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Tyler Nelson Has Proven That He Is Much More Than Just A Shooter As He Is Ready For The Next Step In The easyCredit BBL

Tyler Nelson (191-PG-1995, college: Fairfield) is a 27 year old 190cm guard from Lawrence, Mass playing his 5th professional season and third with the Rostock SeaWolves. Last season he helped the club win the Pro A title and help them over up to the easyCredit BBL averaging 16.7ppg, 2.3rpg, 2.0apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 56.2%, 3PT-3 (46.2%), FT: 89.5%. he played his first 2 professional seasons with the Greensboro Swarm playing a total 71 G-league games averaging 8.7ppg, 2.1rpg, 1.3apg, FGP: 51.2%, 3PT: 43.3%, FT: 81.4% and 6.4ppg, 1.1rpg, FGP: 31.4%, 3PT: 40.1%, FT: 84.6%. He began his basketball career at Central Catholic high school and then played at Fairfield (NCAA) from 2014-2018 playing a total of 126 NCAA games and averaged 20,0ppg in his last 2 years. He spoke to during the summer about basketball.

Thanks Tyler for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you at the moment?

Life is good. I am back home in Boston Massachusetts enjoying the off season and training for next years season.

You have resigned with Rostock. How big of a motivation was being able to play in a top 5 league in Europe with the easyCredit BBL?

Yes it was a great to resign with Rostock in the BBL. I think it’s a great fit for me and chance to show what I can do at the BBL level.

Your playing your third season in Rostock. Has Rostock become like a second home? Your 43 minutes and 24 miles from Marblehead away. Did the water play a role growing up in Lawrence?

Yes I really like a Rostock and it’s nice city on the water. I grew up on the coast in Massachusetts so I like being near the water.

I’m sure also that the fans played a huge role in you wanting to come back. Have you ever seen so passionate fans like the SeaWolves in your life?

Yes the fans are great in Rostock. After we won the championship last year in ProA the fans gave us a great party. I’m excited to be back

Congrats on winning the title over the Tigers Tuebingen. They were the number one team in the Pro A in the standings. The games were tight. How much of a role did your team experience play?

It was a big role because we had such a close team and good chemistry and I think that was a big reason why we won.

The team had a losing streak going into the playoffs but then had a 8-1 record to finish the season. What was key after the loss to PS Karlsruhe for the turnaround? Was there a team meeting or something? What happened then that allowed the team to sparkle the rest of the way?

We had Covid and just struggled a little at the end of the season but we picked it up for the playoffs and played really well together.

What was the biggest strength of the team? Was it a combination of all knowing their roles and having that touch of unselfishness?

Team chemistry and trust in each other was the biggest strength and we played well with each other

How much of a pleasure was it being teammates with guards Chris Carter, Jordan Roland and Brad Loesing. What did each guy give the team best for the success?

All of them were great people and players but brought something different to the team that was a big reason we won.

Was your buzzer beater against Jena one of your most memorable shots in your career? How do you remember the play and execution?

Yes definitely I hit a buzzer beater in college but to hit a buzzer beater to win in the playoffs and for promotion to BBL is an unbelievable feeling.

Let’s talk about your game. You’re a 190cm guard. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

Thats a good question, I think my game is close to JJ Redick and CJ McCallum.

You were a prolific scorer in the NCAA and found your touch again last season. What other strengths does your game incorporate?

I think I am much more than just a shooter and I showed that last year in Rostock by being the leading scorer and also making a lot of plays in the pick n roll.

Since your senior year at Fairfield (NCAA) and in the G-League you have been a 40% shooter from outside. How confident are you that you can become a consistent 40% shooter from outside?

I’m very confident that I can continue to shoot and score like this at the BBL level next season.

How vital is it for your game to continue to be a good defender and not get that label of just being that scorer?

Yes I think that the better my defense gets the more my game will keep improving and I can play at the highest levels in Europe.

On what area’s of your game are you working on most so that you can continue to move up the basketball ladder?


What memories do you have of playing for Dirk Bauermann? How did you learn to defend better under his guidance in your rookie season overseas?

Dirk was an amazing coach and knew so much about basketball. He gave me my first chance in Europe and believed in me and knew how good I could be.

You played your first 2 seasons in the G-League. For a guy that played at a less known school, you did a good job holding your own. How was that whole G-League experience for you? What do you feel was the most important thing you gained from the 2 years?

I just learned how to be a professional and to find a role on the team that helped win.

How competitive is the battle for minutes? Is it true that you can be in the gym until 4 am score 30 points, but if your not under the radar of an NBA game, it doesn’t matter what you do, because you won’t play heavy minutes. How did you experience that?

Yes I think at the NBA level you need to find a role on a team not everybody can be a scorer.

You played against so many talented guys in the G-League. Do you have an interesting story from your 2 years where you had an interesting experience with an NBA player that you won’t forget?

Devonte Graham and Dwayne Bacon

You played at Fairfield (NCAA) from 2014-2018. You improved your scoring each season. How do you remember your NCAA career. What kind of player were you in 2014 and what kind were you when you left in 2018?

Yes every season I tried to improve my game and add something to it. When I first got there I was just a shooter and by 2018 I was an all around offensive player

As a freshman you were hit in your first game with a 50 point loss against Duke that had 7 future NBA players. What do you remember from that game? Were you nervous and which Duke player stood out the most to you?

They were a great team ranked #1 and won the Championship that year.

You had so many great games at Fairfield. What was your personal favorite and best game?

Probably my senior year when I scored 35 points and set the all time scoring record at my school.

How did head coach Sydney Johnson groom and prepare you best for a professional career?

Sydney was a great coach and mentor to me and believed in my game. He knew I could play at the professional level and he also played high level in Europe so he knew what it takes to get there.

Who won a 1-1 in practice you or Jerry Johnson?


Who was the toughest player that you faced in the NCAA that would go to the NBA?

Dennis smith Jr

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Too many to name!

Please list your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present heads?

MJ, Kobe, Lebron, Magic, Bird

What is your personal opinion of the neverneding debate of who is the greatest of all-time Jordan or Lebron?


Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

No I didn’t see it yet.

Thanks Tyler for the chat.

Myles Hesson(Great Britan) Had Another Solid Euro And Will Never Forget His Circus Shot Over Bogdan Bogdanovic

Time goes on and on and in so many things in life time does fly by. It is a word I often use in questions with players I hadn’t interviewed in a long time. Time flies by is one of those things that every one has thoughts about. For example that wonderful last summer vacation is still in one’s thoughts at Christmas time even though months have passed or it seems like it was yesterday where Germany won the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. For some these things may seem distant and for others not so distant. It pretty much depends on each person and how they see certain events and the past. For me time flies like crazy especially in basketball. When I look back at certain things and see when they happened, I am often amazed that it was so long ago. For instance Myles Hesson (198-F-1990, agency: Octagon Europe) is a player that I covered early in his career when he came to Germany in 2012 to play for Weissenhorn and then Giessen. When I saw him on the roster of Great Britan at the 2022 Euro, I right away had to think about 2012 when I met him for the first time. In a span of 3 years from 2012-2015, we did 19 interviews. Then from 2015-2020 none. Our last one was 2 years ago. Time flies. He had the same thoughts as I in 2020. ‘Yeah it has been a while. It definitely feels like it has gone by quite fast’, said Myles Hesson in 2020. He played his first Euro in 2013 and it took him 9 years to get there again to Milan, Italy where the group games were played. 9 years ago, Great Britan won 1 game, but this time the competition was a lot more difficult to handle. ‘I am older and much more experienced now so mentally I knew what to expect. But this time was way more difficult as far as our lack of preparation’, stressed Myles Hesson. Great Britan was at a disadvantage right from the start as the general competition is a lot different than in 2013. ‘The teams are better now than they where in 2013, there’s a lot more NBA players and the overall standard of European players has increased’, stated Myles Hesson.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Myles Hesson in the Osthalle arena in Giessen in 2014

