The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Clip The Wings Of The Peacocok Scoring Boys Winning The Hessen Derby 82-64

The current atmosphere and excitement of the success of the Giessen 46ers and their 5-2 start and the extra push of the Hessen Derby impact was as intense as the current stressful situation with loved Mr Streets of San Francisco actor Michal Douglas and his health situation, the silent fueding between Bayern Munich coach Louis Van Gaal and Bayern president Uli Hoeness or the the satisfying feeling in Giants land across the bay with the San Francisco Giants winning the 2010 World Series again after suffering through a 56 year drought, but The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were able to pluck the wings of the Peacock scoring boys and send the Giessen 46ers home with a big 82-64 win. Frankfurt was able to win their 9th game out of their last11 games dating back to 2005 and their fifth game in a row. The Hessen Derby is always a big game for both teams as it seems like both the players and fans give that extra push similar to a pop group like AHA on their farewell tour does. The atmosphere was loud and the only thing missing was ex Skyliner coach Murat Didin to pop up in the Skybembel block wearing a Skybembel scarf and cheering for ex players like Marius Nolte and Dominik Bahiense De Mello. “The derby atmosphere was great. I could hear the Giessen fans very well and it was fun to see which fans could be the loudest. It is always fun to play here”, said Giessen 46er guard Chase Griffin. For Skyliner energy bundle Quantez Robertson, he makes as much noise on the court as a hungry wild boar does when a little baby boar gets gets served food first, but after the game Super Tez was very reserved, but felt the Hessen derby flair. “The atmosphere was good, but not as good as the Auburn-Alabama games, but I am very happy how well the fans supported us today. They helped us get back into the game. It is always important to get wins at home”, stressed Skyliner guard Quantez Robertson. Dashaun Wood played in his first German derby and remembered the rivalry with his school Wright State and Butler, but was impressed with the crowd enthusiasm in the Ballsporthalle. “The Giessen fans brought a lot of energy, but our we had more fans and they got us going. Playing these type of games is what a player always dreams about”, stated Dashaun Wood.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners won their fifth game in a row and are the second hottest team in the BEKO BBL after The Brose Baskets Bamberg who remain unbeaten at 7-0. The game had two faces as the first half belonged to the Giessen 46ers and the second half to the Deutsche Bank Skyliners. “We didn´t start well and didn´t have a rhythm in the first half. These kind of things happen to teams. We came back in the second half, stayed together and gave a real group effort. Rebounding was very strong for us, but the key to winning this game in the second half was defense and staying focused and fighting”, stressed Skyliner American Roger Powell. The Giessen 46ers fall to 5-3, but have shown in all three loses that they can stick with the top teams in the BEKO BBL. The club lost Anthony Smith in the first quarter with 3 minutes to play as he hurt his knee and he never returned. Smith belongs to the PSB(Powerful scoring boys) and was dearly missed. “Smith averages 12 points and adds another dimension as a big guard playing against Moye. Well you can always say hindsight 20/20 what could have been if Smith would have played the whole game”, commented Chase Griffin. “I dont really know what might have happened if Smith had continued to play. We didn´t have Mckinney and he is one of our best players. Injuries happen in basketball and its  apart of the game”, stressed ex NBA player Roger Powell.  Giessen 46er coach Vladi Bogojevic deserves a lot of respect this season, because he began playing the bench from day one and has given valuable minutes to Germans like Jannik Freese, Tim Schwartz and Dirk Madrich. “When a player goes down, then othe rguys have to pick up the pieces and we have done that this season. If we hang our heads it will be difficult to win. This team has a lot of heart and is young and have much energy. We will face a lot adversity this season, and it will just be a matter of how we respond to it”, stressed Chase Griffin.
The leader and leading scorer of the Giessen 46ers this season has been Zachery Peacock who hails from Miami, Florida. He led Giessen with 16 points and six rebounds and played as if he has been in the years for years. He played for Georgia tech from 2006-2010 playing in the tough ACC conference and one thing that the big man has learned is being humble. “I am a bit surprised that I am leading the league in s scoring, but it is still a long season to go”, said Zachery Peacock. The season is still very young, but already has the respect from his teammates and opponents. “I think that Peacock can become an elite man in this league. He can do it all, shoot, rebound and has a great touch. He played at the highest level in the ACC and you can see where his ability comes from”, said Chase Griffin. “I like the game of Peacock a lot. He is very competitive and got his team going early. He is going to become very good. He is one of the better big men that I have seen so far”, commented Dashaun Wood. The 23 year old 203 power forward who got enjoyment watching Vince Carter as a kid and was amazed by his jumping skills knows where he got his ability and how to keep it and develop it further. “The ACC is one of the best conferences in the NCAA and every night was a physical fight. I got my physical and mental toughness playing in the ACC. I can never be satisfied, but continue to be aggressive in every game”, warned Zachery Peacock.

