Jerome’s Diary Entry #16: Content Going Into 2010, But Still Work To Be Done For Ulm

It is Christmas time. The first three months of the season are over now. It`s been an up and down season for us so far. We had a lot of great moments and also bad moments. Some unneccessary losses and some great victories. The biggest upset for me was the unnecessary loss against Ludwigsburg. It was good for me to be back in my hometown and walk into the new gym. Seeing old faces. Classmates, teachers, teammates, friends and my family. It was one of the greatest feelings of my life and the game was even on National TV. The loss did really hurt. We were dominating them the whole game, but did fall apart at the end.
We only experienced one nice road victory at Bremerhaven. We weren`t able to play strong on the road so far and had plenty of hurtful losses.

One of the greatest memories so far was the game when I saw my first BBL minutes this year.

We played against TBB Trier. They were shorthanded because of the swine flu. We were able to take advantage of that in the second half, and had a nice comfortable lead. Mike subbed me in with more than two minutes to go. To be honest, I`ve never been that nervous in my whole life before. I shocked it off though after a couple seconds. I went to Per while Trier was shooting Free Throws and told him which plays I am able to run. I didn`t tell him to run a play where I get isolated or something like that. But he called a play where I was going to be isolated in the post. I got a little bit mad in that moment. Like: is he trying to embarass me or something. I caught the ball in the post on the left block. Picard was guarding me. I took two dribblings and spinned to the baseline. The ref blew the whistle. I turned around and took a jumpshot. The shot went in. But they didn`t count it. Foul call on Picard. Team fouls! 2 Freethrows. Now I´ve always been a poor Free Throw shooter. 2700 people are watching me now. I told myself while the ref was handing the ball to me. Shoot as hard as you can. Try to avoid an airball. The ball left my hand. It bounced on the front rim and went in. Puuuh! The second shot felt much easier now. I was not nervous at all. It looked good, but was a little bit long, John Bryant was able to tip the ball into my direction and I was able to recover and get an offensive rebound.

This whole moment was one of my greatest moments and memories of my life. I am willing to work hard to experience more of those moments. They are just great and not comparable to anything else. In my opinion, it feels kind of weird to be on the court in the first leauge. You have to be focused all the time and pay attention to every single detail. Every mistake is going to get punished by the opponent.

Well, we are 6-11 right now. Just had a tremendous victory over the defending Champion Oldenburg. Like I said, it`s been an up and down season for everybody so far. We are very young and can do better. Everybody knows this. Our team grows everyday we are together. Our new additions Chris Grosse and Austen Rowland do fit in this team very well.
We have one more game this year. And at this point it couldn`t be a better and hotter game than against Tübingen. Rivalry at the end of the year. A very important game for us. Important to carry this game over to the new year and have an successful ending of the year 2009 for ratiopharm Ulm, which was one of the greatest of Club History.
It would be also a perfect preparation for next year to win tough road games. And there is also a big difference of being 7-11 or 6-12. We need this win.

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