Gruebler talks: Check out the Euroleague Adventures Podcast!

As I mentioned in the about section a must-read for all basketball fans in germany is the blog Unfortunatly the texts are written in german. So if you cannot read any german or your not totally comfortable with the translators you can find on the internet you will not get too much out of it.

But if you’re sick and tired of reading anyway (whatever language it is) there is a nice way to hear a real expert talk about the german basketball scene. Henner Schlaefke aka Gruebler joined forces with Euroleague Advantures and talks for more than half an hour about german basketball in english!

Gruebler mainly talks about the early Beko BBL season. He calls Bamberg ‘the team to beat this season’ and especially reflects on Alba Berlin’s chances. Later he talks about Bayern Munich’s huge basketball project and what Germany’s league must do to elevate to the status of elite.

So this Podcast is highly recommended. Check it out on Euroleague adventures!

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