Great Britain had a lot of experience at the Euro 2022 with Myles Hesson being one of the more experienced on the squad. He held the team together with other veteran Gabriel Olaseni who has also played in Germany professionally. ‘He is a great person on and off the court. He is a role model to us all on how you should be as a professional athlete. You can count on him to show up offensively and defensively every night’, stated Myles Hesson. He came to Italy with 13 years of professional experience and has played more than 300 professional games. He has played most of his career in France for teams like like JDA Dijon Bourgogne (France-ProA), BCM Gravelines Dunkerque Grand Littoral (France-ProA), Nanterre 92 (France-ProA) and ES Chalon-Sur-Saone (France-Jeep ELITE ProA). He has shown his consistency in France averaging in double figures in scoring for a season in 4 of 6 seasons and also played parts of 3 seasons in Germany. He played last season in Japan with the Saga Ballooners (Japan-B2 League) playing 42 games averaging 21.1ppg, 10.0rpg, 4.2apg, Steals-2 (2.1spg), Blocks-5 (1.0bpg), FGP: 44.9%, 3PT: 30.7%, FT: 77.1% and will play this season with the Kagawa Five Arrows (Japan-B2 League).He and Great Britain played their group games in the beautiful and historic city Milan. Even if the team didn’t win any games, he totally enjoyed the moment off the court. ‘Milan is a really nice city, the food and weather is great, not much more you could ask for off the court’, remembered Myles Hesson. Great Britan had problems in every game and lost by an average score of 24 points in each game. England obviously had difficulty winning games and allowing many points, but it didn’t have to do that other teams were more talented and deeper. ‘We weren’t at our best so it’s hard to say. Having only a few days preparation and playing without our two best point guards was always going to be an uphill battle’, expressed Myles Hesson. Even if Great Britain didn’t have a great Euro, the country was able to take positives for the future of basketball there. ‘We can compete with the best teams in Europe, we showed that in qualifications, and at times during the tournament. It’s hard to make judgements from this tournament as we where missing some of our key players. We went with an experienced squad, there is a lot of young talent coming up in Great Britain. One to watch for sure is Kayne Henry who is starting his pro career this season in Germany’, warned Myles Hesson.

The ex Eisbaeren Bremerhaven player who believes that Steph Curry is in a league of his own and changed the game with his shooting ability and doesn’t believe that we will ever see a player like that again played against many great countries this time and will have countless memories, but one that probably stood out most was before his last game against Italy which was lost 90-56 despite scoring 18 points. Queen Elisabeth had just passed away and before tipoff there was a moment of silence which was very emotional for everyone. ‘It was a surreal moment, hearing different words to the national anthem Queen Elisabeth sadly passed away’, remembered Myles Hesson. He held his own against Croatia pouting in 18 points and grabbing 5 rebounds against NBA guys like Saric, Bogdanovic, Hezonja and Zubac. He was one of the best players on the court that day. ‘It was a good experience playing against high level talent, it’s what every competitor wants to do, it brings out the best in you’, remembered Myles Hesson. He also had a very solid showing against Greece putting up 13/3/4 stats, but unfortunately wasn’t rewarded with a future grand children story about playing the Greak Freak Giannis who was being rested. Greece still put up 93 points despite not having his services and getting an off night from ex NBA player Tyler Dorsey. He gave his 2 cents about the chances of Greece before the round of 16 was played. ‘Greece are a very good team, they have depth in all positions and will be a tough team to beat at full strength. I think they could go ahead and win it all, I wouldn’t like to bet against Giannis’, warned Myles Hesson. He scored in double figures in all 5 games averaging 14,6ppg and 4,2rpg. As a die hard competitor, it would be strange if he was content with his own performance, because he is never totally satisfied with his game and is always striving to get better. ‘I played well in spurts but wasn’t able to maintain the level I wanted throughout all the games’, commented Myles Hesson.

The ex ES Chalon-Sur-Saone (France-Jeep ELITE ProA) guard who saw the sequel to the classic Coming To America and didn’t mind it and enjoyed it for what it was witnessed an amazing Euro 2022. He saw many great teams in his group, but there were also many other great countries battling and giving their all that will forever be remembered. Finland reached the quarterfinals and other countries like Estonia and the Ukraine were very tough and gave basketball fans much joy. ‘Estonia really came to play and compete. They prepared well and played a good style of basketball which suits their strengths as players. Ukraine have always been a tough team to play against. They are strong, physical and never give up’, added Myles Hesson. He may not have battled Luka Doncic eye to eye at the 2022 Euro, but surely saw enough of the high light video’s that were produced after his nightly explosions in Cologne, Germany. He knows already now after 4 years of Doncic in the NBA where his legacy will be at when all is said and done. ‘He is one of the most elite basketball players I have ever seen, he will for sure go down as one of the greatest ever by the time he retires’, warned Myles Hesson. But in Milan he did get to show the world that he can stand up and beat other NBA players with a play. In the game against Serbia, he went head to head against current Atlanta Hawk Bogdan Bogdanovic who has averaged 15,0ppg in the last 3 NBA seasons and won’t forget it. ‘I made a circus shot and1 play Vs Croatia against Bojan Bogdanovic’, smiled Myles Hesson. When fans in Japan hear that he may hear Bikkuri blurted out by that fanatic Japanese die hard fan and get startled. In Europe it would mean Oh my God. That definitely will get him off to a good start with everyone when he arrives to his new team the Kagawa Five Arrows (Japan-B2 League).Tags : MYLES HESSONKAGAWA FIVE ARROW


Mikael Hopkins Has Proved He Can Play At Many Levels And In Different Countries And Deserves That Euroleague Shot

Mikael Hopkins (206-F-1993, college: Georgetown) is a 29 year old 206cm forward from Hyattsville, Maryland that has played professionally for 7 years and last played with Unahotels Reggio Emilia (Italy-Serie A) averaging 13.1ppg, Reb-3 (7.5rpg), 1.4apg, FGP: 50.6%, 3PT: 42.9%, FT: 74.7%. He began his basketball career at Dematha high school an dthen played at Georgetown (NCAA) from 2011-2015 playing a total of 127 games. He began his professional career in 2015 in Turkey where he played 4 seasons as well as in Bulgaria and Slovenia. He recently had the great opportunity to battle at the 2022 Euro with Hungary.He spoke to about his time at the Euro.

Thanks Mikael for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I’m currently in Italy and I can say basketball life is good. About to start the season that’s always fun especially when you have new teammates and coaches. I’m just ready to get started.

You just played at the 2022 European Championships with Hungry. It is rare for Americans to be in a situation like this. Guys like Thad Mcfadden, Nick Weiler-Babb and Mike Tobey are some other guys for example. How did this great opportunity come about for you?

My agent presented the opportunity at the beginning of last season and I told him that I would definitely be happy to represent Hungary.

In a span of 5 days you played against Slovenia, France, Lithuania and Germany. Is it fair to say that that was the best competition you have ever played against as a professional with all the NBA guys you battled against?

Yea playing in the euro basket was crazy. Just all the talent on the court each night it was good to go against guys that play in the NBA and euro league level. The entire atmosphere was crazy and I’m happy I was able to play in it.

What kind of an experience was it playing against Luka Doncic. He had a good game but a few days later scorched Germany and France for 83 points combined. It all seems so automatic for him. What amazes you most about his game?

Luka is Luka he just a special talent. They craziest thing about his game is his pace. He never allows the defense to speed him up and also his shot making ability some of the shots he makes. Leave you asking how did he make that?

You didn’t win a game and averaged 8/3. What do you take away from this competition? Did you get to meet some players during off time that you really happy you could?

Yea we didn’t win a game but I was still able to compete and represent something other than myself but an entire country. And I saw all of the NBA guys we were all in the same hotel and sharing the same eating areas and elevators.

Last season you played for Unahotels Reggio Emilia (Italy-Serie A). After playing in Turkey, Slovenia and Croatia, what kind of an experience has it been hooping in Italy? How do you feel has your game profited from the style?

I love Italy. I think the league has good energy and excitement. A lot of the clubs want to put up a lot of points and that is always fun. I think the league fits my style because most teams don’t have really tall five position so I don’t have to deal with guarding bigger guys. And also I’m able to show my versatility being able to stretch the floor and play from the mid post.

You have played 7 pro seasons and remain so consistent. Do you have a special secret besides putting in the work every day in the gym crafting your game?

Only secret is to keep working and believe in yourself.

Would you agree that you’re a modern day forward in 2022? You have really developed a reliable outside shot in Slovenia.

Yea I think l am what a modern day forward would look like. My ability to shoot from the out side and also punish mismatch on switching is what every team would want. I honestly think I could play at the euro league level just haven’t had the opportunity.

You’re an incredible defender and great shot blocker. What NBA defender was always your role model and how would you describe your defensive game in 2022?

