The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Allow Predrag Suput To Get Hot Losing The 2010 BEKO BBL Final To Bamberg 76-75

The comeback attempts by The Deutsche Bank Skyliners this season have been as often and usual as Paris Hilton changing her shoes, Tiger Woods coming up with a new apology for his wife each day, sadly Lindsay Lohan running around drunk as if it was a home work assignment and Mark Mcgrath being mistaken for Ethan Hawke, so with four minutes remaining in the BEKO BBL cup final and the club back 74-63, there was no surprise that they would stage a comeback, but were denied in the last seconds their third club title as The Brose Baskets Bamberg prevailed 76-75. Playing back to back and only having 18 hours to recuperate from the thrilling 61-59 win in the semi final against The Eisbaeren Bremerhaven might of played a toll on the total effort of the team as fatigue was something that couldn´t be erased.

“We had no energy today. We gave all our focus yesterday. Our problem is that we have problems starting tough and aggressive against top teams. If we don´t do this, it is always difficult to win. There was a perfect atmosphere and I am just very unhappy for the fans. We wanted to give the fans the cup. We will have to win it for them next season”, stressed Skyliner assistant coach Engin Gencoglu.

Frankfurt has lost the last three games by a total combined score of five points and it was no surprise that the players were disappointed and reserved after the loss. Even captain Pascal Roller who is not only the best interview partner for the Skyliners, but it sometimes seems like he could start his own school of speech because of his fluid and solid rhetoric was very terse with his answer.

“There isn´t too much one can say after a game like this except that we didn´t reach our goal of winning the cup”, stressed Pascal Roller.

For The Brose Baskets Bamberg, it was their first title again since the 2007 BEKO BBL title and for coach Chris Fleming it was his second cup win after the Artland Dragons victory in 2008.

“Each title is different. With Artland, we had been having a consistent season, but with Bamberg this season, we had a tough start and had high expectations and were struggling. But in the last 25 games, we have a 20-5 record, so we have showed that we are a good team and results can be achieved with hard work”, warned Chris Fleming.

Even though The Deutsche Bank Skyliners never led in the game, they never gave up and continued fighting back, the game remained exciting and with the NCAA March Madness just having ended and the loud arena and faithful fan support of all teams in the BEKO BBL Cup, it seemed like the March Madness had returned for a weekend to Germany.

“It is hard to rate this game to a certain exciting game, but I would say that you could compare the BEKO BBL Cup to the NCAA tournament with all the different fan groups of the teams rooting on their teams”, stated Bamberg coach Chris Fleming.

Skyliner Seth Doliboa loved the atmosphere as he easily saw how big a difference there was from a regular BEKO BBL game and a cup game.

“This was another typical exciting game and was different from a regular game, because it was a championship game. You could see how much passion was involved in this game and if I had to compare the excitement to a game then I would have to go with my home team the Cavaliers and the Los Angeles Lakers”, stressed Skyliner forward Seth Doliboa.

About an hour after the excitement of the game had been over, a new excitement started for the players of Bamberg as they were going back to their team bus and getting celebrated by the fans. Bamberg guard Brian Roberts was thrilled with the win carrying a little green frog and having much respect for their teddy bear mascot.

“This was a very exciting game and one of the most exciting games that I have ever played in. The atmosphere was just crazy. The little green frog is from my daughter and it is for good luck and I bring with me wherever we play. Our teddy bear mascot may be soft, but he knows when to get food to be strong. He helped us today eating and being strong for us in this win”, added Brian Roberts.

The atmosphere in the BEKO BBL final in the sold out Ballsporthalle seemed to be a tick higher than in the semi final. As the arena got dark and the players were introduced, one saw the flashing dark blue lights of the necklaces that were blinking all throughout the arena giving a faint reminder of some big city skyline like New York with the glitter bringing an added special flair to the place. Murat Didin started Dominik Bahiense De Mello for Frankfurt for a second time as it seemed like he had practiced very well the last week taking the spot from American Grayson Moyer. Frankfurt knew that they could not allow a slow start, but in the first minutes, both teams were on separate pages as The Brose Baskets Bamberg came out with more intensity and right away got Serb forward Predrag Suput inserted into the offense. He scored the first five points of the game scoring an open three pointer and then making a lay in as only 33 seconds had elapsed. Frankfurt got on the scoreboard as Derrick Allen snuck past the Bamberg defense scoring on the transition. Bamberg continued to run their offense like a clock work going on a 15-5 run. Frankfurt had problems finding their rhythm, Allen was getting the ball in the low post, but was a bit unlucky scoring and the team was living off individual plays. Bamberg continued to get the motor of Suput running as he made a fade away jumper of Seth Doliboa and a three pointer. Quantez Robertson scored twice on hard penetration moves including a spin dance to the hoop. Suput now took a short rest on offense as now it was time for ex Giessen 46er Anton Gavel to score six unanswered points scoring a nice lay in after a feed from Tibor Pleiss, an off balance jumper and a tip in.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg were leading 20-7 as the Frankfurt faithful Skybembel fans were already getting a sour taste of Freak city basketball. In the last minutes of the first quarter, Frankfurt suffered many unneeded fouls and ex Skyliner Robert Garrett silenced the Ballsporthalle except for the corner where the Bamberg fans were with a first quarter buzzer beater hitting a three pointer as Bamberg led 25-12 after 10 minutes.

