deserved to win”, stressed BG Goettingen coach John Patrick. This win was a bit more difficult to achieve then the last wins against a very tough BG Goettingen team, but The Deutsche Bank Skyliners keep showing that they belong to the best crunch time teams in the BEKO BBL. “You have to give BG Goettingen a lot of credit. They are a very good offensive and defensive team. We played very tough in the last 4-5 minutes and even though they fought until the end, we just had a little more than they did”, added Dashaun Wood.
Before tipoff, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners looked very relaxed in warm ups as Marius Nolte traded some head butts with new Ballsporthalle figure Rookie. Rookie also tried to scare some BG Goettinge players in warm ups, but was unsuccessful as the players were laughing more than weeping. The game which was on national TV started with many signs being placed throughout the Ballsporthalle as fans showed their discontent with the city of Frankfurt for not showing much support for the sport of basketball as a new club sponsor still hasn´t been found for The Deutsche Bank Skyliners. Signs like “Sport city Frankfurt”, Eintracht place 13th, Skyliners place 2, and Frankfurt is carrying the sport to the grave” were supposed to send a message to the city. The two fans clubs of both teams also got their vocal chords going by chanting their recently made famous chant Hello Goettingen, Hello Frankfurt. 4,590 fans came  to see BG Goettingen got off to a quick start leading 7-2. American Dwayne Anderson seemed to be on a mission as he scored his inside and with three pointer. BG Goettingen had a lot of intensity while that of Frankfurt seemed to be enjoying the warm weather and chirping birds outside. Frankfurt didn´t allow BG Goettingen to just run away with the game yet as Robertson found Muurinen inside with a bullet pass and Chris Moss scored inside getting a nice feed from Muurinen. BG Goettingen led 7-6, but were bale to step up their intensity a tad more racing on a 11-5 run to lead 18-11. Mike Scott got the attack going with a jumper and then 38 year old Michael Meeks who was the 5th best scorer at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney for Canada silenced Frankfurt with two three pointers. Louis dale then split the defense racing inside receiving a quick pass from Jason Boone out of the low post. Frankfurt crept back to 18-14 as Roger Powell hit his second three pointer in a row despite a 27% shooting percentage from the parking lot. Boone then scored inside as there was little resistance from Powell and Marius Nolte and Dale hit a pretty floater something which wasn´t unusual for him at Cornell from 2006-2010. BG Goettingen had the comfortable 24-14 lead after one quarter. “We had a bad start. We allowed them to play their run and gun game which isn´t our strength”, stressed Kimmo Muurinen. “We got into the game well. We were defending very well like against Bamberg last week. We also were looking to find the open man”, added BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. BG Goettingen was shooting 53% from the field and 60% from outside while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 46% from the field and 50% from outside. The rebounding was deadlocked at 8 a piece. Frankfurt had five turnovers and BG Goettingen none.