I don’t think I’m as good as a defender as Draymond Green or PJ Tucker but these are the guys I like to watch because they guard multiple positions but most of the time guys that are bigger than them. My role last season was to guard the ball screen, with hedging principal.

You played 2 seasons with KK Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia-ABA League). Was this your most enjoyable time? You won a title and reached a final. Talk a little about your memories.

Cedevita was a great experience all around that was my first time playing at a high level as a pro and yes I was able to win a league championship. But the best experience would have to be playing against Red Star and Partizan. These are the type of environment you dream of playing in. Those fans really really love their teams.

What was it like being teammates with tough German Maik Zirbes? How were those battles in the paint during practice?

Big Maik that’s my guy. I honestly didn’t have to battle much with him in the paint. That year I played the four position so I didn’t have to wrestle with him. But he was a great teammate great person.

You played with Balkan Botevgrad (Bulgaria-NBL) winning a title and averaging 16.5ppg, Reb-4 (9.2rpg), 2.1apg, 1.1spg, Blocks-4 (1.1bpg), FGP: 61.5%, 3PT: 33.9%, FT: 80.4%; and in the FIBA Europe Cup averaging 14.7ppg, Reb-4 (8.3rpg), 2.4apg, Blocks-1 (2.1bpg), FGP: 52.3%, 3PT: 31.0%, FT: 79.4%. What was special about this team in that season?

Balkan was the year everything started to change for me. I had great teammates but the main thing was coach Vidic. He believed in me and he trusted me and with that trust he allowed me to play the way I wanted. He was the first coach that really allowed me to show my versatility shooting dribbling post up. I had a lot of fun playing in Balkan and I will always love the club and team.

You played your first 3 seasons in Turkey. How vital was this time in your development and does it bother you that you never got an opportunity to play in the Turkish first division?

Playing in Turkey second league kind of made me the player I am now I was able to build my confidence as a pro. Even though I didn’t win many games I became a better offensive player because in that league the Americans have to score and you have to do it every game so that is where I kind of established that mentality. I still have some years left maybe I’ll end up there one day.

In 2017-2018 you split time with Yalova Group Belediye Spor (Turkey-TBL) averaging 16.1ppg, 10.3rpg, 1.5apg, 1.3spg, 1.0bpg, 2FGP: 45.6%, 3FGP: 50.0%, FT: 81.9%, in Dec.’17 moved to Samsun BSB Anakent (Turkey-TBL) averaging 12.7ppg, 8.6rpg, 1.6apg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 28.6%, FT: 80.0%. What was it like spending time with 2 teams? You definitely put up good stats. Were the stays in some way memorable?

I enjoyed every year in Turkey all of the teams were a part of my journey and think it was good for me as a player.

What was it like being reunited with Hoyas teammate Markel Starks? Is he another good example of too many great guards in the world and too little NBA spots?

That was a lot of fun being able to play on the professional level with one of my childhood friends and college teammates. If anybody know Markel Starks he likes to work so he pushed me each day to get better and we also used to compete to see who would have better stats after the game so I think that helped both of us out.

In 2016-2017 you played with Samsunspor DSI (Turkey-TBL) averaging 14.2ppg, 10.8rpg, 1.1apg, 1.0bpg, FGP: 55.8%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 73.7%. Your second season averaging double double stats. How refreshing was it proving twice early in your pro career that you could be so much more than just a role player in the NCAA?

In Samsun It was nice showing that I could be the main focal point of a team. That’s every players ‘dream. I just wish I was able to win more games but the stats I was putting up were great for my second year as a pro. Especially when I was known for being a role player it just showed that I was working.

You played your rookie season with Istanbul DSI (Turkey-TBL) averaging 16.6ppg, Reb-4 (10.9rpg), 1.1spg, Blocks-4 (1.6bpg), FGP: 52.9%, FT: 77.6%. What do you remember being your wake up call to being in Turkey and overseas where you knew that you were very far away from home?

My rookie year was tough. I knew my main focus was to be aggressive offensively and score or just put up good stats but that wasn’t the case. Those stats did nothing for me in the long run except build my confidence. I think if I would have won more games or been on more competitive teams I would not have spent my first three years in second division Turkey. Winning is honestly the most important thing in Europe and I had to learn that early.

How important was American Derek Williams for you as a rookie? Was he like a mentor for you? What was your fondest moment with him?

Derrick Williams was a great first teammate he had played in the same league the year before and he took me under his wing and just showed me how to deal with the management and coaches. But I enjoyed building a relationship with him we were together every day. I also had another American teammate that year Frank Robinson another great guy and I’m happy to call both of them big brothers.

You played at Georgetown (NCAA) from 2011-2015. That freshman team was incredible with great players like Otto Porter, Hollis Thompson, Henry Sims and Greg Whittingen. I always thought that was the team to win it all. Did the team underachieve?

Playing at Georgetown we had some great teams. I don’t think we underachieved, college basketball is tough and it’s a lot of great teams So I think we made the best of each other those years.

How special was the senior team? It reached the NCAA tournament not having the great talent of the freshman squad. How much fun was it finishing your career on that team?

Senior year was cool I had built relationships with guys that are life long brothers and we were able to make it to the big dance. The young freshmen had proved all year that they were ready to keep the basketball tradition alive Georgetown and honestly for me playing at Georgetown was a dream come true I’m from Washington DC so that’s all I knew growing up. And the radition there was crazy with future big name NBA guys.

How did legendary head coach John Thompson groom and prepare you bets for a professional basketball career?

Coach Thompson just constantly reminding us that if you wanted to take this game far you have to treat it like a job not just a game. And he knew the importance of hard work and also winning. It was a blessing being able to get to know him because he just stood for something bigger than himself. He changed the life of all basketball players that looked like me.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Otto Porter?

Me and Otto Never played but I would have won. He didn’t weigh enough in college haha

Who was the toughest player that you encountered in the NCAA that would reach the NBA?

The Toughest cover was Doug Mcdermot

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Quinn cook
Victor Oladipo
Jerian Grant
Jerami Grant
Otto Porter

Please list your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present heads.


What is your personal opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all-time Michael Jordan or Lebron James?

Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

I haven’t seen the sequel. I’m going to check it out

Thanks Mikael for the chat.


The Miles Basketball Minute: Thanks Gordon Herbert For Really Helping Put German Basketball Back On The Basketball Map

I can remember when the German basketball federation named Gordon Herbert (agency: BeoBasket ) new head coach of the national team in 2021, I didn’t have to stop to pause and even have worries about the future of German basketball, because I knew right away only good things could happen. I guess I had an advantage over other people mainly because I have covered him since his first tour of duty with the then Opel Skyliners in the 2003-2004 season. Back then I covered the exciting 2004 finals run for American Forces Network that provides news for the American miliary stationed in Europe. After that I was in Freak city in 2010 when he was on the sideline in Bamberg and had to endure Mr reliable Pascal Roller miss from the free throw line that helped his rival then Dirk Bauerman rack up another BBL title to add to his collection which he had won earlier with the Bavarian team as well as Leverkusen in the 90’s. After a short stint in Berlin, I saw him back for a third time in Frankfurt and experienced the highs and lows until he departed in 2019. For him coming back to Germany after getting some experience with the Canadian national team was refreshing, but also a logical choice. He had won a title in the BBL and reached countless playoffs and won the Fiba Europe Cup and now was ready for the next and ultimate challenge of winning a medal with Germany. I always had good feelings about Germany having success at the Euro 2022. I mean when he announced the final 12 man roster, I was confident despite Germany having a very brutal group with France, Lithuania and Slovenia. So many people were skeptical of Germany’s chances, but Germany proved everybody wrong going 4-1 which actually surprised me a bit to. But that just shows that Gordon Herbert (agency: BeoBasket ) was able to go step by step from day 1 in early August and form a harmonious team that actually liked playing with each other unlike the team in 2019 in China at the world champions that weren’t on the same page. It was very different this time as the ex Canadian Olympian who played against Michael Jordan at the 1984 Olympics used his strengths and succeeded. ‘Gordon Herbert (agency: BeoBasket ) is the sports psychologist that treats each player the way it is necessary, gives clear transparent roles and is just very strong with analysis and tactics’, warned ex German national player Pascal Roller.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Gordon Herbert in the Fraport arena

