Robert “Hollywood Globetrotter” Turner Setting Cold Finland On Fire

Robert Turner is a 27 year old 206cm center from Buena Park, California. He played at the beautiful Pepperdine University in Californiabekobbl from 2001-2005. His best season was 2002-2003 where he played 27 games averaging 7.0ppg, 3.1rpg, 1.4apg. In the fall of 2005, he became a member of the world famous Harlem Globetrotters and was able to tour the world and play the game he loves. In 2008, he decided to play organized basketball in Europe and went to Germany to play for the Koeln 99ers playing 34 games and averaging 9.1ppg, 3.6rpg, FGP: 60.0%, 3PT: 27.9%, FT: 65.6%. This past summer, he played in the IBL for the Phoenix Red Rock Raptors. A month ago, he signed with Lappeenranta NMKY in Finland. Through 6 games, he is averaging 19,0ppg, 7,7rpg, 1,8apg, 2,7spg and 2,3bs. He spoke to German Hoops before going to Finland.

Robert, thanks for talking to German Hoops. How was your summer? Were you surprised how long it took you to find a job?

My summer was great. I spent a lot of time with my family and friends. Went on a couple trips and just relaxed for the first couple months. I was a little surprised it took so long to find a job, but with the economy I am just glad I have one.

There are so many good players still on the market like your ex Cologne teammates Michael Jordan and Jeremy Hunt. Have you had contact to them while you were also still on the market? How crazy has this all been this summer with the world wide economic crisis?

There are a lot of great players still available. I talk to MJ and J Hunt on a regular basis. We were calling each other seeing if anything was happening. Wish we could have done a package deal for all 3 of us. With the economy being so bad its going to be tough for a lot of players to find work.

You had a solid season in Germany with Cologne averaging 9.1ppg, 3.6rpg, FGP: 60.0%, 3PT: 27.9%, FT: 65.6%. What things did you develop further in your game while in the BBL?

My season in Cologne was ok. I think I could have played a lot better. But I did pick up a lot of tips and things from different players throughout the league and there were things I worked on this summer to help expand my game.

The Cologne 99ers are history. The end of the organization was announced way after the season ended. Were you surprised that this happened? How stable was this whole situation during the season? There were rumours that players went months without getting a pay check.

I was a little surprised the organization fell apart like it did. Koln is a great city and the fans there deserve a team. Hopefully they can get things going again. And I was unaware of guys not getting checks for months. They were pretty good with handling that type of stuff.

What was your fondest memory of your time with the Cologne 99ers?

I have tons of memories from being in Koln. Too many to list. But I would just say hanging with the guys everyday and going to eat with them. We had fun with whatever we did.

Were you very sad that there was not more interest from German teams for your services? You had told me that you wouldn´t have minded playing for The Deutsche Bank Skyliners.

I wouldn’t say I was sad, but more surprised that no German teams were interested in my services. But it is a business and I just use that to fuel me and work even harder to prove to people I can play. I would have liked to stay in Germany and played for Frankfurt. Their style of play was something I liked about that team. But its a business. Just have to move on.

If you had to face Keith Simmons again in a slam dunk contest what would you do differently to beat him with dunks?

If I had to face Keith again in a dunk contest I think I would just jump a little higher this time lol.

You are going to play in Finland this season for Lappeenranta NMKY. How excited are you about playing in the cold north of Europe?

I am excited to play in Finland but I am not looking forward to the cold at all. I am a southern California kid. Went to school by the beach. So I dont know how I will do in the cold. I brought a warm jacket though!

What will be your chief goals as a player this season?

My goals for this season is to just compete day in and day out. I worked hard this summer with my trainer out of Calabasas Ca, Clint Parks. We worked on a lot of my weaknesses and now I feel like I am complete in all aspects of the game. So I guess I would say my goal is to dominate on both sides of the ball. offense and defense.

What do you know about Finland and what are you looking forward to seeing?

I dont know much about Finland except that it is cold. So I plan to see the city and what it has to offer when I have some free time.

You have two further Americans on the team with Anthony Johnson and ex NBA and BBL player Mark Davis. How well do you think your game will compliment their play?

I think my game will compliment theirs pretty well. We are all athletic guys that like to get out and run in the open court. Run and gun uptempo style. I think we will get a long pretty well on the court and bring match up problems to other teams.

Mark Davis played in the NBA from 1995-2000. What is going to be the first thing you ask him when you see him?

I dont think I am going to ask him anything. I am just going to take a couple things from his game and use it in my own. I do that with a lot of players that I come across. Pick certain things that they do well and try to add it to my own game.

If the Harlem Globbetrotters visit Finalnd and you have time would you go and watch them play?

If the Trotters were coming to Finland I would see them. I am still close friends with a lot of guys on the team and I am a big supporter of the organization. I will always be a fan.

How long do you think that you could last in a 100 degree Finnish sauna?

Thats a good question. I have no idea but I plan on finding out real soon. I hear its the thing to do in Finland.

What was the last DVD that you saw?

The last DVD I watched was Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins.

Thanks Robert for chat! Good luck this season in Finland!!

Thanks for the interview.

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  1. According to Eurobasket Jeremy Hunt has signed with FC Porto Ferpinta! The club already has signed a former 99er with Julian Terrell. And Ex-Skyliner Carlos Andrade is also a playing for Porto this season!
    Last season Ulm’s Christian Burns was a member of FC Porto Ferpinta.

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