A run in a basketball game is as inevitable as is a Kevin Love double double in almost every game this season and The Deutsche Bank Skyliners went on a 11-0 run to start the second quarter to take the lead 25-24.  Kimmo “Mr invisible who does the dirty work” Muurinen out fought a few BG Goettingen players getting an offensive rebound and getting a put back. New Skyliner Jevohn Shepherd then sunk two free throws and then made his second ally op dunk in his second game as current BEKO BBL top scorer Dashaun Wood connected with him with a very high lob pass. “I called for the ball again. Wood has great eyes and is a great passer. His pass was very high, but I just got up there and got it”, joked Jevohn Shepherd. “I was almost at half court. I just put it up and I knew that Jevohn would get it”, smiled Dashaun Wood. Wood did a good job getting his teammates into scoring position and drawing fouls. Muurinen and Moss hit free throws. BG Goettingen regained the lead two more times with a catch and pop jumper from Meacham and an off balance lay up by Louis Dale. Frankfurt kept playing aggressive as Robertson snatched two offensive rebounds which led to a huge Jimmy Mckinney bomb as Frankfurt led again 30-29 . Wood then fed Robertson for a two handed dunk on the fast break as Frankfurt 32-29. Down the stretch Wood scored on a lay up and Mckinney with a lay up on transition as Frankfurt continued to catch BG Goettingen napping on the transition defense. Frankfurt had one last spectacular play for the fans at the end of the second quarter as on the last play Jimmy Mckinney nailed a three pointer deep from the corner as if he was shooting from the Frankfurt-Hochst train station as Frankfurt led 39-33 at halftime. At halftime Wood had 6 points, 6 assists and 3 rebounds. His scoring was not there yet, but it would follow soon. “I thought I did well in the first half. What people dont understand is that I set up my teammates. People get caught up too much with my scoring, but I wasnt about to force up tough shots when I had open teammates”, added Dashaun Wood. “We buckled down on defense in the second quarter. We got more stops and got fast break points”, said Quantez Robertson. “Frankfurt found their rhythm. Frankfurt was rebounding better and playing better defense. They also executed on second chance plays. We slept a bit in the second quarter”, commented BG manager Marc Franz. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 42% from the field and 33% from the three point line while BG Goettingen was shooting 43% from the field and 36% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the huge 26-11 rebound edge, but had seven turnovers while BG Goettingen had two turnovers.
In the third quarter, BG Goettingen didn´t allow The Deutsche Bank Skyliners to increase their lead as they surprised them with a lightening 7-2 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 41-40. Anderson started the run with two free throws which was followed by a Boone dunk set up by Anderson who had spun around Mckinney on the bass line and found the center open under the hoop. Wood then found Super Tez back door for a lay up and Anderson nailed a catch and pop three pointer. The BG Goettingen run didn´t impress Frankfurt as they struck back with their own 7-1 run. Wood waited until the defense collapsed and then found Chris Moss with a pretty bounce pass and lay up. Boone then scored on a second effort and Roger Powell barreled over Michale Meeks for two points. Super Tez then scored on a back door play again as Wood found him. Frankfurt led 48-42, but weren´t helped by a Mckinney technical foul as Meacham made four free throws as BG Goettingen trailed only 48-46. Frankfurt then sped out on a 5-0 run as Robertson made a big tip in dunk and Wood made a three pointer as Frankfurt got one of many loose ball breaks on this night as Frankfurt led 53-46. Down the stretch, BG Goettingen continued to threaten, but were not consistent enough on defense to get consecutive stops. Powell drooped another three pointer, but Meacham answered with a beautiful fade away jumper over Wood, but Frankfurt still had the lead after three quarters 59-52. “We were very up and down in the third quarter. We weren´t that solid as BG Goettingen continued to stay in the game”, added Skyliner forward Kimmo Muurinen. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 45% from the field and 32% from downtown as BG Goettingen was shooting 40% from the field and 29% from downtown. Frankfurt had the giant 36-18 rebound edge, but 11 turnovers while BG Goettingen only had five turnovers.