One thing that The Deutsche Bank Skyliners have done very well in the last weeks is not get lost in the opening minute jitters, but just step on the court and clamp down on offense and defense and just play their game and get that lead.  The Deutsche Bank Skyliners stormed out on a quicl 7-0 run catching the Giessen 46ers on the wrong side of the bed as they found the high intensity quickly. Dashaun Wood quickly gave Frankfurt a 5-0 lead within 20 second as he scored on a jumper and then shortly later made a steal and scored on a pull up jumper on the fast break. The Frankfurt defense ignited the offense in the first few minutes. AJ Moye followed with two free throws. The Giessen offense machine wasn´t stalling to much as they quickly showed why basketball is a game of runs going on a 6-0 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 7-6. Giessen played very smart getting production inside from peacock who beat Muurinen, Ovcina scoring as the trailer coming in on the fast break getting a nice feed from Giorgi Gamqrelidze and Ryan Brooks making a catch and pop jumper. The game had a fast tempo and Wood scored inside giving Frankfurt the 9-6 lead, but Giessen would make a 6-0 run into a 11-2 run to take their first lead 11-9 as Brooks scored inside after getting a quick Ovcina pass after he had gotten an offensive rebound and another Ovcina lay in. Frankfurt got the lead back 12-11 as AJ Moye drooped a three pointer. However Giessen would get the lead back and keep it until the en dof the first quarter. Peacock scored inside and made some free throws for the 15-12 Giessen lead. At the three minute mark, Anthony Smith hurt himself and never returned. “I am feeling better. It was tough watching the game from the bench. This was the first time since I was very young where I couldn´t continue playing in a game. I dont think that we lost the game, because I didn´t return. We have enough players that can step up”, stressed Anthony Smith. The Giessen 46ers got support from the bench and timely shooting  as Chase Griffin nailed a three pointer and Ovcina scored inside getting another pretty feed from Gamqrelidze as Giessen led 20-15. Wood scored inside and the quarter ended with two Brooks free throws and one free throw from Wood. The Giessen 46ers ahd the slim 22-18 advantage after ten minutes. “I though that we played pretty good defense. Giessen got hot and we should of scored more. We missed some easy shots”, said St Louis native Jimmy Mckinney. The Giessen 46ers were shooting 53% from the fiedl and 33% from outside while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 43% from the field and 67% from outside. Frankfurt had the slight 8-7 rebound edge and three turnovers while Giessen had four.
In the second quarter, The Giessen 46ers started with four bench players as guys like Tyler Kepkay, Dirk Madrich and Tim Schwartz found themselves on the floor. The Giessen 46ers weren´t scoring in the first few minutes and Frankfurt didn´t help their comeback cause by not scoring on their first three possessions. Giessen took advantage of the lax Frankfurt offense as Ovcina hit a three pointer giving the guest the 27-20 lead. Frankfurt then went on a 6-2 run to cut the Giessen lead to 29-26 as another athletic energy bundle #2 Roger Jordman Powell was inserted and scored six consecutive points. He started with a harmless dunk which made his Artland dunk look like the dunk of the century as Pascal Roller found the American all alone. Powell then penetrated into the zone as if he was strolling on a comfortable Sunday afternoon while the Giessen defense was yelling mercy. Powell then outran the Giessen defense on the fast break scoring again. However Giessen stayed calm and collective playing their game and executing on offense keeping the lead  as Griffin made a timely three pointer and then Gamqrelidze showed the crowd that he can also score with his quickness as he beat Wood. Giessen led 34-29. Giessen then closed out the second quarter with a 9-5 run to lead 43-32. In this run, Giessen showed how versatile their offense is as they gots coring from all over the court as Griffin scored  scoring with his left hand and Peacock scored with  a jumper from the top of the key as Giessen led 41-29. Peacock and Moye then traded baskets inside as Frankfurt trailed 43-32. Dominik Bahiense De Mello then scored with a finger tip roll lay in as Frankfurt trailed 43-34 at halftime. “Giessen is a strong team and stronger than in the past. We knew it would´t be easy, but we kept our composure in the second quarter and stayed with them “, stressed Jimmy Mckinney. The Giessen 46ers were shooting 44% from the field and 43% from the three point line while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 48% from the field and 50% from the three point line. Frankfurt continued to have the rebounding edge 18-13, but seven turnovers while Giessen had five turnovers.
