Jerome Bridgewater’s diary entry #2

This practice week was very rough. Going two-a-days is not that easy like I thought it would. My legs got so tired on Tuesday already. bridgewaterteampicEverything was sore. I was even too tired to fix myself something to eat at the evening. I was just lying in my bed resting.

Probably because we were also going out to the track to do some running Tuesday afternoon. It didn’t seem too hard and I won the first 400 metre run. I felt comfortable and in such a great shape. So I got a little bit too loud and I asked Coleman Collins for a race for the next 200metre sprint. Winner gets a free Burger king menu. Well he just took off. It wasn’t even close. He was probably at the finish line while I still had to run 20 metres. He is so fast for a Big Man. All he said afterwards is that he wants a large cup of Apple Cider and some extra bacon on his burger.

We were going through our systems for the rest of the week .Trying to learn new offensive plays everyday. We do have an incredible amount of offensive set plays and inbound plays. It is very confusing and hard for me to pick up so much information in such a small amount of time. But it is getting better play by play and day by day.
Unfortunately we are not able to run any kind of five on five. Robin and Per were still missing because of some test games with the National Team. Christian Burns had some problems with his toe but got back into action today. John Bryant is still out with some back issues.

Basti Betz is also labouring on his sprained ankle but he should be back next week.

But as if this wasn’t enough. We got crushed with some shocking news from Bonn. Our starting PG Per Günther broke his metatarsal bone in an exhibition game with the German National team against Slovenia. Those are really horrible news, but Mike Taylor told us that we should not think too much about it and we should try to stay competitive and do the best out of the situation and be as productive as we can be, even if we are only 9 or eight guys in practice.
Fortunately we could run some five on five with Christian Burns back in action. We really needed this, because we are playing against Nördlingen tomorrow night. This is going to be a good test for us. We will also play Gmünden (Austria) on Sunday at Aalen. Those two games will be a good test for us to see where we stand at the moment. Mike told me that I should be prepared to play since we are not complete. I am very excited and can really not wait. We seemed very hungry and ready for our first test. We got this night off to rest and get our minds ready for the upcoming game. Need to look in my play book for a little while, before I will lie down.

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