Justin Cobbs

Justin Cobbs Goes From Slightly Invisible To That Much Needed Glow On The Court Powering The Fraport Skyliners With One Slick Move To The Hole Past BG Goettingen 74-70

When BG Goettingen arrived on the scene in the Beko BBL in the 2007-2008 season, head coach John Patrick and company brought a breath of fresh air to the league as their 40 minutes of basketball hell and unconventional style brought one or the other BBL opponents to unwanted head aches or annoying and painful cramps after a 40 minute battle in the trenches. The Frankfurt Skyliners also had their share of unforgettable games against the 2010 Eurochallenge winner as who could forget the amazing win in the mysterious Lok Halle in Goettingen where Murat Didin had a sick list as long as Shaq´s midnight snack list to Mcdonalds as he dressed 7 players and Maksym Shtein had the game of his life and showed a totally other side of him as he exploded on the court making just about every touch he had land in the basket as he led the club in scoring with 24 points. Other nice memories were in the 2009-2010 season where Frankfurt won in overtime 90-88 as Aubrey Reese tied the game at 88 with a three pointer and then won the game with two free throws with nine seconds to play and Seth Doliboa blocked the last BG Goettingen shot with two seconds to play. That season Frankfurt also got past BG Goettingen in the Cup Top 4 in Frankfurt only to later lose to Bamberg in the final. In the 2010-2011 season Frankfurt swept the season series and then won in the playoffs 3-0. In the last meeting between both teams, American Matt Bauscher preserved the win for BG Goettingen 62-61 with the classic buzzer beater. After two seasons in the German Pro A, BG Goettingen returned back into the Fraport arena with a new coach and all new players and wanted to continue their winning streak there, but couldn´t stop Justin Cobbs last minute transformation from slightly invisible to that needed glow at the end despite giving up a strong fight losing 74-70. After the win, Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertson was happy that despite the tight win that he didn´t have to test his nerves even more with a buzzer beater and seeing his old teammate Dominik Bahiense De Mello “I remember BG Goettingen having a good look with that buzzer beater a few years back. Tonight we did a good job executing down the stretch. I made a stupid play at the end letting them get to the free throw line, but we held our composure at the end getting the needed stops. It was a good feeling playing against my ex teammate who I played two seasons with. He is still a good friend of mine today. He made some crucial shots at the end to get his team closer. I am happy there was no buzzer beater today”, expressed Auburn alumnist Quantez Robertson. After the 93-86 loss against the Brose Baskets Bamberg, BG Goettingen was looking to get back on track in the win column and gave a great fight against the Fraport Skyliners, but came up a bit short. After the game, BG Goettingen was more than unpleased about the narrow loss and had a lack of words for the reasons of the loss. “They made the plays that they needed down the stretch. Cobbs is a great player and future Euroleague player that came up big”, stressed former Michigan State forward Raymar Morgan.


The General Justin Cobbs Leads The Fraport Skyliners And A Crushing Seven Man Double Figure Stampede Over Oldenburg 93-74

It isn’t that often that very good friends battle year after year against each other in the Beko BBL, but from 2007-2014 each season Detroit native Rickey Paulding and St Louis native Jimmy Mckinney battled each other at least twice a year for off season bragging rights. Especially in Frankfurt, both guys always had big duels with both guys shining on the court, but this meeting between the two excellent athletes has been absent the last two seasons as Mckinney played for the s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg. This season Paulding was all alone in the Beko BBL without his friend Mckinney as the St Louis native was home waiting for the phone to ring and catching more college football games as well as from his alma mater Vashon high school where he won titles as a kid something he was unable to do the last years as he was in Germany the last 8 years playing. Recently it was made public that Mckinney had signed with the Walter Tigers Tuebingen to help out in the scoring department as American Jonathan Wallace was recovering from an injury. Paulding help lead the EWE Baskets Oldenburg to a 98-89 win at home against Tuebingen before the arrival of Mckinney where he steered 13 points. Paulding will have to wait until March 14 where he will meet his old friend again for the ninth straight season in a game in the Beko BBL. Until then Paulding has much time to rekindle the old memories from their battles on the court and might even had a blur memory of their combat on the court. Since their last battle in Frankfurt in 2011 where Oldenburg won 72-53 only two Skyliners were on the floor then are still with Frankfurt now with Quantez Robertson and Danilo Barthel, but even two Mckinneys most likely wouldn´t have helped Oldenburg on this afternoon in Frankfurt as the 2004 Beko BBL champion Frankfurt Skyliners defeated Paulding and co 93-74 giving Oldenburg their fourth loss in their last five games and after the loss the St louis native was sentimental about the game and his friend Mckinney returning back to Germany. “It is always good to have Jimmy around especially in Germany in the Beko BBL. I am happy that he has caught on with Tuebingen. We had some strong battles here but that was some years ago. I didn’t have that too much on my mid. I was concentrated more on this game. I hope to talk to Jimmy sometime before March when we play against each other. Frankfurt played harder than us, were more aggressive, ran on us, made shots when they had to and were just the more aggressive team”, stressed 2009 Beko BBL champion Rickey Paulding. “I am also happy that Jimmy is back in Germany. I was a bit surprised that it took him so long to get a new team. I am always motivated to play and will be extra motivated when we play Tuebingen because Jimmy is one of my closest friend”, expressed Quantez Robertson. The Fraport Skyliners keep rolling winning their sixth win in a row and it was a tale of two halves where the first was even, but in the second Frankfurt made adjustments on defense and Oldenburg had problems hurting Frankfurt inside like they did in the first 20 minutes. “The first half was close and both teams were scoring. In the second half we improved our pick and role defense. Coach had got on me and Johannes Voigtmann to get up higher on pick and role to get more dribbles and let our guards get over and we were able to clog the middle and force them to tough shots. This led to more turnovers and easy transition buckets for us”, added Fraport Skyliner center Mike Morrison.


Justin Cobbs (Fraport Skyliners) Has The Look Of Thompson And Style OF Wood But Is His Own General

The NCAA life can be very exciting, hectic and experience nourishing where at times a player can feel like a traveling salesman as you are in different cities each weekend playing the game you love while juggling classes somewhere in between. Since finishing his three year college career at California(NCAA) last spring, the last six months have been a real basketball adventure for Los Angeles native Justin Cobbs as traveling continued for him. He is a 23 year old 191cm guard that is a professional rookie as he has bounced around the States at NBA workouts over the summer, played NBA Summer League in Orlando with the Memphis Grizzlie, practiced with Laboral Kutxa Vitoria (Spain-Liga Endesa, was on the training camp roster of the Charlotte Hornets and already got a taste of early winter in Latvia getting experience with VEF Riga (Latvia-LBL) as having snow on Christmas day in Los Angeles is rare as you can go surfing on off Venice beach. His journey continued to Germany where he is currently playing with the Fraport Skyliners helping out their injury plague that has hit their point guard rotation of Richard Williams, Konstantin Klein and Max Merz.