Jason Boone

Jason Boone Reviews Goettingen’s Year 2009

Who ever thought that Goettingen’s success during the 2008/09 campaign was just some sort of cinderella story that had to come to an end sooner or later has to admit that the team looks as hot as last season at the moment. The road win in Berlin (check out the highlights) must have convinced all doubters that MEG Goettingen is probably again one of those teams that should still be playing in May and maybe even June.

Head coach John Patrick had to deal with losing keyplayers like Kyle Bailey, Charles Lee and Clif Brown. But Goettingen also managed to keep important players with Chris Oliver, Ben Jacobson, Jason Boone, Robert Kulawick and John Little. They all improved a lot over the summer and helped to fill the gap. With Taylor Rochestie, Chester Frazier, Chris McNaughton and Dwayne Anderson the 41-year old Patrick found perfect additions to the roster.

Unlike the other two sensations from last season Ulm and Paderborn MEG Goettingen find themselves in a nice position at the end of 2009. They managed to win 9 of their first 14 BBL games and lead Group A of the EuroChallenge competition with a record of 3-1.

MEG Goettingen Center Jason Boone took some time to review one of the most successful years in Goettingen’s basketball history.