Dashaun Wood Does His Usual Offensive Damage And Kimmo Muurinen The Invisible Dirty Work As The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Cruise Past BBC Bayreuth 83-75

With presents, food, snow, loved ones, chilling and more snow on the minds of The Deutsche Bank Skyliners the last days, the club had to return to action on the second German Christmas holiday and be as focused and energetic as Giselle Bundchen is before every click of the camera and every snap by Tom Brady when she is watching, paparazzi have to be when trying to catch new developments between actress Sandra Bullock and 2010 People magazine most sexy man in the world Ryan Reynolds and the way the Boston Celtics were ready in their 14 game winning streak despite not always having the services of Rajon Rondo, Delonte West, Shaq, and Jermaine O Neal who missed a combined 36 games in this time, but Frankfurt was able to overcome a slow first half to storm back in the second half and take control of the game and defeat BBC Bayreuth 83-75. Frankfurt won their sixth game in a row in the Ballsporthalle and nothing seems to be able to stop them at home especially when their sixth man is always present. “We knew that BBC Bayreuth is a good team and the reason that we didnt loose this game tonight was because of our defense. The Crowd got us back into the game”, stressed Skyliner guard Dashaun Wood. The BBC Bayreuth losing woes continue as they lost their fifth game in a row. “Frankfurt went on a run and got us out of our offensive rhythm with a lot more pressure on defense. They made adjustments on defense and we didn´t react. Frankfurt did what good teams do by finishing the game”, commented ex NBA player Jared Reiner.
A big riddle surrounding last weekend was the overwhelming and humiliating 102-51 loss of 8 time BEKO BBL champion Alba Berlin against three time BEKO BBL champion Brose Baskets Bamberg, but the biggest mystery of the young basketball season is the 3-12 and 17th placed record by BBC Bayreuth. This isn´t a Nordlingen or Paderborn of past years that were filled with talent, but nothing compared to what BBC Bayreuth has. BBC Bayreuth with ex NBA player Jared Reiner, NCAA champion Marcus Ginyard that played with many current NBA players like Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson or Ed Davis, BEKO BBL champion and Euroleague participant Koko Archibong, 2010 Dutch league scoring champion Danny Gibson or mini pistol Pete Campbell, one would never have believed if one had left for a deserted island 3 months ago and returned today that the club of coach Andreas Wagner would be in the cellar of the BEKO BBL standings.

“The losing has been frustrating, but its a part of the game. Basketball is a game of runs. We have to come out and play as a team on offense and defense. We are working on being more consistent. We will continue to keep working and not give up. We just have to put it all together again. This season reminds me of the Bremerhaven season a few years ago, but we will turn it around”, stressed BBC Bayreuth forward Pete Campbell. “Its been a tough situation. We have so much talent, but we have lost so many close games. We all have a good attitude and are staying positive. We know that we will not stay in this hole much longer”, added ex Giessen 46er Osvaldo Jeanty. “This is a bit different to Bremerhaven. There I came late into the season whereas in Bayreuth I have been there from the start. We have been in every game here which is frustrating”, said ex Bremerhaven center Jared Reiner. “When you look at the BBC Bayreuth team, that team should be a lot higher in standings. In team sports, it is not about good players, but about good team players. It is more important how well a team plays together and not how good the individual talent is”, warned Skyliner forward Kimmo Muurinen.