Germany came and didn’t fool around and waste anytime, but really came to play defeating France which actually surprised me a bit too, but that win really gave the team confidence and they continued with stunning wins over Lithuania in OT which was one of the best games at the Euro 2022 and a satisfying victory over Bosnia. The only loss was in group play against Slovenia where they couldn’t stop Luka Doncic, but that is something many teams had to taste at the Euro. It was only fitting that they ended group play with a blow out win over Hungary. Each win gave the team more self-confidence and each player understood his role. It didn’t hurt that Dennis Schroeder not only came to play, but left his ego far away and was a real team player. He clearly showed he isn’t a kid anymore, but has really matured as a person which was huge in the team believing and coming together each game. It was no secret that Gordie had to find a way to tame all the ego’s and he did that. “Guys didn’t need much motivation to play for their country. Gordie did a good job to get everyone buy into his system. I also think that it also helped him with his defensive schemes when you have great defenders and rim protectors’, stressed Quantez Robertson. The other NBA guys with Daniel Theis and Franz Wagner had great tournaments and he got everything out of guys like newcomer Nick Weiler-Babb who didn’t have it easy coming late to the team and also Johannes Thiemann who was the big discovery at the Euro for team Germany. Guys like Johannes Voigtmann and Maodo Lo were also huge in keeping the team together. The team came together and played solid against Montenegro reaching the semi-finals against Spain. Their march to the Gold came to an end against Spain. Germany definitely had chances to win this game, but some stated that Herbert had been outcoached by the Italian top trainer Sergio Scalari, but according to Fraport Skyliner lifer Quantez Robertson that wasn’t the case. ‘I think some of the players were a little too anxious to make the big shots in the fourth quarter’, stated Quantez Robertson. Herbert showed real massive class after the loss taking the blame himself instead of pointing fingers at his players. “That says a lot for Gordie taking the blame for his shortcomings’, said Quantez Robertson.

The Bronze game didn’t turn out to be a classic game, but at the end of 40 minutes nobody cared. Germany had won the Bronze medal. One could see during the game that it had been a long tournament and guys were just drained. Germany didn’t play their best, but it was enough against a pesky Polish team that had super stars Mateusz Ponitka and AJ Slaughter providing havoc. Poland never gave up, but Germany stuck to their game plan and got needed three’s in crunch-time from Dennis Schroeder and Johannes Voigtmann to secure the win. When the siren sounded Germany had won seemingly comfortably 82-69 even when the 40 minutes didn’t show it. As I was watching the players celebrate, I also thought about Gordie and what he must have been going through. He had been a key figure in Germany winning their next medal after waiting 17 years. I remember the first interview we ever did which was surprisingly not until 2011 when he was with Alba Berlin, or remembering how happy he was at the Fiba Europe Cup party at the Romer in Frankfurt in 2016 or just the many casual talks we have had about players over the years like about Kevin Pangos and the chances of him coming to the Fraport Skyliners before his career took off in the Euroleague. I was genuinely very very happy for him. He totally deserved it. I don’t even want to think how busy his phone was after winning the Bronze medal, but I continued to be active to congratulate him after every win and was happy when he acknowledged me with a thank you. So many people that have been close to him on and off the court are so proud of him, while others are also very thankful and blessed to have been able to work together with him. “Gordie is for me personally one of the most important companions in my career. I have learned a lot from him. His leadership and natural presence are unique. I’m thrilled for Klaus Perwas and the whole team for being able to fulfil their dream of winning a medal. His son Daniel is working with me now in Crailsheim and I’m very thankful for that’, stressed Hakro Merlins Crailsheim head coach Sebastian Gleim. The future looks very rosy for the German national team as one looks forward to the next World Championships. The team have so much talent and will have another competitive roster. The only problem will be choosing 12 players again as there will be guys like Isaac Bonga and Moritz Wagner looking for a chance they couldn’t get this time, because they were injured as well as NBA players Isaiah Hartenstein and Maxi Kleber who could still be possibilities. All in all it was a real delight to experience the 2022 Euro and see what Germany was able to accomplish under Gordon Herbert (agency: BeoBasket ). One can’t forget that he isn’t only a sensational coach, but also a great person. Despite starting to get ready in July 2022 for the 2022 Euro, he took some time to help me with a new project of mine that will be revealed soon. Thank you Gordie for that assistance and once again for giving so many Basketball people in Germany so much joy the last weeks and helping put German basketball back on the map.

Swede Hugo Florestedt Cherished The JUCO Experience And Now Wants To Make The Next Step With The Bona Baskets Limburg

Hugo Florestedt (196-G-1998, college: Temple JC) is a 24 year old 196cm guard playing his first season for the Bona Baskets Limburg (Regionalliga). Last season he played for TuS ADEMAX Red Devils Bramsche (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 14.9ppg, 4.6rpg, FGP: 47.6%, 3PT: 28.3%, FT: 80.4%. he played his first season in Germany with BG Karlsruhe (Germany-Oberliga). He also played a season in USA for Temple College (JUCO): averaging 7.1ppg, 4.4rpg, FGP: 43.3%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 71.1%. He began his basketball career in his homeland with KFUM Fryshuset Basket (Basketettan). He spoke to about basketball.

Thanks Hugo for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I am currently in my apartment in Limburg, Germany. Playing for Bona Baskets Limburg in 1.Regionalliga. I have been here a month so far and have been practicing, getting to know my teammates and I am very excited for the season to start.

You have signed with German Regionalliga team Bona Baskets Limburg after playing last season with the Red Devils Bramsche. What were the main reasons for you coming to Limburg?

I was looking for other teams in 1.Regionalliga to sign with and Coach Danny contacted me. We talked a lot and he explained what my role would be and I just felt that it would be a good fit here, knowing I would play a lot minutes and get a chance to develop as a player.

This will be your third season in Germany after coming from Temple College (JUCO) in the States. Has Germany become your second home?

Yeah kind of, I really enjoy living here because it is very similar to Sweden, at least compared to the US, and it feels more at home.

What do you appreciate most about the country Germany and it’s basketball?

I really like the old towns, it is always excited to see different old towns and different cities. In terms of basketball, I like that the sport itself is much bigger here than at home. There is actually people that come and watch the game which makes it so much better.

How did the talks go with head coach Danny Stallbohm. He is a guy that eats, drinks and sleeps Limburg basketball. What was your impression of him?

It definitely felt like he knew a lot about basketball and that he would be very involved as coach. He talked a lot about my playing style and how I would fit in the team.

You had a very solid Regionalliga season in Bramsche and now have come to replace the talented German Noah Westerhaus. How confident are you that you will fulfill this?

It is always a little nerve racking whenever I sign with a new team in terms of how I will fit in and how well I can perform. But it has been going good so far. I am confident that I can be the same threat I was playing in Bramsche and help out the team.

How much fun has it been having KJ Sherril as a teammate. He is a real big Dawg. What do you appreciate most about his game?

It’s been great! He is a great teammate and a great basketball player. What I appreciate the most about his game is probably that he has a good basketball IQ and makes smart decisions. I am excited to play with him this year.

How much fun has it been playing with captain Justin Stallbohm? How infectious is his smile?

It’s been really fun, Justin is really motivated and always want to win. He has a positive energy on and off the court, but can also hold people accountable whenever needed. His smile is definitely a big part of that positive energy.

Let’s talk about your game. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

That’s a tricky one, I haven’t really thought about it before. But I consider myself an ‘all-around’ type of player (at least offensively) so it would have to be someone like that. Someone who isn’t specified in one aspect, but rather does a little bit of everything.

You’re a player that knows how to score and rebound the ball, but what other strong points does your game have on the court?

I would say that I have a good understanding of basketball in general. I strive to make smart decisions on the court. I am also a coachable player, I always try to take any feedback in consideration and improve my game.

Is it fair to say that your three pointer is a work in progress? How confident are you that you can become a better shooter over time?

I’ve always been someone who shoots three’s and I know that I am a good shooter. However, it is sometimes a mental challenge, especially during games, to stay focused and not let missed or bad shots affect that confidence. But this is something that I’m always working on and will continue to work on during the season.

On what area’s of your game are you still working on so you can continue to get better as a player?

The area of my game that lacks the most is probably defense. I have a good understanding defensively but there is still room to improve.

Last season you played with 22: TuS ADEMAX Red Devils Bramsche (Germany-Regionalliga) averaging 14.9ppg, 4.6rpg, FGP: 47.6%, 3PT: 28.3%, FT: 80.4%. Is it fair to say that this was your true professional break through season?

Yes definitely! Considering my first season got cut short after just 3 games due to COVID. This was my first full season in Germany so I would consider it a break through season.

