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It´s Another Normal Day At The Office For Bryce Taylor And FC Bayern Munich Toppling The Fraport Skyliners 77-57

He still has that bushy beard that started as a routine playoff beard a few years ago, but with time Danilo Barthel has seemed to have developed a fascination with the facial hair something that his mother may still be coming to terms with. But what is different, the Hedielberg native isn´t sitting on the bench next to the X block in the Fraport arena, but on the right side and the colors of the blue and white have turned into the bright red and even if the beginning letter to his team does begin with an F, many Fraport Skyliner fans have had  a hard time adjusting to the FC instead of the Fraport. After 167 games in the jersey of the Fraport Skyliners from 2011-2016, Barthel made the logical step last summer and joined Germany´s most famous sports brand FC Bayern Munich where he got two things he couldn´t get with Frankfurt with more dough and BBL title aspirations. In his time with the Fraport Skyliners, fans will never forget his poster dunk over Patrick Ewing jr in 2012 or his neverending hustle under the boards where he received more elbows, bruises and bloody noses than any other Skyliner in the last years. This season with FC Bayern Munich, Barthel has seen less action than with the Fraport Skyliners, but done the best out of his minutes as he was averaging 8,1ppg, 2,9rpg and 1,4apg in 11 minutes and 16 minutes per game coming into the Frankfurt game. The German has received stiff competition from other German national player and power forward Maxi Kleber and so far has had to be second fiddle as the ex Wurzburg player has the starting job position. The 25 year old 211cm power forward who had his taste of the NBA in the summer of 2014 where he played NBA Summer League with the Miami Heat returned back to his old stomping ground and living room of the Fraport arena and helped his team round out another normal day at the office by toppling the Fraport Skyliners 77-57 as they rebounded nicely from their embarrassing loss in Bonn where they relinquished 95 points.

After the huge victory, most of FC Bayern Munich was already on the bus, but Barthel was still making the rounds of greeting old friends and well wishers and finally reached the locker room 35 minutes after the game had ended and was elated about his return back to Frankfurt. (more…)

Danilo Barthel(FC Bayern Munich) Continues To Progress From Frankfurt To Munich Moving Up The Basketball Ladder

There was an instance in Danilo Barthel´s third season with the Fraport Skyliners where a rumor was leaked that the big man who had found a liking to facial hair in his tenure with Frankfurt was not remotely amused by having any kind of confrontation with the insect that has eight legs and at times franticly moves about as nervously as a Paris Hilton does at home in her walk through closet when she doesn´t find the matching outfit for her nightly engagement at some kind of fundraiser. Even if one would have to be very unlucky to meet a tarantula in the Nord west centrum mall where Barthel lived during his 5 year tenure, the little creature surely could of found bondage to the German´s hairy beard. Sometime in the 2013-2014 season, the 207cm forward who has made dunking a normal daily occurrence as much as it is for an Anthony Davis to get a double double found a spider in his mail box, but it soon was revealed that it was a fake rubber spider and the secret of his dislike for the quick runners was slowly lifted. Who the prankster was that placed the spider in the mail box of Barthel was never revealed, but I would have bet my special George Gervin autograph on prankster Jacob Burtschi or the silent and innocent looking Johannes Voigtmann. One thing that Barthel was not scared to present was his sharp and improving basketball skills on the court as he continued to develop since coming to Frankfurt in 2011. Barthel may be the first guy that will be half way to Siberia by the sight of a spider before a Quantez Roberton can be on the break from Frankfurt to Auburn, but if Beko BBL teams came upon the idea to place a spider on a rim to keep Barthel away, they better think twice, because despite his fear of the little creature, the rim is the best friend of the German on the court. That is probably the only place where Barthel will forget how disgusting a spider really is because nothing in safe around the rim when the 25 year old German is on flight. Barthel has made some crashing dunks over his years as he continues his career with FC Bayern Munich this season, but before he could sign on the dotted line and be able to meet Uli Hoeness on a more regular basis and pick his brain about FC Bayern Munich basketball, one has to remember that there was a reason why he was able to move to the charming city of Munich and woo fans there with his skills and that was his development with the Fraport Skyliners from 2011-2016.