One player that BBC Bayreuth could of used would have been Canadian national player Osvaldo Jeanty who is out until the end of January. Jeanty is laboring a partial tear in a ligament in his right hand and has a partial tear in a tendon in his left shoulder. Jeanty who is known as a dangerous three point snipper was building a potent firing duo from the parking lot has been sitting for weeks, but is not happy with the timing of the injury. “This is the biggest injury that I have had in my career since my second year at Carleton. In Nordlingen, I was injured toward the end of the season and was able to rehab it during the summer”, stressed Osvaldo Jenaty. Shortly before the game, Jeanty was in the catacombs of the Ballsporthalle having a conversation with injured Skyliner AJ Moye who was back in the arena for the first time after his frightful stroke. “An experience like this is tough for anybody and it was too bad it happened to a great guy like AJ. I hope that he is on the court soon and wish him the best of luck”, stressed Osvaldo Jeanty. Despite his injury, Jeanty had a smile on his face and seemed to be enjoying his basketball life. Perhaps a reason why he has not played anywhere else except in Germany has to do with how comfortable he is living here. “Germany is really a good place to play and you can see how strong the BEKO BBL is from top to bottom. Despite our misfortune, life has been really good for me in Germany. I loved the family atmosphere in Nordlingen which is very similar in bayreuth also. Giessen had the best fans and a good organization where I cant say anything negative about”, warned Osvaldo Jeanty. Jeanty also sees the youth development in Bayreuth as coming along. We have some nice young players with Simon Schmitz, Stefan Schmidt and Phillip Heyden. Schmitz already has some experience and just needs to get more comfortable. He will be a great player in the BEKO BBL. Schmidt and Heyden just need to get more playing time and their confidence will grow”, expressed Osvaldo Jeanty.
The second German Christmas day attracted only 3,920 patrons who also might have escaped the cold bitter air and Christmas dinner leftovers. The Ballsporthalle still had a holiday atmosphere as Skyliner mascot Dunking Kong still had his Santa hat on, the Skyliner dance team had their Christmas dresses on and some fans had Santa hats on as well. Even though the Ballsporthalle was warm, it sure got a touch of smugness for a few minutes as the flame fountain was on as the players were being introduced. The touch of warmth through the fire felt as if one had their nose in a small crack in a sauna door. AJ Moye was back in the arena and took a seat on the Skyliner bench. Just having the American back in the arena gave his teammates that extra push. “I missed AJ so much. His leadership has never left us. It was great to have him back and cheering for us”, stressed current BEKO BBL leading scorer Dashaun Wood. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners got on the board first with a Jimmy Mckinney jumper from the wing, but BBC Bayreuth jumped on Frankfurt quick going on a 8-2 run displaying a firepower that seemed to surprise Frankfurt a bit. 2009 NCAA champion Marcus Ginyard showed his athleticism twice scoring from the wing and Jaivon Harris made a fade away jumper. Frankfurt cut the BBC Bayreuth lead to 8-7 as Quantez Robertson made a three pointer from the top of the key. However BBC Bayreuth continued to play a very fluid offensive game going on a 14-2 run to lead 22-9. Ginyard continue to dazzle Frankfurt with his offense which teams are still getting used to as defense is his biggest strength. The Virginia native scored twice again from the wing on the penetration and Ex NBA player Jared Reiner gave the word efficient a new meaning as every shot he took turned to gold in the hoop. Frankfurt somewhat dampened the BBC Bayreuth offense explosion ending the first quarter with a 8-4 run. Captain Pascal Roller entered the game and as he had demonstrated so rudely in the TBB Trier game with his hot hand, he did it again hitting a clutch three pointer while being fouled and hit a runner. Jared Reiner ended the first quarter with a spot up jumper from the wing. “BBC Bayreuth showed their firepower in the first quarter. Danny Gibson did a good job pressuring Dashaun Wood and Marcus Ginyard did his usual thing”, stated former Kent State player Haminn Quintance. BBC Bayreuth was hooting an amazing 73% from the field and 0% from outside while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 33% from the field and 33% from outside. BBC Bayreuth had the 9-5 rebounding edge and only two turnovers while Frankfurt had four turnovers. BBC Bayreuth had the 14-2 edge with points in the paint as jared Reiner was unstoppable.