What memories will you always have from Bramsche? How do you feel did your game grow last season?

I had some great teammates in Bramsche and we always had a good time together. It was also a great atmosphere at our home games. The fans would be loud from start to end no matter how the game went and I will always remember that. I definitely feel like my game improved from that season, especially having that COVID year when I didn’t really play any team basketball.

2 seasons ago you played with BG Karlsruhe (Oberliga). What kind of season was this for you coming from JUCO? Was it tough having to begin in the low league Oberliga?

When I got there they were in the 2.Regionalliga, but it was still a huge difference from my year at Temple. I played with some really good guys at Temple so my role wasn’t that big. So I was excited to play for BG Karlsruhe because I knew I would be a key player to the team. I wish the season wouldn’t have gotten cancelled.

You played a season at Temple College (JUCO) averaging 7.1ppg, 4.4rpg, FGP: 43.3%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 71.1% Had the plan been to stay longer or did you just want to play 1 season abroad?

The plan was to play another season at Temple and then try to play for a 4 year school for my last two years. However, I ended up leaving because I wouldn’t get the full scholarship for my sophomore year. After that, COVID hit and I didn’t want to go back to the US and I decided to play somewhere in Europe instead.

Every JUCO player that I have interviewed have said that playing JUCO was very tough, but an experience they would never have traded for anything. How was the experience for you?

I agree with that statement, the toughest part for me was probably being such a long way from home and in a completely different culture than Sweden. However, as you mentioned, it was a great experience where I learned, developed and grew a lot as a basketball player. I got to play with and against some great basketball players.

How did head coach Kirby Johnson groom and prepare you best for a professional career?

He has a lot of experience so he taught me a lot of stuff and just shared his knowledge.

Who won a 1-1 in practice you or Kortijk Miles?

I would have to say Kort, he is a strong and difficult player to guard for sure.

Who was the best player that you ever faced that played in NBA or at a high level?

Can’t really remember anyone by name, but I played against a lot of great players in JUCO.
Some who move on to play at high level D1 schools.

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

I’ve had a lot of great teammates. Three of my closest friends, Kevin Lai, Aleksander Mlodianovski and Basiru Njie were all teammates of mine and we grew up playing with each other. Cole Walker, my teammate from Bramsche is also good friend of mine and we had a lot fun playing together last year. Lastly, one of the most skilled basketball players I’ve had as a teammate is Kedrian Johnson who is currently playing for WVU. It was a great experience to play with him at JUCO.

What is your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present heads?

I am a die hard Celtics fan, especially the 2008 championship team. So my list can’t be more personal. Paul Pierce KG Rajon Rondo Kobe Bryant

Where do you see Luka Doncic in the ranking of the best at the moment?

I see Luka as Top 5, easily. He is unguardable.

What is the last movie that you saw?

The Big Lebowski.

Thanks Hugo for the chat.

Vamos TSG Soeflingen Give A Piece Of The Cake To All Overpowering the Bona Baskets Limburg 92-72

After a long summer that saw a massive drought in Germany, it was finally time to play basketball again in Limburg. It was a long 5 months where head coach Danny Stallbohm could plan for the new season. The team lost German energizer Noah Westerhaus who was homesick and returned back to Essen. New Swede forward Hugo Florestedt was brought in to fill the void for the departed Westerhaus. Other than that the team kept a trio of key veterans with Sherril, Stallbohm and Kljaic to be responsible for the bulk of the scoring. They met new team Vamos TSG Soeflingen who had had a great season in the second Regionalliga and deserved to move up. On a very cool late summer evening the Bona Baskets Limburg who were without the big dawg KJ Sherril who had had hurt his shoulder met a pesky opponent with Vamos TSG Soeflingen and had their hands full for the total 40 minutes and had to play catch up ball and couldn’t keep their disciplined team basketball under control losing 92-72. After the first win for Vamos TSG Soeflingen in the Regionaliga German forward Patrick Antic (197-SF-2001) was all smiles as he had an answer for why the team play was working so well. ‘We played very well in pre season going 5-1. It all feels like a family already this season. We came on to the court very focused and were very motivated. The team play worked well and so did our zone and communication’, stressed ex ANGT player Patrick Antic who battled NBA player Franz Wagner there. The Bona Baskets Limburg went into the game needing to find a way to try to compensate the loss of work horse KJ Sherril and couldn’t and were only able to stay with them for a quarter and a half. ‘This loss was all about defense and our rotations. The first help defense came but our helpers didn’t help. We also had to many mismatches that we lost. Their guards were bigger and had an advantage on the rebounds. We also didn’t move the ball well enough and had too many 1-1 plays’, stated ex Temple College (JUCO) forward Hugo Florestedt.

Marko Markovic with the jumper

In the first few minutes the Bona Baskets Limburg didn’t show like they needed KJ Sherril at all as they sped to a surprising 9-0 lead before the guests had really understood what had happened. It was obvious that other players had to step up and did as captain Justin Stallbohm who is in his 11th season with Limburg mastered 5 points while Hugo Florestedt added a lay in and Croatian point guard Matej Kljaic made a lay in. The answer to success in the early going was the Limburg defense that forced the guests to 4 turnovers who still seemed like they were somewhere on the German autobahn and hadn’t arrived yet. But the guests slowly recovered and began to chip away at the Limburg lead getting some buckets from captain Stefan Troung, German Henry Hurler and Antic as suddenly the Limburg lead had been cut to 13-10. Vamos TSG Soeflingen became more aggressive and attacked the rim more and were rewarded with baskets. Quick German guard Berkant Campinar who had played 6 consecutive years in Limburg before leaving for Wiesbaden last season was back making a clutch trey for the 16-10 advantage, but the guests still had an ace in their rotation with Marko Markovic who is one of the team’s more experienced guys. He would be a real pest in this game at both ends of the court and scored 2 baskets in a row dead locking the contest at 16-16. The game remained tight as the guests continued doing a good job spreading the ball around and using everyone as young German Dennis Heck who reached the 2018 NBBL semi-finals hit a three pointer and Antic remained in attack mode nailing a pull up jumper for the 21-19 lead. But the troops of head coach Danny Stallbohm also had an ace in their sleeves as Kljaic closed out the first quarter with a lay in at the buzzer as the Bona Baskets Limburg led 22-21. ‘We felt good after one quarter. We had had a rough pre season and I think that everyone was motivated to come out strong and show what we had. We began well and then they began to hit shots and we lost fire’, responded Hugo Florestedt.

Jari Beckmann at the FT line

The Bona Baskets Limburg continued to play their game in the second quarter, but a massive Vamos run half way through turned the game around from which the Bona Baskets Limburg couldn’t recover from. Limburg continued to play aggressive defense early which led to turnovers and on offense received needed three’s from guard duo Campinar and Stallbohm and a Kljaic lay in for the comfortable 35-27 advantage. But then the tide changed as Vamos TSG Soeflingen totally shocked the Bona Baskets Limburg going on a demoralizing 16-0 run to retake the lead 43-35 at the break. In the run the guests got diehard support from Markovic who was their Sherril and work horse as he destroyed them on offense with 4 baskets. He played with more intensity on offense and just did what a work horse does muscling for baskets and more. The guests also got baskets from Antic, Troung and energizer Laurin Ertekin. Limburg just seemed shocked after a while which led to no shots falling anymore. ‘Key in the run was that we went from man to zone which they couldn’t cope with. We quickly got the momentum and when that happens a run goes so fast’, stressed Patrick Antic. ‘They used many mismatches and we couldn’t stop their pick and roll. Their zone also stopped us. Markovic hurt us, but it would have been different had we had had Sherril’, expressed Hugo Florestedt.

