Derrick Allen

Is This The Season Where Derrick Allen Makes A Patent On His Ballerina Moves?

Derrick Allen might secretly be dreaming of the London Olympics in 2012 as being a opponent for 100 meter record holder Usain Bolt from Jamaica as he was clocked at 10,7 on the track in Frankfurt last week, but one thing that wont be a dream to anyone will be his ballerina moves that he will discharge again in BBL arenas with the same intensity and ferocity of when Mike Tyson is beating up a life size Evander Holyfield punching bag.

Allen has used his ballerina moves to near perfection and it is something he learned through the years, that one could almost warrant a patent for the Derrick Allen ballerina move in 2009.

“All the post moves that I use, I got from watching different big men, while I was growing up. I think, I used them so much is because most of the post guys I go against are 10-20 kilo’s heavier than me. So I got to use my quickness, and fakes too keep the defenders off balance, but I hope I will be able too use those moves more this season”, stressed Allen.