In the second quarter, BBC Bayreuth was able to keep up their offensive rhythm going on a 11-4 run as Pistol Pete Campbell put on a three point shooting clinic drooping three three pointers as Frankfurt had their biggest deficit of the game trailing 37-22. BBC Bayreuth had misfortune in that you wont keep Frankfurt scoreless for a long period of time as they kept scoring, but so did the guests. After Kimmo Muurinen and Danny Gibson traded baskets, it was Wood that scored on a jumper and Koko Archibong made a hook shot over Quantez Robertson as Frankfurt still trailed 41-28. Frankfurt made a comeback down the stretch in the second quarter going into halftime on a 11-4 run to trail BBC Bayreuth only 45-39. Dominik Bahiense de Mello started the run a lay up on transition as BBC Bayreuth were too slow getting back and Dashaun Wood nailed a three pointer. Former Iowa(NCAA) center Jared Reiner then made as easy layup over Joe Dabbert and Ginyard made two free throws as Frankfurt trailed only 45-33. Then came the play of the game as former Chicago Bull Jared Reiner seemed to have a give me slam dunk, but out of nowhere came superman who was pushed aside by Super Tez Robertson who rejected the American. Frankfurt finished the second quarter with six free throws as Wood made four and Marius Nolte two. BBC Bayreuth still led 45-39. Campbell hit some big shots and we held on, but had a little dip at the end. We probably have the best practice team in the league, but then we come out in games and dont look anything like in practice”, stressed Haminn Quintance. “We weren´t as strong on defense. They made many shots and we gave up too many easy points inside. BBC Bayreuth was shooting 56%from the field and 38% from the three point line while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 36% from the field and 27% from the three point line. BBC Bayreuth still led the rebound duel 20-16. Frankfurt had five turnovers and BBC Bayreuth had four turnovers. BBC Bayreuth still had the 22-12 points in the paint advantage.
Skyliner coach Gordon Herbert had seen enough in the first half and gave his team the needed words at halftime, because the team came out of the blocks as if they had not had any sufficient Christmas dinner and came out hungry like a pack of wolves wanting to eat anything in their path. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners went on a 15-2 run to lead 54-47. Dashaun Wood led the charge scoring 7 points in the run including his usual unstoppable penetrations. St Louis native Jimmy Mckinney had his hot hand sinking two three pointers and Super Tez stayed attentive dunking home a missed free throw. Frankfurt most likely of put away the game in the third quarter had it not been for Pete Campbell. Just as he had done in the second quarter, he hit three more three pointers presenting the crowd with a shooting gallery from outside. Campbell is probably the most purest three point shooter in the BEKO BBL that will shoot on commando most likely even at 3am. BBC Bayreuth stayed in the game getting some needed production from the bench as well as German talent Phillip Heyden scored inside and got to the line. After three quarters, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had the slim 64-59 lead. “The crowd got behind Frankfurt. They hit big shots and we lost concentration and didn´t execute as well anymore”, stated Pete Campbell. “We pushed up our defense and got easy baskets”, added Dashaun Wood. “They came out in the third quarter and hit tough shots. We had intensity, but they stepped up their defense and took us out of our offense. They built a 4-5 point cushion and held it until the end. Good teams will do that”, said 2010 Dutch scoring champion Danny Gibson. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 43% from the field and 30% from the parking lot while BBC Bayreuth was shooting 49% from the field and 40% from the parking lot. Frankfurt regained control of the boards 28-27 and had only five turnovers while BBC Bayreuth had seven turnovers. Frankfurt was getting closer to the points in the paint 26-20.