The first half belonged to the Giessen 46ers and the second half belonged to The Deutsche Bank Skyliners. Frankfurt came out like a heavy weight boxer who had gotten pushed around in the first half and now wanted to take care with business and get that quick knockout punch. Frankfurt didn´t hesitate as they won the quarter 21-7 stepping up their offense getting production from many people and stepping up their defense making it very difficult for Giessen to get into a sound offense and tough at getting good shots. “Coach told us at halftime that the team and himself were out of synch. He told us to stop playing the Giessen game, but to play our game and that is why we were successful”, warned Dashaun Wood. Frankfurt got two big three pointers from Dominik Bahiense De Mello and a running hook shot from Joe Dabbert to cut the Giessen lead to 47-42. Giessen kept missing shots or getting unfortunate turnovers like standing on the line while Frankfurt kept shining on offense as Moye showed his toughness finishing in the lane past Ovcina and Joe Dabbert snatched an offensive rebound and scoring. Frankfurt was trailing 47-46 and Giessen was still getting timely shooting from Griffin who nailed another three pointer as Giessen led 50-46. However that was the last Giessen offensive production of the third quarter as Frankfurt went on a 9-0 run to lead 55-50 after 30 minutes and they would never trail again and ride into the basketball sunset unscathed. Moye made a very difficult off balance shot from the wing with Brooks  about a step away and Powell scored inside as teh score was knotted 50 -50. Marius Nolte then scored inside getting a nice lob pass from Wood as Frankfurt had the lead back 52-50. Powell then made a monster block on Tyler Kepkay swatting the ball back to Hochst train station and he then scored on a lay up as Frankfurt led 55-50. “We played better defense, rebounded better and made easy shots”, stressed Quantez Robertson. “Frankfurt was a totally different team in the second half. They were attacking the ball more and had much better team defense which made it harder for us”, stressed Chase Griffin. “We stepped up our defense, got better into our offensive sets and got easy buckets”, said Jimmy Mcinney. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 50% from the field and 44% from the parking lot while The Giessen 46ers were shooting 40% from the field and 31% from the parking lot. Frankfurt still had the rebound edge 28-18 and eight turnovers while Giessen had ten turnovers.
In the fourth quarter, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners kept producing on offense keeping their lead while The Giessen 46ers fought, but could never get back over the hump as Frankfurt was able to easily win the game at the end. Even when a guy like Roller is on the court and not scoring, he seems to always score then when Frankfurt needs it. He gave Frankfurt the 57-50 lead with a jumper. Peacock kept Giessen in the game scoring inside twice beating Powell once on a spin move as Giessen trailed 59-54. Powell then made a turn around shot and Griffin a jumper off the glass getting the ball out of the hands of Tez as Frankfurt still led 61-56. However with Giessen silently threatening in their comeback, it was Roller again who nailed a three pointer and Wood scored again as the Frankfurt lead was turned back into double digits again 66-56. Giessen had their last breath as Peacock  scored inside, but Frankfurt was too strong as Wood scored inside again and Muurinen made a steal scoring as Frankfurt led 72-58 as Frankfurt now was on a 38-15 run since halftime and they would never look back. The teams then traded many free thows, but Giessen continued to trail 76-62. Wood then made a dribbling clinic at the top of the key making young 21 year old German Mathias Perl look like he was a crazy chicken running back and fourth as he scored on the penetration as Frankfurt led 78-62. Skyliner coach then inserted some of the PRO B players with Filmore Beck and Fabian Franke and on the last play of the game did a PRO B play as Franke nailed the open three pointer as Frankfurt won 82-64. “We still had energy, but Frankfurt buckled down on defense not letting us run our plays the way we did in the first half and they just jumped all over us”, added Chase Griffin.”We increased our intensity in the second half and our fans helped us”, stated Skyliner assistant coach Klaus Perwass. “We didn´t execute in the second half and couldn´t do what we did in the first half. They got the momentum and kept rolling”, said Giessen 46er guard Anthony Smith.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dashaun Wood with 21 points, four rebounds, five assists and three steals. Roger Powell added 18 points and five rebounds. Aj Moye chipped in with 12 points, four rebounds and five assists. The Giessen 46ers were led by Zachery Peacock with 16 points and six rebounds and Chase Griffin produced 14 points.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners  finished the game with very hot shooting with 54% from the field and 46% from outside while TheGiessen 46ers shot only 38% from the field and a lousy 22% from outside. Frankfurt dominated the rebounding again 35-25 and only had 10 turnovers while Giessen had 14 turnovers. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners are playing very very strong basketball at the moment and perhaps continuing to block out the opponent and focus on themselves might be the key to getting nearer to Bamberg and Berlin? “We have to stay focused on our game. In the last five games, we have been focusing on ourselves and it seems to have been working. We can´t get caught up with what the opponent is doing. We were focused too much with Giessen in the first half, but in the second we focused on ourselves and played much better”, stressed Dashaun Wood. The Giessen 46ers have played great basketball in the early going and almost beat Bamberg, but Frankfurt was too much and Chase Griffin was very impressed by the Frankfurt game and sees them as a team near the top. “Frankfurt is a top 4 team in the BEKO BBL. They were firing from all cylinders in the second half. Frankfurt is the toughest team that we have faced this season. Powell is a beast and he and Wood killed us. Roller seems quiet for long phases of the game and then he hurts you with the big shot”, said Chase Griffin. The season is still very young and Frankfurt can´t let any success distract their mental state. “We go one game at a time. We can never get too happy about our current success. We have to come out fighting in every game”, warned Roger Powell. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners host EnBW Ludwigsburg November 10th at 19

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