Vassil Evtimov Nails 75-Foot Shot At Buzzer

So far the season for Mitteldeutscher BC has been rather disappointing. With the departure of russian center Anatoly Kashirov and the injuries of Velimir Radinovic and Johnny Gilbert Björn Harmen’s team suddenly found themselves without a real big man on the team. Just before the season started the management gave veteran Vassil Evtimov a three month contract. It took a couple of games but the addition of the 33-year old bulgarian native with a french passport certainly paid off so far as he helped the team to regain stability and to slowly crawl out of the BBL cellar. He finished the last two games with double-doubles and is on the up and up now.

While his younger brother Ilian made himself a name for being a great shooter from outside, Vassil, who had been a teammate of Vince Carter, Antawn Jamison and Ademola Okulaja while playing for the Tar Heels (UNC) in the last century, has been known for his old school play under the baskets. But now and then Vasco can make a three point shot as well.

Currently he is 100% this season from three-point range. Check out how his incredible 75-Foot Shot at the Buzzer against Bayreuth:


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