The Miles Basketball Minute: 2016 Beko BBL Semi-Final Playoff Preview Brose Baskets Bamberg-FC Bayern Munich 3-1

Sometimes just looking at the career stats and achievements of a young gifted player won´t always necessarily give you an overall picture of the person on the court, but then again when two seasons are as different as night and day, one has to wonder is a player only really made for a certain complicated system of a team? When looking at the young career of current FC Bayern Munich guard Justin Cobbs who is a 25 year old 191cm guard that calls Los Angeles, California home sweet home, he has played for 6 teams in just two years and is for the third time on the heels of winning his first professional title even if he still has to help contribute to 6 future wins with the mighty FC Bayern Munich. His whirlwind career started as a rookie where he was briefly with Laboral Kutxa Vitoria (Spain-Liga Endesa), then was the final cut of the Charlotte Hornets (NBA) and played a month with VEF Riga (Latvia-LBL) before ending his rookie cinderella story with the Fraport Skyliners where he helped lead the team from last to the playoffs and was close to winning the 2015 Eurochallenge bowing out to the scrappy Romanian team Rovinari. With the Fraport Skyliners, the guard was instrumental in the teams success as he played 27 games averaging 14.4ppg, 2.5rpg, 4.4apg, FGP: 47.9%, 3PT: 31.6%, FT: 80.3%, 2.9rpg, Assists-4(6.1apg), FGP: 46.6%, 3PT: 40.6%, FT: 83.1%. He was a legitimate MVP candidate and instead of staying with head coach Gordon Herbert who gave him all the freedom he needed to prosper, he left for Turkey for the bucks. He started this season with Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyesi (Turkey-BSL) where nothing fell into place for the talented guard as he played only 10 games averaging 7,6ppg, 2,1rpg and 3,3apg. There he played for a 1-9 team before departing in December and probably the only good memories he spoke about was his Frankfurt days with then teammate Sean Armand. He moved to FC Bayern Munich in December and played BBL and currently is averaging 7,0ppg, 1,5rpg and 3,2apg and 10 Eurocup games averaging 5,2ppg and 2,1apg. He went from a rookie season from being a main option in Frankfurt to a Munich team with endless super stars and having to come from the bench for Alex Renfroe. Cobbs has started games and had his moments like in the cup semi-final hitting big buckets in ousting Bamberg and scoring 16 points against ratiopharm Ulm, Alba Berlin and MBC, but other than that has taken on his role quietly and just been professional about his situation.  Even if he has played only a minor role in the Ludwigsburg series, the American now is focused on helping his team master the upset against Bamberg. Even if Cobbs has a lesser role, he now is on a stage where the little things could determine between a win and loss. Brad Wanamaker is the reigning Beko BBL MVP and there are many ex NBA players on the court, but Cobbs is always due for a big game and should Bamberg be up by many in games, Cobbs will always have his rookie memory of leading the Fraport Skyliners down 18 points at halftime to the biggest comeback in their history and clinching a ticket for the 2015 Eurochallenge final 4, so Bamberg will always be aware of his beast capabilities. Cobbs just needs a chance and more minutes to make a suitable impact.


The Miles Basketball Minute: 2016 Beko BBL Playoff Preview: FC Bayern Munich-MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg 3-1

Can three be a charm this season for head coach John Patrick and the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg? It really doesn´t matter where MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg head coach John Patrick has coached in the last nine years in Germany, whatever team he was in charge of, he made better a feat which isn´t necessarily self-evident. With BG Goettingen, he made a second division team into a genuine Beko BBL team that made the playoffs on a regular basis and crowned his existence there with the 2010 Eurchallenge win. In all his time there, he had lesser known players and NCAA players that he groomed and one into a Euroleague player with Taylor Rochestie. He also discovered current Fraport Skyliner John Little and brought him to Goettingen as a rookie and today is the only player to have won two German international club titles. Next he moved to Bavaria and coached the s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg which was a huge project at the time made it into another playoff team that defeated top team Alba Berlin in the 2011 playoffs and gave him in a short time legendary status. His possibly biggest challenge was saving the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg in the 2012-2013 season keeping them in the Beko BBL coming in as a fireman and then in the last two years forming playoff teams that annoyed FC Bayern Munich and the Brose Baskets Bamberg. With Ludwigsburg, the experienced coach has had the best talent ever far eclipsing what he had to work with in Goettingen and Wurzburg the last two seasons as having an NBA player on the floor at all times like with Coby Karl, DJ Kennedy and Mustafa Shakur was about as typical in any game as seeing Jon Brockman hauling down an offensive rebound with his undeniable physicality. However in the last two seasons, the club just didn´t have that extra piece to the puzzle to get over the hump against FC Bayern Munich losing 3-1 in the quarterfinals two years ago and last year being swept by the Brose Baskets Bamberg, but playing them tough losing by eight points twice and once with five points. Now Patrick and co have that rematch again with FC Bayern Munich that at times are like night and day as they can stink up the arena and lose to a poor team like the Mitteldeutscher BC and on the next game manhandle the Brose Baskets Bamberg. Ludwigsburg played FC Bayern Munich very tough two seasons ago and Patrick surely can still remember that series where they had to replay a game. Can the MHP Riesen seek revenge and make the upset this season with the personal and character on the team?


