C’est incroyable, Monsieur Shuler!

Yes, this one is really incredible! And since there is no French Hoops page that could share it and the German Hoops crew really likes ex-TBB Trier player and VCU alumni Jamal Shuler we decided to show you the moment when Shuler transfers from being the biggest loser to the guy who wins the game with an incredible buzzer beater.

Last season Shuler had an incredible game against Paderborn Baskets when he scored a career-high 39 points. But the individual stats meant nothing to him as Trier not only lost the game but it was him who turned the ball over on Trier’s last possession and gave Paderborn the chance to win in overtime.

This season Shuler plays for french ProA club Vichy and again he became the protagonist in an exciting, close game. Against Limoges he was at the free throw line for two shots and a chance to put Vichy up by three with six seconds left. But the 25-year-old american, who had won the 2009 BBL slam-dunk contest, missed both free throws and somehow Limoges managed to score an easy lay-up to take the lead with just 1.4 seconds left. Shuler, who looked like the guy who lost the game for his team at that moment, received the inbound pass and got the chance to make amends for the missed free throws. Just watch what happened after he launched a shot from beyond half-court:

One comment

  1. one of the most exciting buzzer beaters I have seen. probbaly watched this about 60 times!!!I also enjoy the Vassil Evtinov buzzer beater!!!

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