Jeromes Diary Entry #15 Preseason Blues

Losing to Bamberg by a lot, didn´t really help us to see where we are at and where we have to get better. We would not sit on this test Jerome Bridgewaterforever. We were facing Ludwigsburg on Tuesday. Against my and also Colemans former team. It was good to see some old and common faces again. Talking about David McCray, Philip Heyden and Ziyed Chennoufi. I met Tim Koch at the parking lot. I used to hang around with Tim a lot. I mean he was my class mate, teammate and also my study hall mate. I didn`t get the chance to talk to my  roommate last year David Michalczyk.
It was an unoffical game. But my family was there to watch. It was also good to see we were playing in the Rundsporthalle and not in Ludwigsburg new gym. I have never been in there, but I heard that the new gym is amazing. Ludwigsburg does really have a great team this year. Just by its names. Kyle Bailey, Quadre Lollis, Domonic Jones, Richard Chaney and Kyle Visser. I think they can really be on top of the league this year. Our formation was very shorthanded. We were just nine guys. Lee, Chris and Per were still missing. We were starting with Kevin, Basti, Rocky, Robin and Coleman.

The game started of well for us. We were playing great defefense right from the beginning. Coleman was on his best. He had a tremendous game and was unstoppable. I do not think that he missed more than two shots. Robin was also playing well. It was the first time I have seen him play for us. He did a great job. He was integrated very fast into our system. Rocky was a little bit off tonight. He was sick. A cold or something. He seemed very exhausted during the time outs. I gave him a short break to rest in the third. I didn`t do nothing special. I was guarding Chaney and he attacked baseline, but got stopped by me and passed the ball back to the top to reset everything. It was a close game. The lead was changing a lot. But over all, It seemd like we were the better team. It never felt like we would lose this one. It never got out of control.

You could tell that Ludwigsburg might have too many weapons. Too many scorers. They did not look like a team yet. But the potential is there. Kyle and Domonic Jones led the team offensively. With 2 minutes to go and up by four Kevin Kanaskie and also John Bryant fouled out. Ludwigsburg was playing an aggressive zone press now. The game was on the line for a while, but we were able to escape with the W. 89-88. A acceptable result for just having six experienced players on the roster. And you should also not forget that Ludwisgburg just won against Galatasaray Istanbul on Saturday. I did not get the chance to talk to anybody of the Ludwigsburg team. It seemed like the coach Tolga Öngören was very upset. Tim told me on the next day that they have had practice after the game at 10pm. Ludwigsburg really wants to go somewhere this season.
We will have our last pre season test against our best friend Tübingen on Friday. They knocked us off at home. Now it is time to knock them off at their homecourt. This game will really check us. Christian and Lee will be hopefully back.

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