The Rapid 10 Miles Questions Basketball exchange With Dane Watts(Walter Tigers Tuebingen)

Dane Watts is a 24 year old 203cm forward from Warrensburg, Montana.He played at Creighton (NCAA) from 2004-2008. In his senior year, he played 33 games: 11.3ppg, 6.4rpg, 1.0apg, FGP: 53.4%, 3Pts: 42.5%, FT: 71.8%. In 2008, he came to Germany and started his professional basketball career with EnBW Ludwigsburg (Germany-1.Bundesliga, starting five): 32 games: 8.9ppg, 3.8rpg, FGP-1(68.4%), 3PT: 30.8%, FT: 68.7%. Lasts eason, he played for The Walter Tigers Tuebingen playing 34 games: 10.2ppg, 5.4rpg, 1.5apg, FGP: 57.1%, 3PT: 37.6%, FT: 71.0%. He returns to Tuebingen for the 2010-2011 BEKO BBL season. At Creighton, he won awards such as MVC Tournament Winner -05, 07, MVC All-Freshman Team -05, MVC Regular Season Runner-Up -07, and MVC Tournament Semifinals -08. watts sat down with German Hoops and took the rapid 10 Miles questions basketball exchange.

Your starting your third season in Germany. What makes Germany so special that makes you come back each season to play?
I think that it is a very competitive league from the top team to the bottom team each year and it has been an easy adjustment for me and my wife to live here. I love the schwabian food too.

The Walter Tigers Tuebingen were a surprise team of last season almost making the playoffs. What is your early impression of this years team? Can this club make the playoffs? Is this the team goal?
Our goal as a team is to play hard and be competitive every night, the rest will work itself out. I think that we are still a very young team but we have some guys with BBL experience with myself, Bane, Chris, Anatoly, Kenny, Jay and dont forget about Jo Herber, don’t call it a comeback.

Last season, the team had strong inside play, but do you think the team will be even stronger this season inside with yourself, Kenny Wiliams and with the pickups of Anatoly Kashirov and Chris Oliver?

Romeo and Nadfeji did a lot for us last season. Anatoly and Chris both had strong seasons last year and we are looking for them to contribute a lot for us this year. We need all of our inside players to have a strong season and to continue to build from previous years.

What is your early impression of Radovan Markovic? Has he been firing away from outside successfully and what else does he bring to the table?

Rade is a great shooter! He also some brings years of pro basketball experience to our team as well. He is one of the older guys on the team and we will benefit from his basketball IQ on the court.

What makes coach Igor Perovic so strong as a coach. He seems to always be calm no matter what.

I think that Igor stays true to who he is as a person. He doesn’t seem to let the business of basketball change who he is or how he treats people. I feel that players can sense that he cares about them as people first and then basketball, that goes a long way with the ups and downs of a season.

Do you often get reminded about your sensational rookie season in Ludwigsburg where you led the BEKO BBL in field goal percentage(68%). Will you be shooting more away from the hoop this season or get easy buckets inside?

Thats funny that you asked that, I don’t think I knew I held that spot until one of your write ups before we played Frankfurt last year. I can’t give away a scouting report on myself before the season starts hahah. Those easy buckets do help the FG%.

What is a hidden strength in your game that not many know about?

Faith. God has given me these abilities and opportunities for a greater purpose. I try to keep that as my focus.

When you played together with Anthony Tolliver at Creighton, did you ever think that he would land in the NBA?

Whenever he was going into his senior year and I was a Junior, I knew that he would get some interest from the league. I was never surprised by what he did because I have worked out with him for many years and know his work ethic and desire to get better. I was happy for him when Golden State gave him an opportunity and now he turned that into a 2 year contract with Minnesota, I’m very proud of him.

How well will the Miami Heat do with Lebron James this season?

Lebron is going to be on a mission and that is a scary thought. I think they will be in the finals and I want them to be before Kobe gets too old and uses that as an excuse.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Date Night, hilarious.

Thanks Dane for the chat. Good luck this season in Tuebingen.

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