Reyshawn Terry Does Everything Except Break Out His Old North Carolina Jersey As The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Lose Their 3rd Final In 6 Years in Bamberg losing The Champions Cup 85-58

Despite the successful preseason with two cup wins and a 8 game winning streak, the realistic chances of the Deutsche Bank Skyliners winning their third cup within weeks against a harmonious group like 3 time BEKO BBL champion Bamberg was about as likely as the Rolling Stones doing a duet with Paris Hilton, FC Bayern Munich basketball team losing a single game in the PRO A this season or Sascha Baron Cohen playing 007 in the next James Bond movie and there was to be no miracle for Frankfurt as the task of dismantling the Bavarian club was too difficult as they were routed 85-58. Frankfurt stuck with Bamberg for the first five minutes, but then had no real chance as they had to battle without a legitimate four man as Carlos Powell had been released earlier in the day and Joe Dabbert was missing due to injury. “This is a game that we need to forget as quickly as possible. We were without some key players and at the end this quality was missing. We just didn´t play well tonight and couldn´t do what we wanted to do against Bamberg to be successful. Bamberg played very well and at times made us look very old”, stressed Skyliner assistant coach Klaus Perwas who had to step in for head coach Gordon Herbert who was in Finland getting further tests on his back. One didn´t have to think twice when looking into the eyes of Bamberg guard Casey Jacobsen before realizing that the American is as hungry as last season to be successful and he knew exactly how to hurt Frankfurt on the court. “Frankfurt didn´t have two players, but our goal was defense. I told the guys before the game not to worry about if shots were falling or not for us. Defense is our first priority and then offense. The first five minutes were close, but from then on until the end, we didn´t let Frankfurt get easy points”, added ex NBA player Casey Jacobsen. For Pascal Roller it was the third lost final in Bambegr in the last six years, but that was something that was not on his mind. “I never thought about that. We won all our games in the 2004 title season in Bamberg in the finals. We were weakened inside and never found our groove in this game”, commented Skyliner guard Pascal Roller.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg may have signed the two best players in the BEKO BBL this season with Reyshawn Terry and Kyle Hines. Both players combined for 32 of the 85 Bamberg points. Terry played at the well known North Carolina University from 2003-2007 and at first glance has the typical athletic NBA body. He was drafted by the Orlando Jazz in the second round in 2007. Terry played in Greece, Italy and Spain the last three years. He finished with 19 points and scored in so many ways on the court and looks ready for the BEKO BBL. “I have high expectations of my team and myself. I hope we have a great season, but I will take it one game at a time”, said Reyshawn Terry. Even though he led his team in scoring, he is well aware that in a team like Bamberg that has so many weapons being high scorer might not happen often. “I am not here to score. It is important that I keep up the tempo in the Bamberg game. I also need to bring up the tempo on defense. I think being able to guard many positions will be valuable”, stated Reyshawn Terry. Bamberg manager Wolfgang Heyder had a special glow in his eyes when talking about the North Carolina native. “For us it is always important to have a very strong roster to be able to play BBL and international. Terry has great individual skills and is very athletic. He has played well in Europe and it is important that we have a guy like Terry who can give a Suput a breather”, warned Wolfgang Heyder. After just one game, even his opponents know what to expect from Terry this season. “Terry was great in college and when you have the chance to play with 5-6 future NBA players, you are going to get better. He is very athletic and he fits into the Bamberg system perfectly”, stated Skyliner American AJ Moye. “What has impressed me the most about Terry is the way that he has integrated himself into the team. It is always hard to come to a new team, but he has done a great job. He is a good teammate. He is a better three point shooter than I ever expected. He is going to present a mismatch problem for every BBL team”, warned ex Memphis Grizzlies Casey Jacobsen.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were without Carlos Powell who had not passed the medical check. “Something like this can always happen with Powell. We have to look forward now and get a new player as quickly as possible”, expressed Skyliner sports director Kamil Novak. The Brose Baskets Bamberg were without power forward Predrag Suput. In the first minutes, the game was pretty even as both teams traded baskets. AJ Moye gave Frankfurt the 4-2 lead with a fade away jumper, but that was the last lead of the game for the Herbert less Skyliners. Bamberg used the Frankfurt inside deficit early as Tibor Pleiss and Reyshawn Terry scored which was followed by a John Goldsberry three pointer as Bamberg led 10-4. However Frankfurt kept chipping away at Bamberg and went on a big 6-2 run to cut the Bamberg lead to 12-10. This was possibly the best phase of the game for Frankfurt as Marius Nolte made a tip in off a Dashaun Wood miss. Kimmo Muuren then made two consecutive dunks getting two feeds from Wood. However Bamberg wasn´t impressed as they clsoed out the first quarter with a 9-2 run to lead 21-12. Frankfurt lost some intensity on defense in this run as Bamberg broke the Frankfurt press defense and Pleiss scored. Goldsberry followed with a three pointer and Terry scored on a jumper and on a dunk. At times Frankfurt seemed helpless on defense inside as Bamberg was doing what they wanted getting easy points. “We defended well from the start. We forced Frankfurt to taking tough shots. On offense we showed attractive basketball”, said Bamberg manager Wolfgang Heyder. After one quarter, The Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 78% from two point range and 40% from outside while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 50% from two point land and 0% from outside. The rebounding was tied at 6-6, but Frankfurt had six turnovers and Bamberg only three.