Marius Nolte started the fourth quarter with two free throws, but BG Goettingen showed quickly that they had been conserving energy and got back into the game with a 7-0 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 61-59. Jason Boone scored twice with a dunk and a lay in over Powell showing that he has matured nicely since his Regionaliga days with Lok Bernau in 2007. German sharp shooter Robert Kulawick then finally nailed a three pointer after having missed his first five shots from downtown. BG Goettingen remained aggressive especially on the offensive boards as Boone had a tip in dunk and Wood made a floater as Frankfurt led 64-61. “We gave them some easy baskets and our transition defense was bad. They had too many offensive rebounds in that phase”, stressed Kimmo Muurinen. “That big run is really what we have done all year long. When we are desperate, then we play fast and that run and gun gets us back into the game”, added Antoine Jordan. BG Goettingen still had a huge huff as they went on a mini 4-0 run to take their last lead of the game 65-64. Dale scored inside easily past Moss and little John Little showed how a 180cm player can out battle guys 25 centimeters taller as he made a tip off an own miss. Then as if he Gordon Herbert had whispered some magical words into his ears like “Win the game for us now please”, Wood led The Deutsche Bank Skyliners on a 11-2 run in which he scored each point showing just how dominant the road runner can be as Frankfurt led more comfortably 75-67. Wood started the run with a high rainbow from the top of the key which was met by a nice dunk by Anderson who flew to the hoop in a Super Tez like manner as Frankfurt still led 67-66. Wood then scored 8 unanswered points with another three pointer from the wing, a seemingly impossible lay up in traffic and three free throws. He also set up Quantez Robertson for a nice dunk as he threw up a high lob pass from in front of the Skyliner bench as Super Tez got to the head of the pack getting the ball and putting it home. “Whenever there is a steal or rebound, me and Tez are always gone. This time Tez beat me up the floor, but I had the ball and from the corner of my eye I saw Tez like a bat out of hell and just threw the ball up. I knew Tez would be there to get it”, smiled Dashaun Wood.  “Wood took control of the game. He showed again how he is a quality leader in tough situations. He took over the game and won it. He is a great individual talent”, warned teammate Kimmo Muurinen. “Wood hit some big three pointers and that was it. This was the first time that I saw him play and he is really good”, added Antoine Jordan. “I have been taking control of the game all my life. I want the ball at all times and am not afraid to fail. When I take a shot, I am taking it to make it like Kobe Bryant”, warned Dashaun Wood. In the last few minutes, BG Goettingen hit some big shots and continued not to be out of the game. Meacham and Dale hit big three pointers to cut the Frankfurt lead to 82-76, but Frankfurt had the clock and the free throw line on their side as they kept getting to the line and had misfortune missing too many shots as well as Dale and Kulawick made further shots from down town as Frankfurt led only 85-82.  However Powell and Wood shut the door on BG Goettingen with free throws ending the game 88-82. “Wood was crucial in crunch time making the big plays”, said Jevohn Shepherd.  “We fought very hard, but just couldn´t finish it. We dug ourselves too deep a hole”, stressed Trenton Meacham. “Frankfurt out hustled us in the fourth quarter. They got many more loose balls and second chance points”, said Antoine Jordan.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dashaun Wood with 25 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds. Quantez Robertson had 14 points, eight rebounds and four assists. Roger Powell added 13 points. Chris Moss chipped in with 12 points. Jimmy Mckinney produced 10 points. BG Goettingen was led by Dwayne Anderson with 16 points and six rebounds. Jason Boone contributed 14 points and six rebounds. Trenton Meacham had 12 points.

Another big win for The Deutsche Bank Skyliners who continue to show that they are the second best team after The Brose Baskets Bamberg. Despite being out rebounded 17-8 in the last quarter, Frankfurt won the rebounding duel 44-35. “We had a tough night rebounding. Frankfurt got at the rim well and also had many long rebounds and loose balls which got them going. We played hard, but they were scrappier getting more of the 50/50 balls”, stressed BG Goettingen guard Trenton Meacham.  Despite giving up 82 points, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners showed a great defensive effort and could of given up 10 less points had it not been for some big three pointers in the last 2 minutes by BG Goettingen. “We played great defense. We had a lot of intensity and we did a good job limiting them to one shot. I thought we had a very high defense intensity from the second quarter until the end”, stressed Skyliner guard Jimmy Mckinney. The next game is against The Walter Tigers Tuebingen and after two painful loses in Bamberg and Giessen, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners will have to ready for a fight in the Paul Horn arena Wednesday. “Tuebingen is a very good offensive team at home. They will be ready to go after their loss in Giessen. We will have to have our A game. We will have to see that Bane Ratkovica doesn´t get the ball to his teammates”, warned Dashaun Wood. “We want to continue to execute in Tuebingen like we have in the last 6 games. We have to be aggressive on offense and defense”, stressed Quantez Robertson. The Walter Tigers Tuebingen host The Deutsche Bank Skyliners March 16th at 20:00.

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