The Resurrection Continues For Ex Fraport Skyliner Justin Cobbs Battling Potential League MVP Jordan Theodore Sunday In Munich

This coming Sunday, Germany´s team FC Bayern Munich will try to get revenge in their comfy living room from their early season loss on the road against the Fraport Skyliners. For some before the basketball has even started there will be various delicious attractions in the Audi Dome like getting to the food line early and being able to feast on a traditional 5 Euro German Brat Wurst which is the American equivalent of the good old hot dog or seeing how many Bayern Munich celebrities one can witness from the football department like former president Uli Hoeness who is one of the main reasons why the basketball department got the needed funding to make it´s course to the Beko BBL or 1996 European champion and current head of the board Matthias Sammer or any of the various players like Jerome Boateng or Holger Badstuber who have visited games in the past. When one finally has got their share of enough food and celebrity watching, then comes time for the basketball encounter at 3.00pm. On the basketball side, there are enough fine attractions to wet one´s mouth again even after the fourth Brat Wurst as one can be astonished by the big man duel of power vs elegance between John Bryant and Johannes Voigtmann or witness the ultimate team player like Aaron Doornekamp doing the nitty gritty work inside or the ultimate duel of the high flyers Quantez Robertson who is his own special airline every time he is gliding through the air and Bryce Taylor who can electrify any crowd with his crushing dunks even awakening that poor tired soul that dared to fall asleep during the game. However put all these scrumptious treats aside as the biggest and most anticipated battle will be the revival with the ex Fraport Skyliner Justin Cobbs against the potential league MVP Jordan Theodore.


Exciting Games, Dripping Water And Alex King´s Smile Reign At The 2016 Beko BBL Cup Weekend In Munich

After the last shot of ex Fraport Skyliner point guard Justin Cobbs fell short in the 2016 Beko BBL cup final, the Alba Berlin players on the floor were dancing and going wild as any guys would after just winning a title, while a dejected FC Bayern Munich lot were scrambling back to the bench and in total shock after not being rewarded for their courageous 7-0 run in the last minute and a half being beaten by a Dragan Milosavljevic floater that fought its way through the tense Audi Dome air with authority. Way up in the arena stands were the faithful Alba Berlin fans seated as a big sea of yellow was present and as excited as if they had just won the first club title, even though it was the third cup victory in the last four years. While on the other side closer to the basketball floor in the first row, German ski jumping legend Sven Hannawald was taking in the atmosphere, but not letting any emotion get in the way as you wouldn´t have been able to tell if he was a real hard core basketball fan or not while about 20 feet to his right in the third row the contrast in emotion was about as opposite as the effectiveness of a Steph Curry three pointer and that of a Shaq. In the third row, one could observe legendary FC Bayern Munich team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller Wohlfarth watching the cup presentation like any of the other many ceremonies he has witnessed in his almost 40 years of service to Germany´s most famous sport club while FC Bayern Munich football club president Uli Hoeness was sitting two places from the doctor and had a very sullen expression on his face as if he was attending the funeral of his best friend. Even his most powerful thoughts about FC Bayern Munich football were taking the back seat momentarily to the bitter basketball loss. But that is expected considering all the dedication and work the German has done putting FC Bayern Munich basketball on the map as well as his natural love for the game and his club. Even 20 minutes after the loss, members of the FC Bayern Munich organization like youth coordinator Volker Stix were sitting dejected looking straight ahead as if they had just seen a nasty ghost as this loss will take a long while to digest. These were some of the stories that were told minutes after Alba Berlin had won their eighth cup title and 19th overall in their illustrious club history. All in all, the 2016 Beko BBL cup weekend was another great event that was sparked by exciting games, dripping water and Alex King´s smile.