In the second quarter, The Brose Baskets Bamberg kept their composure and rhythm playing very aggressive offense moving the ball around and taking the best opportunity for a shot. Bamberg also got easy baskets as Hines got an easy offensive rebound lay up and Jacobsen nailed an open three pointer as Bamberg increased their lead to 26-14. Frankfurt then carved out a mini 4-0 run as Jimmy Mckinney made a nifty floater and young 18 year Carl Lindbom made a mini hook shot over 2010 NBA draft pick Tibor Pleiss as Frankfurt trailed only 26-18. Frankfurt was hanging on a thin thread, but never in a position to make a bigger run as Bamberg always found a way to score and go on another run of 9-0 to lead 35-18. In this phase, Bamberg scored inside three times with Hines, Pleiss and Terry who dunked getting a bullet pass from Anton Gavel. Frankfurt continued to look helpless inside. Dominik Bahiense De Mello showed some signs of brilliance down the stretch sneaking inside and making a reverse lay up and then dropping a three pointer. However Bamberg were drawing smart fouls and continuing to hit from outside as if the three point line had never been moved back. At halftime, The Brose Baskets Bamberg had a commanding 41-23 lead. “In the second quarter, our bench was key. Every guy stepped up and we continued to hit our shots”, commented Wolfgang Heyder. After 20 minutes the Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 52% from the field and 31% from the three point line, while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 27% from the field and still 0% from the three point line. Bamberg was leading the rebound battle 22-15 and Frankfurt had eight turnovers and Bamberg only seven.

In the third quarter the difference was that Frankfurt scored here and there, but were still missing shots while The Brose Baskets Bamberg stepped up their game a notch more. Right off the bat, they got the Jako arena cooking with a perfect ally op pass from Jacobsen to Hines. As quickly as Mckinney made a jumper and Nolte a pretty reverse lay up to cut the Bamberg lead to 43-27, Bamberg were back to their old tricks on offense going on an 8-0 run to lead 51-27 and letting Frankfurt gasp for air. Goldsberry sunk a three pointer, Hines scoring hard to the glass and Gavel nailing a three pointer. Bamberg was hotter than lava flowing from mount Vesuvius. At times it looks so easy how Bamberg can put on the turbo on offense the same way former US president put on the charm on the ladies. Bamberg continued to score in bunches while Frankfurt had difficulty scoring on a consistent basis. Terry and Jacobsen hit open jumpers as Bamberg led 58-32. It seemed now like fans were wondering by how many points Bamberg would win by? Down the stretch, Hines and Terry scored again as Frankfurt trailed 63-35. Frankfurt closed out the third quarter with a mini 4-0 run as De Mello hit a runner and Lindbom scored. After three quarters, The Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 62% from the field and 38% from the extended parking lot and The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 48% from the field and still had a giant goose egg from the extended parking lot. Bamberg had the 30-25 rebounding edge and only eight turnovers while Frankfurt had a weak 13 turnovers.

