Kamil Novak(Deutsche Bank Skyliners) Dashaun Wood Has The Right Players Around Him Which Makes Him Better

Kamil Novak has been sport director of The Deutsche Bank Skyliners since 2005. He also was coach for one game in 2006 after Ivan Sunara was fired. In the 90s, he played in the BBL for Rhondorf. He also played in his native Czech Republic for NH Ostrava with his best statistical season being 1997-1998 where he averaged 18,7ppg and 8,2rpg. He also played in Austria and Luxemberg before ending his basketball career with MTV Kronberg from 2002-2005. He took some time to talk with German Hoops after the 71-56 win against The Eisbaeren Bremerhaven.

You were very content after the 71-56 win in Bremerhaven. Are The Deutsche bank Skyliners now finally playing the right way that they should?

It was very obvious in this game that we controlled the game and I was very impressed by the guys. I was impressed how well the team played again without Powell and Moye. The team was very concentrated and it was just a very good game by us.

What did the training team do better since the Bamberg loss? Current top scorer of the BEKO BBL Dashaun wood said that the team did every thing wrong in the Bamberg game, but have done everything right in the last two wins against Bonn and Bremerhaven.

We let Bamberg control the game too quickly in the first quarter which they carried over until the end. I dont know why this was, but maybe we had to much respect for them or were to motivated. We turned it around against Bonn not going stiff into the game, but playing concentrated defense for 40 minutes which was similar to how we played in Bremerhaven as well. I hope that the team learned their lesson against Bamberg. We have shown in the last games that we dont have to hide from anyone. I hope that we have to play against Bamberg a few more times and then that we will have better chances when Powell is back.

How difficult is to consistently play strong defense when you always have to face new opponents?

The principle on defense is always the same for us. There are small differences how we play depending on the opponent, but the defensive rules are always the same for us. The guys have shown that they are very motivated and concentrated on defense and it has shown in the results.

How happy were you with the offense of The Deutsche Bank Skyliners in Bremerhaven?

Our goal on offense is always to find the open man and make the extra pass. We gave  a good team performance on offense.

Bremerhaven guard Tyrone Brazelton told me after game that Quantez Robertson is the glue that keeps the team together. Tez didnt have the strongest stat game, but he helped the team. How did he help the team the best?

I think the remark from Brazelton is correct that Tez holds the team together. We never worry about who makes the most points and rebounds, but our focus is always on defense. Tez did the small dirty things that you dont see in the stats.

How happy were you with the performance of young 18 year old Carl Lindbom who had to come off the bench and help as some players were in foul trouble?

Calle did his job well. He made some points which helped his self confidence. We have some problems on the position four with Powell out so we had to play him, but he did a good job.

Is Dashaun Wood the most dominating player at the moment in The BEKO BBL?

That is a hard question, but Wood is very important for us, because he can do so many things well like control the tempo, score, rebound and get assists. But you have to remember that he has the right players around him which makes him better.

Who had Dashaun Wood on their radar? You, Gordon Herbert or Klaus Perwass?

I will only say that Wood was on the radar of The Deutsche Bank Skyliners.

What can The Deutsche Bank Skyliners still improve on?

We can always get better on offense and defense and crack down on turnovers. We also can get better rebounding. It would be nice if we could have a full team in practice. If we have a complete team in practice, we can practice with more intensity the way it is games.

How much respect do you have for a Jimmy Mckinney who has had three short term contracts this season, but continues to play well and not complain about his tough situation?

The situation for Jimmy is not easy, but we talk a lot with him. He never complains. This is his 5th season with us and he knows how the team works. he is simply a professional and acts like it.

The next game is against The New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig on Sunday. What can we await from this game?

The Phantoms are a team that have been in the upper part of the standings all season long. They will be very motivated to play against us since they are only two wins behind us and with a win could make some ground on us. They are very strong at home not having lost so much this season. They are a very talented team with experience with Marcus Goree. They have fresh guys with Tony Skinn and Lamarr Greer and strong in the paint with Kyle Visser.

What will be key in getting a win in Braunschweig?

The focus will be defense. We will try to get into the game with our defense which will carry over into our offense ad try to control the game from there.

Ex Skyliner Joe Dabbert got a job in the D League with the Idaho Stampde. His teammate is ex Celtic Antoine walker. How would the perfect combination be from Walker to Dabbert for a score?`

That is hard to say. I dont think that it would be a good idea for Joe to go coast to coast. I think the best combination would be for Joe to get open inside and get fed with a nice pass from walker for the dunk.

Why didnt Jerry Sloan and the Utah Jazz ever win a NBA title in 23 years?

Perhaps it had to do with missed luck and some money. The Utah Jazz and San Antonio were always my favorite teams. The Spurs won some titles in the past and perhaps this will happen for the Jazz. I hope that the Jazz will in the future.

When you hear the name Dennis Rodman, would you say he was more a Piston or more a Bull?

I would say that he was more a Bull. I think that Rodman was a very important reason why the team was so successful. The same that Wood needs good players to be successful was the same way with Michael Jordan. Rodman did not need the ball, but just did the dirty work.

What would be the perfect Kamil Novak Wetten Das bet?

I think the perfect bet would be some kind of beer bet, but not one where I have to drink a lot. The perfect basketball bet would be making hook shots from the foul line.

What wa sthe last DVD movie that you saw?

I saw Twilight with my daughter.

Thanks Kamil for the chat.

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