BBC Bayreuth continued to stay in the game and creep closer and nibble at the Frankfurt lead as they started on a mini 4-0 run. Ex Skyliner Koko Archibong scored inside and Jared Reiner scored inside again with  a baby left handed hook shot as BBC Bayreuth trailed only 64-63. As quickly as BBC Bayreuth could go on a 4-0 run, so could Frankfurt as American Joe Dabbert had his game flash of success scoring four points as he scored with a runner in the lane and then slammed home a Super Tez alley-op offering as Frankfurt extended their lead to 68-63. Ginyard and Muurinen then exchanged free throws as Frankfurt still led 70-64. BBC Bayreuth continued to do the logical by going inside to Jared Reiner as he converted a lob pass from Gibson for two points as BBC Bayreuth trailed 70-66. Frankfurt continued to have answers as Dashaun Wood dropped a three point bomb as Frankfurt led 73-66. Then came the turning point of the game as BBC Bayreuth had three steals in a row, but were unable to capitalize on offense on one single play. “Not scoring in that phase really hurt us. It was a seven point game and if we could of converted on two of the steals it could have been a 3-4 point game and it could of gone either way”, stressed Danny Gibson. After Ginyard and Muurninen free throws, American Jaivon Harris made a lay in cutting the Frankfurt lead to 75-70. Wood will be remembered for his offense the most and Kimmo Muurinen for the little things like two blocks on Reiner and two offensive rebounds. “I do the invisible dirty work. Thats just how I am. Guys made shots and Dashaun wood penetrated for himself and others and I helped with board work and blocks”, stressed Kimmo Muurinen. Quantez Robertson then sealed the ninth win in a row with a three pointer as Frankfurt led 78-70. Dominik Bahiense De Mello let the clock wind down as he darted across the court staying clear of being fouled and looking like a Wood clone with his road runner moves. Frankfurt then won the game with free throws despite hoops from Gibson and Simon Schmitz. “Muurinen is a real hustler and a good player. Wood is so hard to stop on ball screen and got our defense off balance and we simply lost Muurinen on the rotations”, added Pete Campbell.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dashaun Wood with 26 points, four rebounds and seven assists. Kimmo Muurinen added 12 points, four rebounds and three blocks. Quantez Robertson contributed 11 points and six rebounds. Jimmy Mckinney had 10 points, five assists and two rebounds. BBC Bayreuth was led by Jared Reiner with 20 points, ten rebounds and three assists. Pete Campbell added 18 points and Marcus Ginyard priduced 17 points.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had some problems in the first half, but regrouped in the second half and the way this season is going and developing, one can continue to say that The Deutsche Bank Skyliners always find a way to win at the end. They didn´t shoot as well, but came back to win the rebounding battle 38-31 and only had 10 turnovers. Their biggest quality was in their heads. We didn´t do too much well tonight, but our best quality was that we never gave up. We were down by 15 points, but came back”, warned Dashaun Wood. The biggest problem for BBC Bayreuth was American road runner Dashaun Wood who is the central figure in the offense. “I played against Wood in college. He is very skillful and always knows where each player is. He creates for himself and others. Nothing has changed from college. He was always a tough match up”, added Pete Campbell. So far no team has stopped Wood and injured BBC guard Osvaldo Jeanty has tips to why the American is unstoppable and what teams have to do to be successful. “Wood did everything on offense. I haven´t seen many players like him in the BEKO BBL. Teams have to choose one thing that Wood can do to hurt you, but not everything. You cant let him be a scorer and passer. He is my MVP so far this season in the league”, warned Osvaldo Jeanty. Frankfurt needs to take the effort of the second half to Bonn on Wednesday. “We got tougher in the second half. We were able to make more shots and rebounded better. However we lost many 1-1 on the penetration and let Jared Reiner score to much inside. We will have to hustle more and play better defense in Bonn”, added Kimmo Muurinen. “We cant be down 16 points on the road. It is always harder to come back on the road. We will have to be focused and play with  a lot of energy in Bonn”, warned Dashaun Wood. BBC Bayreuth needs a big win and can start a new winning streak on December 29th at home against The Gloria Giants Duesseldorf. “We aren´t panicking yet. We need to finish games and not get stressed. Duesseldorf is a must win for us”, warned Jared Reiner. The Telekom Baskets Bonn host The Deutsche Bank Skyliners on December 29th at 20:00.

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