Patrick Antic at the FT line

In the third quarter the Bona Baskets Limburg fought early on but couldn’t get over the hump as they cut it down to 5 points, but then Vamos TSG Soeflingen continued to play their game and finished the third quarter with a 16-7 run to lead comfortably 70-55 after 3 quarters. The ex Second Regionalliga team also showed another side of their game which they hadn’t displayed in the first half. It had rained all day long and suddenly they let it rain three’s which totally handicapped Limburg. Limburg actually began well getting 3 free throws from Kljaic and another trey from Stallbohm to cut the lead down to 46-41, but then came the three pointer rain fall. Antic began dropping 2 in a row for the 49-41 advantage. Once again Vamos TSG Soeflingen did a super job spreading the ball around and really allowing every player a piece of the cake. More trey’s followed from 37 year old Irfan Mecinovic and ex easyCredit BBL player Nils Dejworek who played 1 BBL game with Bayreuth against Braunschweig and German Adrian Weiter also connected. 214cm center Marius Flitsch who played 19 Pro B games also scored inside as Vamos TSG Soeflingen were able to extend their lead to 65-48. The Bona Baskets Limburg still had come back attempt on their minds and got some valuable baskets from ex Bochum guard Jari Beckman who had his moments with forceful energy and Florestedt, but the guests always had an answer not allowing Limburg to get over the hump. They really had excellent role players and every player did their job like Henry Hurler who scored 5 points including a three at the end as Vamos showed their best ball movement of the game to that point leading 70-55 after 30 minutes. ‘The many three’s helped and we kept getting the needed energy from the bench that allowed us to keep the big lead’, added Patrick Antic. ‘They hit many open three’s. We took more contested three’s’, said Hugo Florestedt.

Justin Stallbohm from downtown

The Bona Baskets Limburg executed ok in the fourth quarter, but had less steam on defense allowing Vamos TSG Soeflingen to continue to run their offense which led to 22 points and at the end to the seemingly easy looking victory. Limburg received another trey from Stallbohm early to give them a little hope as they trailed only 72-58, but then came the deciding blow as Vamos TSG Soeflingen went on a 8-2 run to lead 80-60. Markovic who was controlled better in the second half by Limburg after dominating the first half scored while Antic scored 5 points continuing his consistent and smooth inside out game with a lay in and three pointer. He had turned 21 a day earlier and sparkled on the floor which he did adding 14 points, 6 rebounds and 4 steals. ‘I was excited and wanted to show all what I can do. My role this season is to bring energy and push everyone’, stated Patrick Antic. Another player who had his moments was Nils Dejworek as he scored in bunches nailing a three pointer and making a pretty old school hook shot ala Kareem Abdul Jabbar. ‘I never saw a hook shot from him in pre season. My first thought was why, but he then made it. You don’t see those kind of shots every day’, smiled Patrick Antic. The game was decided now, but one guy who found better to his game was Hugo Florestedt who made 3 buckets to end his Limburg debut with 14 points. He went into the game with a bit preoccupied with how well his leg would hold up as he had hurt his achilles earlier in the week. ‘I was resting this week. I had had a calf strain. I was a little scared to how my leg would hold up. It was a bit tough to get going as well with our offense standing still so much’, said Hugo Florestedt. One of his late buckets was a beautiful lay in where he split the Vamos defense with ease. ‘This is a move I saw my teammate Cole Walker do last season. It was his go to move where you fake the hand of and go to the basket’, smiled Hugo Florestedt. In the last minutes, Kljaic scored as did Weiter and Stallbohm closed out the game with a runner. ‘A big problem today was that we didn’t react well enough when they went on runs. They always stuck together and came back. We didn’t have the energy’, stressed Hugo Florestedt. Vamos TSG Soeflingen were led by Marko Markovic with18 points and 13 boards while Patrick Antic added 14 points and Nils Dejworek added 12 points and Henry Hurler had 11 points while the Bona Baskets Limburg were led by Justin Stallbohm with 18 points while Hugo Florestedt contributed 14 points as did Matej Kljaic with 14 points. Vamos TSG Soeflingen shot 46% from the field and 42% form outside and had 46 rebounds and 16 turnovers while the Bona Baskets Limburg shot 41% from the field and 33% from outside and had 30 rebounds and 21 turnovers.

Remaining Consistent And Motivated Has helped Bryan Johnson Keep His Professional Basketball Dream Alive

Bryan Johnson is a guard from Bogalusa, Louisiana that played high school ball at Bogalusa and Bensford academy. He then played at William Carey University. He played at the 2021 Howard Hoops Combine in Germany. He continues to strive for new basketball opportunities overseas.

Thanks Bryan for talking to com. Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

Hey, thank you for the opportunity it’s always a pleasure to speak with you guys. I am currently in Baton Rouge, Louisiana enjoying the summer weather.

A year ago you played at the Howard Hoops combine. What kind of an experience was that for you? What did you enjoy most from the experience?

I really enjoyed my experience with the Howard combine it taught me a lot about how to market myself and developing social skills. The guys I met where great teammates as well.

You went into the tour wanting to help your team win, have fun, bring confidence and positive energy to the team. Do you feel like you did that?

I most certainly did. We ended up winning the three on three tournament. I enjoyed being a part of a great group of guys with positive energy.

Did you stay in contact with the other guys from the tour? Did you feel like there was that positive connection between everyone or was there fierce competitiveness during the days there?

I definitely keep in contact with most of them. The competitiveness made it even better. It made everyone start producing and wanting to win.

What positives could you get from Ronald Howard (181-PG-1984, college: Mayville St.) and the Howard Hoops combine? How do you feel did your game prosper from the few days that you were able to showcase your skills?

I would say the positives I learned from the tour was to just stay positive and consistent at all times. You never know who is watching or what connections you can make.

How was the job market after the Howard Hoops tour? Was there any interest? You did play at another Euro camp averaging 7,5ppg.

I had interest just not the situation I was looking for. The euro camp was great. I should of shot the ball better other then that the performance was solid.

Do you feel like your hunger to be a pro overseas continues to grow despite having some hard ships? What keeps your dream alive?

Yes, my hunger is going to continue to grow know matter the results. I just have to stay consistent and motivated. What keeps my dream alive is me proving to myself that I am him.

You will be playing at the Eurobasket summer league from September 18th to 24th? With what kind of expectations are you going into this event?

I am super excited to showcase my talent. My expectations going into the summer league is to just play my game and help my team win.

A year ago you stated that your focusing most on your ball handling and IQ. Do you feel like you made strides in those areas in the last year?

I have definitely improved in those areas. This has been a remarkable journey. I’m very proud of myself on staying disciplined.

On what area’s of your game are you focusing on most now as you continue to improve your game?

I’m more focused on changing my paste and getting to my spots now. Also, becoming a better three level scorer.

Please explain in a few sentences why you could help any team right now?

I could help any team right now by being a spark they need. The high level shooting and hard nose defense with communication skills. I feel like every team needs that type of player to be successful.

Thanks Bryan for the chat.

The Miles Basketball Minute With Alex Rubiera(EPG Baskets Koblenz) Spain Are The Underdogs In This Eurobasket But I Believe They Can Upset Germany

Alejandro Rubiera (190-G-1998, agency: Interperformances) is a 24 year old 190cm guard from Spain playing his third season abroad in Germany for the EPG Baskets Koblenz. Last season he played for Vestri (Iceland-Subway League) averaging 12.5ppg, 3.4rpg, 3.7apg. He played the rest of his career in his home land Spain for teams like Gijon Basket 2015 (EBA), Aquimisa Carbajosa (LEB Silver) and BVM 2012 Mieres (EBA). He spoke to about the Euro 2022 and Spain.

Thanks Alex for talking to Where are you and how is basketball life treating you?

Good evening Miles, currently I’m in Koblenz, Germany. I’ve been here for a little over a month already.

Your playing your first season for German pro B team EPG Baskets. Last weekend you beat Pro A team Romerstrom Gladiators. How good did it feel beating a higher level team?

It always feel good to beat a team from a higher league, I think we played a solid game and got the win at home, which is what we all were looking for

You had a solid game with 9 points. How have you been adjusting to the Pro B level?

New team, new role, new city, new goals, new country, new expectations… a lot of changes have been going on for me in the last month, but all I think about, is achieving the team’s goal, which is moving to Pro A. I’m confident in myself, I know the potential I have as player, what I can do and what I’ve done in my career. As of now I’m focused on making an impact and help the team in whatever is needed.

Today we aren’t talking solely about your new season in Germany but the Euro 2022. How have you experienced it in Germany? Did you and some teammates see some games in Cologne or follow them on TV?

No, we didn’t go to Cologne to watch the games, even though I would have loved to. I’ve been watching and following this Eurobasket intensely. It has been very fun to watch and interesting to see how every country is doing. As a team we watched some Germany games together on TV and I watched all the Spain games on my laptop, while texting and talking to my family and friends about it.

It has been a great Euro that showcased great teams, great players and exciting games. What do you feel has been the reason for this Euro being so entertaining?

