Jerome Bridgewater Diary Entry #6 Prince

We have had a nice practice week after our road win in Munich. Now we are getting prepared and ready for the weekend. We are going to bridgewaterteampicplay our Fritz and Maciol Cup in Ulm. Facing the current Austrian Champion Wels and also Ulm`s biggest rival Walter Tigers Tübingen. I cannot really wait until this tournament will start. Per headed back to Ulm this week. Although he is injured he seems alright. I thought he would be very down and disappointed at this moment. A couple guys of us had a lot of meetings and events going on.

We have had a player presentation on Thursday night in front of our sponsors. We got introduced to our fans and sponsors. It was very nice and we had a lot of fun as a team. The announcer asked me a couple questions and then asked me, that he had heard that I like to listen to Prince.

That was a big mistake doing this in front of my teammates. Everybody is picking on me a little bit. A matter of fact, Kevin Kanaskie told me that Mike T is going to call me Prince now. I mean I already got some nicknames. Christian Burns keeps on calling me Jamaal, because the announcer at Nördlingen, where we have had our first pre-season game) announced me as an Jamaal Bridgewater.
The evening was nice. They took some pictures of us. Some guys were very busy signing autographs. I wasn`t thou. Well, hope that this will change in a year or two. I got into some conversations with people. We didn`t stay too long thou, because we have to be back at the gym early tomorrow.

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