Jordan Theodore Switches On The Vinnie Johnson Microwave Propelling The Fraport Skyliners To 74-69 Victory Over FC Bayern Munich

One of the good things about an ugly win is and when its in Europe Cup play is that a club has a lot of time to watch film, correct errors and then also get prepared for the next opponent and with FC Bayern Munich in town Gordon Herbert needed as much time as possible to digest the disgusting game against Slovenian team Novo Mesto that Frankfurt won 67-65, but with their exhibition of lack luster offense,they would have been creamed by the Bavarian team by at least 25 points. Even after the ugly win Cincinnati native Quantez Robertson found a short instance to joke that the club could of scared away the team if Frankfurt had had 5 leatherface masks on, but really Novo Mesto wasn´t scared of Frankfurt the whole night. Frankfurt had no consistent rhythm on offense and except for a nice 14-0 run in the third quarter had no instant offense the whole game. Costly and untimely turnovers scared all observers as the Fraport Skyliners really showcased untypical Frankfurt basketball. Their defense is the only part of their game that continues to be in harmony as their chemistry is there as they have allowed 65 points on average in the last 5 games. But where is that good offense that comes from their strong defense which is usually the result? The Fraport Skyliners had 5 days to digest the weird win and prepare for FC Bayern Munich while Germany´s most famous sports brand had only 72 hours after playing Euroleague Friday night in Spain against Real Madrid. Two weeks ago fans may have experienced a horror show, but the club got some fortune as the German big three of Johannes Voigtmann, Danilo Barthel and Konstantin Klein are healthy again which makes their roster deeper again. However one needs a lot more than a deep roster when you have the eccentric character of Svetislav Pesic roaming the sidelines and a star ensemble of players like Bryce Taylor, Deon Thompson, Nihad Djedovic, KC Rivers and Alex Renfroethat could fill the Frankfurt Alte Oper and probably the one or the other dazzle with their footwork with a ballet cast with the biggest cheerleader being big country John Bryant applauding from the first row. However the Alte Oper or ballet wasn´t on the menu, but top notch basketball as The Fraport Skyliners entered the game with a five game winning streak and wanted to show the home crowd that their inconsistency of Eurocup offense was over as they met the 2014 Beko BBL champion FC Bayern Munich and were like reborn not being kicked out of the arena by 30, but by playing hard -nosed defense and being inspired in the second half by Jordan Theodore´s 21 points and Vinnie Johnson microwave steam as they won their sixth game in a row stifling FC Bayern Munich 74-69. After the win Theodore was humbled by the comparison to microwave great Vinnie Johnson of the Detroit Pistons, but after scoring only one point in the first half and no offense generated, his 21 points in the second half felt refreshing. “I wasn´t aggressive in the first half and I am an attacking point guard. I was trying to get a feel in the first half and getting guys involved, but I knew that I would be able to pick my spots in the second half. Vinnie Johnson was a great player. I started to hit shots and felt comfortable and the hole started to look big. I just tried to help the team anyway that I could. I credit my teammates for letting me take the shots. The big thing though was our defense. We want to hold teams to 70 or under and did that tonight. We also fed off the crowd as there was a great atmosphere in the arena”, stressed New York native Jordan Theodore. Skyliner good luck charm Jason Boone was in the arena watching good friend John Little play and was impressed by Theodore, but not surprised by his heating up. “Theodore hit crazy shots. He was in the zone and like a microwave. Munich didn´t do a good job keeping him out of his comfort zone. When you compete at this level and against a team like Munich you have to know what to do to win and Theodore knew what he had to do and once he got going took that to his advantage getting in a groove and securing the win”, said 2010 Eurochallenge winner Jason Boone. After a big win against FC Bayern Munich one can always be in a joking mood. “Theodore wasn´t a microwave. The way he played is what we expect from him. He hit tough shots and made free throws. He showed great leadership and found guys and made the right plays”, stated Cincinnati native Quantez Robertson. Fc Bayern Munich was reeling off a bitter 101-99 loss at Real Madrid, but made no excuses for the loss, but were honest. “This wasn´t one of my best games. We didn´t have the Real Madrid game in our heads. We play basketball for a living and know how to move on from game to game. We didn´t execute the way we know how and didn´t do the things that we know how to win games. We actually did nothing right”, stressed ex Brose Baskets Bamberg guard Alex Renfroe who remained scoreless.