This Eurobasket has been outstanding mainly because many NBA and Euroleague stars decided to play this year. Jokic, Doncic, Giannis. Big names that bring a lot of value to the competition.

How have you experienced the play of Germany. They had a great 4-1 record in group play and had difficult opponents while other teams didn’t have tough groups. How vital was it for Germany beating countries like France, Lithuania and Bosnia for getting into the tournament well?

I am very surprised with Germany’s performance in this Eurobasket. They are looking very good. Quick guards, shooters, top level bigs… a lot of talent overall. They were in the toughest group of the Eurobasket and they proved a lot of people wrong.

Is there a German player that you have followed more closely? Like maybe a Maodo Lo or Nick Weiler Babb that play the guard position like you? Which German player has impressed you most?

The German player that has impressed me the most is Franz Wagner. I love his game, he basically can do anything at a high level in both ends of the floor. He is a killer.

Team Spain is a rebuild phase. What has been your impression of Team Spain in this Euro? Are they a medal team?

Team Spain is in rebuild phase but yet we are about to play our 11th Eurobasket semifinal in a row. Last time Spain missed the final four was in 1997, I wasn’t even born. It has been very special to watch and support this Spain team. Everybody has been writing them off, yet they keep winning and advancing. Young players with a lot of hunger guided by an amazing coach, Sergio Scariolo. It has been amazing to watch them. This year we are not the favorites to win a medal as past years, this year we are the underdogs, a team that can compete and surprise anybody. I believe in them.

There is still one player left from the golden generation of Pao Gasol with Rudy Fernandez. He is a player that influenced you over the last years. How important is having his presence on the court?

Rudy Fernandez is insane. He is 37 years old but he is diving for balls like a 19 year old would do, hitting clutch threes, getting steals. He is the captain of the team, and a great leader for the new generation of players that are playing their first Eurobasket. This team would be different without him. He has been an inspiration. A true competitor.

There was a lot of back lash in Spain about naturalizing Lorenzo Brown who has no connection to Spain. How did you take this decision?

I have to admit, that I didn’t like the decision at the beginning. We have a lot of Spanish talented players, but then, I realized that Spain needed an elite point guard since players like Rubio, Llull, Alocen are injured and unavailable to play for Spain. Also, as we have seen in the Eurobasket, a lot of countries have had amazing nationalized players over the years. As long as there is a possibility to improve the team, I don’t have a problem with it. Lorenzo Brown has been playing great representing my country and I support him and the team.

Talk a little about huge talent Usman Garuba. He is a player that is slowly starting his way in the NBA. Where do you see his journey going in the next years?

I really like Usman Garuba. He played against my little brother many years ago when he was in Real Madrid, a memory that my little brother will never forget. Usman is a rising star, very young and a lot of potential. I watched him grow as a player in Real Madrid, and I hope he finds his spot in the NBA. He has been very important for team Spain and Scariolo sees him as a leader.

What player from the Spanish team has impressed you most from team Spain at this Euro?

Dario Brizuela. I love his game, and he is making an impact from the bench in this Eurobasket. He is very talented. Spain needs his points.

Spain battle Germany in the semi finals. What kind of game can we await?

It’s going to be a great game of basketball. I think the pressure is on Germany, they have home court advantage, and in my opinion, one of the best teams they have had in the last 15 years. They are the favorites to win this game but even though Spain is not as strong as past years, they should never be underestimated or doubted. I’m really proud of this Spain team and I believe they can upset Germany on Friday, it would be amazing. It’s going to be a very entertaining game and I can’t wait to watch it.

Germany did a super job inside against Greece with Theis and Voigtmann. Where do you see how both countries match up inside and could this game be decided by the guard play of Germany?

Germany are very strong in every position, tough match ups for Spain, so I feel like if Spain wants to win this game we need to do something different on defense. After all these years following Spain and coach Scariolo, I think Spain will use different zones, box and 1, traps… different types of coverages to make Germany uncomfortable but we will see.

Please give your prediction of Germany-Spain?

My prediction is 88-82 for Spain.

Luka Doncic has dominated this tournament. Did he make some ground on Giannis in the best ranking of Euro players or is Giannis still #1 over him?

Luka Doncic will go down as the best player in European history. This guy dominates everywhere he goes. He doesn’t have the gifted athleticism that Giannis has but he still dominates with ease. Pure talent. I love that.

Thanks Alex for the chat.

After Waiting 5 Years To Start His Pro Career Versatile Donnell Cegers Is Always Hungry As He Values Each Day To Improve

Donnell Cegers (197-PF-1993, college: NMU) is a 29 year old 197cm forward playing his second professional season and first with BC Raiffeisen Flyers Wels (Austria-BSL). He played his rookie season with BC Zestaponi 2020 (Georgia-A League) averaging 20.1ppg, 8.3rpg, 2.2apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 59.4%, 3PT: 14.3%, FT: 78.7%. Last season he split time with Delikatesas Joniskis (Lithuania-NKL) averaging 19.6ppg, 7.8rpg, 2.6apg, 1.6spg, 2FGP: 62.1%, 3FGP: 28.3%, FT: 76.1%, in Feb.’22 moved to BC Telsiai (Lithuania-NKL) averaging 12.7ppg, 4.3rpg, 1.7apg, FGP: 62.5%, 3PT: 31.6%, FT: 76.0%. He began his basketball career at Marquette University High School and then proceeded to play at 3 schools starting with Kishwaukee College (JUCO) averaging 16.4ppg, 8.5rpg, 2.2apg, FGP: 54.0%, 3PT: 28.6%, FT: 67.5%, St. Cloud State University (NCAA2) averaging 9.2ppg, 4.0rpg, FGP: 56.5%, 3PT: 41.7%, FT: 68.2% and Northern Michigan University (NCAA2) averaging 10.0ppg, 4.3rpg, FGP: 51.0%, 3PT: 23.3%, FT: 67.3%. He spoke to eurobasket before a test game in Frankfurt against the Fraport Skyliners.

Thanks Donnell for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you at the moment?

I am currently in Wels, Austria. Playing for the Wels Flyers. Basketball here is treating me well. A great group of hard working guys and when the work ethic is there success is bound to follow

Your playing your first season with BC Raiffeisen Flyers Wels (Austria-BSL) and are playing a test game in Germany today against the Fraport Skyliners. What do you know in general about the country and it’s basketball?

I know Germany is a very well respected country for basketball and is recognized/watched throughout Europe. It will be a great experience to play against a team there.

The thing that stands out most in your Bio is the massive gap between 2016 to 2021 where you played no pro basketball. Why did you start your professional career so late?

After I finished playing college basketball in 2016 I finished school in 2017. From there went home and tried to continue my career through a few different outlets that didn’t work out. That’s the short answer, but eventually I was able to get an opportunity and kept it going from there.

What kind of life did you have the last 5 years. Were you 100% focused on a job or was basketball always in the back of your mind?

Basketball was always the goal but of course when you’re not getting paid you have to find another way to make a living. So I worked jobs but would stay active with basketball and working out.

Were you able to keep in shape regularly the last 5 years? How did your whole fitness and basketball skills training look like the last 5 years?

I was able to stay in shape. Probably not top basketball shape seeing as I wasn’t playing for a club where basketball and training was the focus every day. But I never let myself get out of shape in such a way where I wouldn’t be able to compete.

Wels has won 3 titles. How much of a joy has it been playing for the Flyers Wels? What have you learned to appreciate most about the organization?

The biggest joy I’ve had here so far is the focus on getting better. The coaches really stress the importance of improving every day and from a personal standpoint I like that. From a team standpoint I like it as well because it sets a level of accountability for everyone to keep progressing at the same rate as the rest of the team.

Let’s talk about your game. You’re a 197cm forward that can do it all. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would be the best match?

That’s a tough question because I don’t really try to model my game after any particular player. But I believe the player that my game resembles the most would be Charles Barkley. Slightly undersized forward that’s physical and has versatility.

You’re a guy that can fill the stat sheet with ease. Would you call yourself a modern day forward?

I believe I’m a modern day forward. But I also believe basketball has evolved to where the ‘modern day forward’ has become the norm and older styles of play for forwards is become obsolete. So it’s more so adjusting the game nowadays and what will make you an asset for a team.

How big is versatility in your game? You seem to be a guy that enjoys to facilitate’

Versatility is a very important aspect of my game because it allows me the ability to constantly have an impact no matter what may be going right or wrong any given night. If I were to just score, on an off night I wouldn’t be able to contribute much. But having the ability to do multiple things within the game allows me to remain a threat no matter how one aspect is going.

