Brandon Brooks looking To Lead The Point Guard Duties In Bremerhaven

Brandon Brooks is a 22 year old 188 cm guard that is about to start his first season in the BBL with The Eisbaeren Bremerhaven. He is freshBBL from the NCAA having played at Alabama State. In his senior year, he played 32 games averaging 13.7ppg, 4.2rpg, 6.6apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 50.2%, 3Pts: 36.9%, FT: 77.1%.

It will be interesting to see how the young American fits into the deep Bremerhaven roster and how he does at the point guard position. He has developed nicely in pre season camp and even won a game with a last second shot.

Brandon spoke to German Hoops early in pre season camp.

You are a BBL rookie. How do you feel coming to Germany?

I feel great and thankful for the chance to play here. Playing with vets all summer in atlanta helped out a ton so I’m coming in with confidence.

How was the plane ride? Were you able to gell really well with a particular player in those first hours together?

That was the longest that I had to sit still ever in life lol. I got used to an elderly lady besides me and I didn’t sit next to any teammates, because I needed leg room, watched about four movies though.

What was your first impression as you stepped off plane in Hamburg?

I thought it was summer as I stepped foot outside and it was a little breezy and I had on shorts and t shirt.

What was the first thing that you ate in Germany?

Burger king. Ironic but it was around the corner from the apartment so I had to fill up on whoppers.

What is your impression of new team on the court?

We have great potential. We have a very very strong frontcourt and a great backcourt. We have a chance to make noise.

Many have you as the PG backup, but do you see yourself having a realistic chance of challenging Lou Campbell for starting point guard position?

I’m a competitor. Lou is a competitor with that said we can only make each other better and I can also learn more from him. At the end of the day if he wants me to play the 5 i’ll play it whatever I can do on my part to make us better.

You averaged over six assists at Alabama State your last two seasons. Are you the regualar conventional type of point guard making the secure pass or do make the no look passes and other type of spectacular passes?

Certain situations if we’re up 2 I am not going to throw a behind the back in traffic pass. I mainly get my assist off drive and kicks and help situations. I just try and make it easier for my teamates.

What was your most spectacular pass so far in your young career?

hmmmmm.. so but one game last year on a three on 1 fast break I threw it off the glass and dunked it. It was an away game and the crowd was cheering for me it was really funny.

What is your first impression of coach Doug Spradley. What will he give the team and what kind of words of encouragement has he given you so far?

He is a great players coach with no ego and he wants to win very straight forward. When me and Lou where about to sign he told me that he really knows the game and I can see that now. Coach wants me to play my game the way I do and that he is great at developing players so I trust that with him I will become a better basketball player and individual.

What is your impression of German Jan Lipke. He is a very underrated player that will add a lot of stability to the team. Has he showed his dancing in the lane yet?

Jan is a great pro, the first day I walked in and saw that white boy getting up! ol jan is very crafty in the lane and can really finish and a great catch and shoot player and gets out and runs on the wings.

Steve Esterkamp and Rodney Buford are two verterans that could take over a bulk of leadership. Has any one of them shown a sign that they might do that?

Actually both of them have that. Steve’s been telling me about what I need while im out here and showing me places around town and is really encouraging in practice. Rodney is the voice that your going to hear the whole practice lol. He talks the talk and walks the walk

Who was the best player that you played against at Alabama State that might be in NBA now?

Thats a no brainer. James Harden from Arizona State and OKC Thunder he had it all could shoot, drive, handles, crafty, and was just so smooth with it I wasn’t suprised when he went so high in the draft. We gave them a run for their money though I had a nice dunk that game too, its on youtube!

Besides your family and friends, what will you miss the most from the States?

Im tearing up, I’m going to miss frosted flakes,cinnamon toast crunch, whole milk from the states, ramen noodles, constant english, ranch dressing, and my

Do you know any German words yet?

So far I have gotten down guten tag and cheers, I’m great at acting like I know what their saying its the hand gestures that gets them

What was the last DVD that you saw?

The last dvd i watched was Friday which is the funniest movie in the world I think

Brandon, thanks for chat and good luck in the BBL!

Anytime, thanks

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