“It was really important that Bamberg established Predrag Suput in the offense quickly. Frankfurt couldn´t get their offense going and had too many individual plays”, stressed Ratiopharm Ulm coach Mike Taylor.

“We had a bad start and we were unable to control Suput and it hurt even more that he got going”, said Pascal Roller.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 63% from the field and 43% from outside while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 33% from the field and 0% from outside. The rebounds were deadlocked at nine, but Frankfurt already had four turnovers and Bamberg only one.

In the second quarter, Murat Didin opted to finally get the Frankfurt inside game established after he had been subbing centers Dragon Labovic, Marius Nolte and Greg Jenkins in frequently, it was Dragan Labovic who drew fouls and even did like a guard stepping up and making a steal and scoring and Pascal Roller nailed a three pointer bringing Frankfurt back to 20-28. The Frankfurt onslaught continued as Derrick Allen hit another three pointer and before any one really realized the team had gone on a 12-3 run to cut the Bamberg lead to 28-24. Bamberg had had a small lull on offense as Frankfurt was contesting many shots, but Bamberg was hitting their open jumpers as John Goldsberry gave Bamberg the 33-26 lead with a three pointer. Captain Pascal Roller dropped another three pointer cutting the Bamberg lead to 33-29. Frankfurt was threatening on offense, but were too lack luster on defense as Bamberg found ways to get to the line as Suput and Elton Brown got fouled inside. Bamberg was able to get away a bit again and lead 40-30 with a Suput three pointer. Both teams then traded baskets as Dragan Labovic made a fade away jumper and Suput a beautiful reverse lay up. In the last minute, the emotions of both teams heightened as Aubrey Reese suffered a unsportsmanlike and technical foul and Elton Brown a technical foul, but it didn´t really matter since The Brose Baskets Bamberg led43-32 at half time.

“Frankfurt had more intensity in their game and were settling in their offense. The Roller three pointers were big”, added Ratiopharm ulm coach Mike Taylor.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 50% from the field and 43% from the three point line while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 45% from the field and 43% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 16-14 rebound edge, but seven turnovers while Bamberg had only four.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg came out fresh from the intermission going on a 5-0 run as Mr everything Beckham Wyrick blocked Labovic and then sprinted out to the corner and made a jump shot, and Anton Gavel nailed a three pointer. Frankfurt then responded with their own 5-0 run as Derrick Allen made a lay up over Pleiss and Aubrey Reese made a three pointer to cut the Bamberg lead to 48-37. Bamberg extended their lead to 52-37 with Mark Worthington free throws and a Pleiss shot hard to the glass over Labovic. Frankfurt had suffered some untimely turnovers, but Jimmy Mckinney and Derrick Allen missed key lay ups. Frankfurt had gas in their tank on offense as Mckinney hit a three pointer, but the offense of Bamberg continued to be solid that if the inside was closed, then they went outside and continued to hit their shots with consistency as Anton Gavel dropped a three pointer for the 55-42. Bamberg center Elton Brown made a spin move and basket and Allen a free throw as The Brose Baskets Bamberg led 58-44. Frankfurt was unable to get some consecutive stops as the Bamberg offense was very versatile and they always found ways to score which Frankfurt couldn´t turn off.

“Our game flow was better, but we were still stagnant and giving up easy baskets”, said Ohio native Seth Doliboa.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 46% from the field and 40% from the parking lot while The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 35% from the field and 36% from the parking lot. Frankfurt was leading the rebound battle 27-24 and both teams had eight turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, The Deutsche Bank Skyliners gave The Brose Baskets Bamberg a first taste of a first mini comeback by starting with a 6-0 run as Derrick Allen got the ball in the low post went to the hoop and scored with a mini hook shot, Reese then made a three pointer and Doliboa a free throw cutting the Bamberg lead to 58-50. Bamberg finally got out of their funk and went on a 4-0 run doing damage inside as Elton Brown made a lay up and Suput made a nice fake and move around De Mello as Bamberg led 62-52 again. Brown made a turn around shot over Greg Jenkins and Gavel a three pointer as Bamberg had another big 67-52 lead and slowly bringing the Skyliner faithful back to reality about the possibilities of a loss creeping slower. Dragon Labovic sometimes takes too many three pointers than needed for a big man, but who will complain when the team is down by 15 points when he hits one. Reese then followed with a jumper cutting the Bamberg lead to 68-57. Frankfurt still seemed far far away from ever finding the lead, but giving up was not in their mind frame. After a Suput jumper from the wing, Allen followed with a lay in and Labovic with a lay up after getting a pretty pass from Mckinney as Frankfurt trailed only 70-61.