On what area’s of your game are you still working on to keep moving up the ladder?

Nobody is perfect so I don’t just work on improving one area of my game. I want to improve everything. Even Steph Curry works to improve his jump shot and he’s the best shooter in the world. I believe if you aren’t improving/getting better then you’re getting worse, so I want to improve on all aspects of my game. I may give more attention to certain aspects but I still work on my overall game constantly.

You put up great stats. How do you explain the consistency in stats for different teams after a very long absence from the game?

Like I said before basketball was always the goal so I never stopped playing. I stayed in shape, worked out, continued to play locally and most importantly still had the drive and love for the game. So the biggest adjustment getting into professional basketball after a few years was getting the rhythm for the game and timing back.

As a rookie you played for BC Zestaponi 2020 (Georgia-A League) averaging 20.1ppg), 8.3rpg, 2.2apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 59.4%, 3PT: 14.3%, FT: 78.7%. What do you remember being your wake up call to being a rookie oversas where you knew that you were very far away from home?

The biggest wake up call or difference was the expectations. It’s expected clubs want you to perform in games but there are also expectations in practice, conditioning, lifting, etc. Having eyes on me to perform well in everything we did as a team no matter what was one of the biggest wake up calls.

You were teammates with James Fleming who is playing in Germany this season with Paderborn. Have you been following his career and what did you learn to appreciate most bout him as a person and player?

Of course I’ve been keeping up with James and everything he has going on, on and off the court. We keep in touch with each other so it’s easier to know exactly what’s going on rather than having to search for news. But the things I learned to appreciate from him are 1: how genuine of a person he is. 2: his work ethic and dedication. His passion and never quit attitude pushed me to go harder. He’s very dedicated and hard working so I’m excited for his success to come this season.

You steadily moved up the basketball ladder playing JUCO, and NCAA 2. How vital was it for you personally being able to play at 3 schools instead of 1 school? What were the biggest things you learned at each institution?

I wouldn’t say it was vital. I would just say that was my path. I believe most things happen for a reason and whether that reason was good or bad I learned from each situation. The biggest lesson I learned at juco was that ‘killer’ mentality on the court and competitiveness. At St. Cloud I started to see a more business side to basketball. Coaches jobs are potentially on the line every year so they’re not going to coddle a player. It’s up to the player to perform and earn everything. At northern the biggest lesson I learned was the importance of maturity. I may not have realized its importance in the time I was there, but looking back later I was able to really learn from mistakes and certain situations.

You begam your career with Kishwaukee College (JUCO) averaging 16.4ppg, 8.5rpg, 2.2apg, FGP: 54.0%, 3PT: 28.6%, FT: 67.5%. ). Each guy I have interviewed that played JUCO has said it was a very tough experience but one they wouldn’t have traded in for the world? How was it for you?

I would describe it that same way. Everyone is working hard to get better, play more, play well, and get a scholarship. So it was very intense but taught me a lot of valuable lessons and introduced me to a lot of life long friends. Being young and on your own for the first time in college and sharing similar goals/interests with your teammates, along with working hard everyday together and supporting each other creates a lasting bond. Nothing compares

In your second season you played for St. Cloud State University (NCAA2) playing 21 games averaging 9.2ppg, 4.0rpg, FGP: 56.5%, 3PT: 41.7%, FT: 68.2%. You had good games with much minutes and other games where you played 4 ot 7 minutes in total?

To be completely honest, I really don’t remember much about the college games at St. Cloud and Northern. Other than a few memories here and there I can’t really recall everything.

You played your senior year at Northern Michigan University (NCAA2) averaging 10.0ppg, 4.3rpg, FGP: 51.0%, 3PT: 23.3%, FT: 67.3%. How did head coach Bill Sall groom and prepare you best for a professional career?

I wouldn’t say one coach in particular groomed me to be a professional. If anything I would attribute life lessons more to preparing me for a professional career. There a certain things you have to learn on your own that others can tell you but you won’t fully understand or listen to until you experience it.

Who won a 1-1 in practice you or Isaiah Johnson?

Isaiah Johnson is my little bro so of course I’d win. He’s also a very good player who has improved his game a lot and who I’m expecting big things from.

Who was the toughest player that you ever faced that reached the NBA?

The toughest player I played against was Joe Alexander by far. I think he played for the bucks if I’m not mistaken and also played in Israel a few seasons.

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

With all due respect to the players I’ve played with it would be impossible to name only five. Some are the best teammates I’ve played with based on skill and other are the best teammate based on relationship. And to me those go hand in hand. This may sound funny but basketball isn’t always about basketball and some teammates understand that more and it shows. And I’ve honestly have never had a bad teammate. I’ve heard some horror stories from others about conflict with their teammates but fortunately for me I’ve never had to experience anything like that. And for that I am grateful for all of my past and current teammates.

Please name your NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present heads?

Stephen Curry, Giannis, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Lebron James.

What is your personal opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all-time Jordan or Lebron?

Jordan is the greatest. End of debate.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

I actually haven’t seen the sequel. I heard mixed reviews about it which made me kind of nervous to watch it I guess. But it’s always hard to duplicate a classic so either way some people are naturally going to think the first movie is better.

Thanks Donnell for the chat.

Worthy De Jong Is Content That Some Will Remember His Game After the 2022 Euro

Worthy de Jong (194-G-1988) is a 34 year old 194cm guard from Holland playing his 12th season for Zorg and Zekerheid Leiden (BNXT League). In between he played one season for SO Maritime Boulogne (France-ProB). He has won 8 titles in Holland and also been a member of the Dutch national team. He recently spoke to about his experience playing at the 2022 European Championships.

Thanks Worthy for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I’m back home now, enjoying some time off with the family before I get on to the next chapter with 3×3.

You just completed your second Euro for Holland after playing in 2015. How would you compare this one overall to the 2015 one in terms of competition and player talent?

I think they were both packed full of great teams. 2015 we got the win, this time we came up short so many times. But we showed great heart!

The atmosphere in places like Cologne, Milan and Tiflis was immense. How was it in Prague?

Prague was amazing, great organisation. We had a great time! Much props to eurobasket !

Holland didn’t win a game but played some countries very close. What is your team summary of how the team performed?

I think we definitely showed we can compete but still need to learn how to finish games, get over the humps. We showed that we are supposed to perform at this level.

In the loss against Serbia, you were the best player on the court. What was it like seeing top NBA player Nikola Jokic up close? Was he as good as you expected?

I’m never star struck, he is a great player shows it every time and everywhere NBA or here at Eurobasket. I loved playing against him and being aggressive. He probably won’t remember my name. But I will remember the game.

Holland played Israel tough but lost. What was it like seeing NBA player Deni Avdija operate? Is he a player that you can imagine seeing longer in the NBA?

He probably will, he is a great talent. But I didn’t know him before I played against him. And that’s just who I am. Don’t really pay attention to names.

In the last game against Finland you once again belonged to the best players on the court together with Lauri Markkanen. What do you remember being his biggest weapon in this game?

Well he moves well for his size, he can shoot and put it on the floor. I think that is definitely one of his weapons. I think he will get better in time when experience catches up with his talent.

Team Holland was very experienced and there were few young guys on the squad. Talk a little about how you witnessed the development of Jessie Edwards and Keye Van Der Vuurst?

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Worthy de Jong in Frankfurt in 2015

These guys are part of the future of our national team. Much to learn still but very talented.

How did you see the development of Fraport Skyliner Matt Haarms during the last weeks? He had a solid rookie season but more will be expected from him this season.

He is also a great talent for the future! He will be a big pillar for the foundation we are building.

You had a super tournament averaging 16/3/1/1 while shooting 44% from outside. What was your summary of how you played?

I think that what I left behind is that I’m not leaving because I can’t play at this level! Some will remember my name.

Was this some of the best basketball that you played in your career?

I for sure think so, and have no doubt I had more to give

Do you feel like your game was fully recognized on this big stage the way you wanted it to be?

I think it did and more.

What was your personal favorite play on the court that you made?

I don’t think I have one, but the first game just felt one that will last.

Luka Doncic tore up the competition. Where do you rank him right now with the best players on earth?

He is up there with the best, and he will get better! Scary

Where do you rank Steph Curry right now with the best points guards ever in the NBA?

Steph is 1. 2. And 3. Atm

Thanks Worthy for the chat.