With the huge lead, Bamberg coach Chris Fleming played some of his young players like Erik Land, Maurice Stuckey, Philipp Neumann and Michael Crowell. The strong passing attack of Bamberg often made it possible for easy lay ups as Erik Land found out with an easy bucket. Here and there, Frankfurt showed traces of daylight on offense making nice plays as Moyer found a streaking Muurinen in the lane for two points and Moye scored inside, but Bamberg still had the overwhelming 70-45 lead. A big problem also for Frankfurt was not getting a bigger lead and being unable to get a nice run of stops on defense. Bamberg then got free throws from Jacobsen and Goldsberry and a three pointer by Gavel a s Bamberg led 77-45. Moye then was stuffed by Tibor Pliess who continues to show how long he has come from his early Cologne days. “Tibor is the best young center in Europe. I remember when he couldn´t chew gum and walk a staright line. I am really proud of his development. Kevin Durrant will have a lot of fun with him. He is already getting Dirk calls”, joked AJ Moye. Frankfurt then commenced on a 10-1 run to cut the Bamberg lead to 80-56. Nolte started the run with a lay up. Kimmo Muurinen then hit the first Frankfurt three pointer in the 36th minute. Roller then hit a three pointer and De Mello made another reverse lay up. In the last two minutes Brian Roberts scored inside and Michael Crowell closed out the game with an open three pointer. “We did the best that we could under the circumstances. We were helpless under the boards”, added Kamil Novak. “We have absolutely no excuse for this performance. I didn´t play well. Bamberg totally outplayed us”, said Jimmy Mckinney. “We executed on offense well and took away their strengthes on offense”, commented Reyshawn Terry.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg were led by Reyshawn terry with 19 points and five rebounds. Tibor Pleiss added 14 points, seven rebounds and three blocks. Kyle Hines produced 13 points and five rebounds. John Goldsberry produced 11 points. Casey Jacobsen had 10 points, four rebounds and four assists. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Marius Nolte with 12 points. Kimmo Muurinen added 10 points. The stellar play of Marius Nolte is finally getting noticed somewhat. “I don´t know if the wedding of Nolte has helped his play, but he has had a very strong preseason. If he has improved as a player you can ask me again after the fifth game of the season”, stressed Kamil Novak.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners finished with a shooting performance that they want to forget as quickly as possible. The club shot 35% from the field and a horrible 11%(2/19) from outside. The Brose Baskets Bamberg shot 48% from the field and 34% from outside. Bamberg won the rebounding duel 40-35 and only had 10 turnovers while Frankfurt produced 14 turnovers. After a performance like this can Bamberg still improve? “We still have to improve on small things like communication and rebounding. We may be a little undersized in some positions, but we make up for quickness and intelligence”, stressed Reyshawn Terry. The season hasn´t even started yet, but discussions about how strong the team is or if it is stronger than last season has developed. “I would like to think that we are better tan last season. We had two major weaknesses last season in rebounding and not being as athletic. I think that we will make up in both weaknesses with Terry and Hines. They are athletic and will make our game even faster this season”, said Casey Jacobsen. “Bamberg is the team to beat this season. They remind me of the 2006-2007 team”, added Aj Moye. In less than three weeks, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners will return to Bamberg for a regular season game and then will have to improve in many aspects of their game to have a chance to win, but have the respect of new BEKO BBL player Reyshawn Terry. “Frankfurt can be dangerous if you let them have confidence. They know how to run plays and have good shooters”, warned Reyshawn Terry. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners go back to work on September 29th as they host Besiktas Istanbul in a Eurocup qualifying game at 19:00.

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