Seth Doliboa had fouled out, but Frankfurt kept pushing, but Bamberg wasn´t making life easy. After a Labovic lay in over Suput, Roller came down with his classic pull up jumper, but was surprised as Brian Roberts came out of no where with a block leading to a jumper from him as Bamberg led 74-63. The time and point score brought back memories to the away game in MBC as Frankfurt came back to win. 36 minutes had elapsed, but Frankfurt still had energy and started their comeback as Reese scored and then Super Tez Robertson made a steal and lay up as Frankfurt only trailed 74-67. After a Bamberg stop, captain Pascal Roller once gain showed why he is the teams most reliable shooter as he nailed a three pointer as Frankfurt only trailed 74-70. Suput then missed two free throws giving Frankfurt another golden opportunity to score with a minute left as Mckinney sprinted down the court and scored on a lay up cutting the Bamberg lead to 74-72. Frankfurt had a 28-16 quarter point lead at this point. Frankfurt then fouled Suput, but this time he hit both shots. Bamberg led 76-72 and with less than 20 seconds, Frankfurt came back on offense and Reese hit an open three pointer as Frankfurt trailed only 76-75 with four seconds. Bamberg quickly made a long in bounds pass and Frankfurt didn´t get the ball back thus losing by one point.

“We had good looks in the comeback and they missed more shots. We had the momentum, but ran out of time”, stressed Seth Doliboa.

“Frankfurt never gave up at the end. We were not so strong with the ball and suffered turnovers and were fortunate to win at the end”, commented Brian Roberts.

“We gave good hustle at the end, but it simply wasn´t enough against a top team like Bamberg”, warned Engin Gencoglu.

”We always believed that we could win the game even as Frankfurt was coming back. We stayed confident and got the job done”, stated Bamberg coach Chris Fleming.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg were led by Predrag Suput with 26 points, eight rebounds and three assists. Anton gavel chipped in with 13 points and four assists. Elton Brown added 12 points and four rebounds. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dragan labovic with 20 points and four rebounds. Derrick Allen chipped in with 16 points and six assists. Aubrey Reese added 14 points, three rebounds and five assists.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners never led in this 2010 BEKO BBL final and lost with only one point. If one dissects the stats, one quickly comes to the conclusion how one could have lost this game. Frankfurt never led, but their stats weren´t worse then their opponent Bamberg. Frankfurt shot 44% from the field and Bamberg only 46%. Frankfurt shot 41% from outside and Bamberg 36%. Frankfurt won the rebounding duel 38-32 and had only eight turnovers while Bamberg had 10. If there were any reasons to how Frankfurt could have lost this game despite the better stats then it is assistant coach Engin Gencoglu. “

On defesne, we let up easy points in the paint. We also were unable to stop Suput at the start. We let him get going and we were behind until the end”, stressed Engin Gencoglu.

On Monday April 12th, all of Freak city will be at Town hall at 18:00 to celebrate the Bamberg title and for some players it was their first win.

“This is my first title and it’s a great feeling. We have a great group of guys and I hope that there will be more to come”, warned Brian Roberts.

It is never easy losing to the Brose Baskets Bamberg, but what is worse when they win by one point on your home court in a title game. The comeback was a highlight in the game, but in the end no one will remember the comeback, but moreover the cup win by Bamberg.

“The comeback was great. We showed again the strength and moral of team, but in the end it doesn´t matter if we lost by one point or 10 points, because we lost the title and that is all that counts”, stressed Pascal Roller.

Frankfurt is currently in 8th place and have teams like the Artland Dragons, MBC Wolves and EnBW Ludwigsburg breathing down their necks and have four games remaining where three will be real tough. Now Frankfurt will have to show their character in staying in the playoffs boundry. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners host BG Goettingen onApril 18th at 17:00.


  1. Wow, who would’ ve guessed that this was Murat Didin’s last game with Frankfurt!!!!! :O
    A well deserved win for Bamberg, but it would have been great to end the era of Didin with a title…
    Well, now Gordon Herbert is back and I’m excited about the next weeks.

  2. How could Bamberg allow Frankfurt to get back into this game! This is crazy. I mean they led by 11 with just 1 minute to play!
    Again it was Suput who carried the team and I would not be surprised to see him win the championship with Bamberg this year.

  3. Why did the Skyliners fire Didin?
    I think he did a great job. OK, I am not really following the german league. But if you look at that roster it seems like they are overachieving this season.

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