After an Idle Title Season The Craving And Expectations Soar Each Day With FC Bayern Munich

One thing will never change in the Bavarian capital of Munich and that is that football will always outlast basketball in popularity like a juicy steak bone will for a dog over it´s master. FC Bayern Munich basketball could win the next 8 titles in a row, give away a free Audi at each home game or sign a Lebron James for a 3 game contract and still it probably wouldn´t change much except for a few more clicks on their website and the one or another new visitor to the Audi Dome to see what the fascination is for basketball something that the football infested country of Germany still hasn´t been able to understand as they rather follow the slower sport for 90 minutes and go home satisfied with a 0-0 game. Especially in the last weeks, there has been much gossip talk with the FC Bayern Munich football team with the seemingly from another planet play of Robert Lewondowski who has been scoring goals at an amazing alarming rate as recently it was 5 in a span of 8 minutes, the play of favorite son Bastian Schweinsteiger who tries to lead Manchester United to titles and FC Bayern Munich legend and current honorary president Franz Beckenbauer having to answer to the current DFB scandal. It would be giant news as if in say 10 years when the illustrious career of Schweinsteiger ends, he joins the FC Bayern Munich office for duty, but for Steffen Hamann the ex captain and recently retired guard has began the same duty for the basketball department and that was a side note in a press release. As if FC Bayern Munich basketball wasn´t already deep in the shadow of the football department, they now have even more freedom and calmness to work hard for their goals which is just winning, winning and hardly losing something that Germany´s most famous sports brand has stood for ages at least when you mention the football department whereas in basketball since reaching the Beko BBL in 2011 still have a very long road to go down to be able to achieve success and hardware at the rate of the soccer players as they have only one title in their first four seasons being the 2014 league title. After their win in 2014, they returned last season as the defending champions and beat the Fraport Skyliners 3-1 in a series where they somewhat underestimated the BBL 2004 champion and then went to the wire with 8 time BBL champion Alba Berlin being down 2-1 and needing to win their last two games and did needing two nail bitters to reach the final. In the final they were beaten by the Brose Baskets Bamberg who were back on the top of the throne while FC Bayern Munich had to carry the recognition as a finalist and crawled back to Bavaria while nobody noticed as the off season jibber about which new stars would be hauled in by Pepe Gaurdiola were in the heads of everybody expect for family Pesic who had a long summer in front of them. Two years ago they won with an American point guard Malcom Delaney who was key and power forward Deon Thompson and big country John Bryant while last season only the massive center was on board and there was no American point guard. This season an American point guard is back again with Alex Renfroe and Thompson is back to be that stabilizer again on defense and Bryant as always hasn´t moved either. This could be the season where FC Bayern Munich win a title again stopping a wanted dynasty start in Freak city as the craving and expectations soar each day in basketball Munich. “Pesic got the right players with Renfroe and Thompson that were missing last season. With Renfroe they gained a player that has the creativity and can make the needed space for his teammates and with Thompson a player that gives the team the needed athleticism and he was missing in the Euroleague last season. He knows Pesic and the BBL and is a very versatile inside player”, stressed Giants Nordlingen head coach Mario Matic.


FC Bayern Munich Take Off Leaving The Fraport Skyliners In The Gate Area With 92-71 Victory Winning Playoff Series 3-1

If there was any last spec of proudness and energy that the Fraport Skyliners had carried over from the blistering 24 point annihilation of FC Bayern Munich in game two in Frankfurt, it disappeared as quickly as cheese balls did back in the day when Chris Farley was put into a cage having to eat as many as possible in a short time as in the fourth quarter of game three as Bryce Taylor put more salt into the wound hitting 10 points and a bit of alcohol for bad measure as little used ex TV Langen forward Robin Benzing stroked home a last three pointer ending the game 82-64. After the buzzer sounded, the Fraport Skyliners went into the locker room getting some verbal confidence from head coach Gordon Herbert. The team then trudged slowly back onto the court and preceded to do their stretching with one player looking more depressed than the other. Top point guard Justin Cobbs just stood starring as if he had just found out that his home team Los Angeles Dodgesr had suffered through a 21-0 drubbing or a Quantez Robertson even had difficulty finding his usual right words for the defeat. As Oklahoma native Jacob Burtschi explaned, the Fraport Skyliners had suffered a vice versa experience as FC Bayern Munich were flattened by 24 points 48 hours earlier and now that what FC Bayern Munich couldn´t do in game two was set upon the shoulders of the 2004 BBL champion Fraport Skyliners who stunk up the Audi Dome losing by 18 points. This time the great big ocean which was as huge as a valley now was as tiny as a fountain as they shot only 2/17 and they were hammered on the boards 40-32 giving up nine offensive rebounds. In game four the question now was would the Frankfurt fans witness a role reversal and see a same kind of game like in game two, or could Frankfurt pull out a nail bitter or would FC Bayern Munich move on winning the series? This time there would be no vice versa as FC Bayern Munich had learned from their game two mistakes and carried on with their strong play from game the game three win in Munich and now overpowered the Fraport Skyliners in the second half with crushing 92-71 victory winning the series 3-1. The physicality of FC Bayern Munich was simply too much as the 2014 champion had not only banged up the Fraport Skyliners on the court with their offense, but also their bodies as a Danilo Barthel had to witness countless times as a Nihad Dejedovic countered one too many elbows in the direction of the Heidelberg native which got head coach Gordon Herbert to explode at the end of the game. “Munich was the better team for 40 minutes today. They got stronger in the second half and really hit their shots in the fourth quarter. We broke down and they didn´t let off”, stressed Oklahoma native Jacob Burtschi. Except for game two where FC Bayern stunk up the Fraport area, they were the better and more consistent team in the series and picked up from their strong game three win in Munich and closed out the series in spectacular fashion closing out the last quarter with 32 points. “We came out focused like in game three. I felt we played at a high level for 40 minutes defending and rebounding. We didn´t hit as much at the end of the third and going into the fourth, but we got a lot of offensive rebounds that helped”, stressed FC Bayern Munich guard Heiko Schaffartzik.


Nihad Djedovic Powers FC Bayern Munich Past The Fraport Skyliners 83-72 For 1-0 Series Lead

It may not have the exact same excitement factor as a meet and greet with Justin Bieber for an overzealous 12 year old girl, an American player returning back home after an arduous nine month season in Europe and returning to his favorite eating spot ready to chow down on his favorite food or an anti FC Bayern Munich football fan enjoying the rapid downfall of the football team in the last 13 minutes in the Champions league semi-final against FC Barcelona, but for most Fraport Skyliner fans returning back to the Beko BBL playoffs after a 4 year absence is surely a very happy and satisfying moment again even if they have to meet up against Germany´s most famous team FC Bayern Munich in a best of five series. There are only two key figures remaining on the Frankfurt team from the bitter five game semi-final loss to Alba Berlin in 2011 with the minister of defense Quantez Robertson and head coach Gordon Herbert. If you look at the current Fraport Skyliner roster and go back to the 2010-2011 seasons the German twin towers Danilo Barthel and Johannes Voigtmann were playing in the second Bundesliga for with USC Heidelberg and Science City Jena, the two rookies Justin Cobbbs and Sean Armand were rookies at Minnesota and Iona and role players Jacob Burtsch was just finishing his rookie season with the Phoenix Hagen, Canadian Aaron Doornekamp rookie season in Italy and put back and dunk specialist Mike Morrison was finishing up at George Mason(NCAA). After an unsatisfying finish to the Eurochallenge season where the Fraport Skyliners finished fourth at the final 4 in Turkey, they had their last challenge of the season with the playoffs and had an annoying opponent with FC Bayern Munich and were hoping to steal game one in Munich, but came up a bit short after staying with the FC Bayern Munich powerhouse for 30 minutes, but running out of gas in the fourth quarter as they were unable to match the consistency of their opponent losing game one in Munich 83-72.