Sterling Carter(Dragons Rhondorf) It’s My Job To Take The Tough Shots And I Make Some And I Miss Some But I Have To Live With It


Sterling Carter is a 24 year old 183cm point guard from Seattle, Washington and is rookie in Germany playing for Pro A team Rhondorf. He started his basketball career at Pacific, then played three years at Seattle(NCAA) and finished at Purdue in 2014. He spoke to German Hoops after the big 83-65 win against Rent4Office Nurnberg



Sterling, thanks for talking to German Hoops. How was it spending your first Christmas and New years in Germany? Was it what you expected?

No problem anytime. Christmas and New Years was very lonely different from what I’m used to but it’s a sacrifice and I signed up for it. It was very different then I expected especially New Year’s I heard fireworks right outside my window and it woke me up, in the States you have to go a ways away to light fireworks. But the holidays were still great got to talk to my family and spent most of it talking to my Fiancé on FaceTime.

Congrats on a very impressive 83-65 win against Rent4Office Nurnberg in the first game after the Christmas break. This was a much needed win and biggest of the season. How proud are you of the team?

I’m extremely proud of the team we came out and played our hearts out and guys really stepped up in the first half while I struggled a little it gave me confidence to have a better second-half. I’m so proud of the guys from tonight win this group of guys works really hard each and every day and practice so I think that when was this a reward and it shows that we are a better team than what we showed in the first half of the season.

Rhondorf had the slim 34-33 lead at halftime, but Rhondorf came out on fire in the third quarter hitting for 32 points. With what kind of direction did head coach Boris Kaminski send the team into the second half?

Well basically he told us that the game wasn’t over and we still had a second haaf to play and he wanted us to go out and put our hearts on the line and battle with each other for each other and we did that and we came up with a win

The third quarter was key for the win. You scored 14 of your 16 points in the third quarter keying the win. Did you feel an urge to take control as big time players do, or was it more just what the offense gave you?

I felt like I let the team down in the first half with my struggles and when I got the opportunity in the second half it was my time to take over and win the game but without my teammates encouragement I wouldn’t have came out as strong as I did in the second half.

This was after the Bayer Giants Leverkusen the second fewest points that Rhondorf has given up all season long. You forced Nurnberg to 18 turnovers and as a team had 10 steals What part on the defensive end were you most proud of that the team did best together?

Well in the first match up against them we allowed a player to score 39 points on us and tonight we focused on playing defense as a team and not allowing any easy buckets and we succeeded with that he ended up with zero points tonight

How important has the pick up been of American Justin Smith been who scored 21 points in the win against Rent4Office? What new element has he been able to give the team that wasn´t there before?

Playing with Justin has been a great addition for this team he can stretch the floor he can rebound and really shoot the mid range he also plays with a lot of energy and a lot of passion and that helps me because it’s another player out there I know that is just as fired up as I am going into the game and during the game.

What goals does the team have for the second half of the season besides keeping consistency on the defensive end?

Well our number one goal is to continue to play at a high-level and play with a lot of heart and energy on both sides of the ball and give our all for 40 minutes and whatever result we get with doing that we will be fine with come the end of the season.

The team averaged only 13 assists this season, but dished out 23 against Nurnberg. As the point guard is this an area where a lot of responsibility lies on your shoulders. What was the key to getting the offense going better tonight that wasn´t present as much in the first half of the season?

Well the difference tonight was that we all were firing on all the same cylinders and we knew where each other was going to be and each other’s decision-making and we played with a lot of heart. That’s what helped a lot with the assist as well

Has one step to improving the defense been the pick up of Jordan Hamilton? What kind of presence does he give Rhondorf on the defensive end that wasn´t present before?

With Jordan he is a very energetic defender and it helps us when he’s out on the floor playing with all his energy. Adding him to our team has helped us out a lot.

How have you seen the development of young German Robin Lodders? He played a lot more in the first 7 games and his minutes have been cut down a bit. How vital will his production be for the success of the team in the second half of the season?

I think that Robin’s development has been going pretty good him being young he will have ups and downs but as he continues to grow and get better he will take his downs and turn them into ups very quickly once he gets a better understanding of the things that he should work on, but I think his production level will rise in the second half of the season as well as our teams production.

There seemed to be some turmoil within the team before the break. What was the state of the team going into the Nurnberg game and as one of the team leaders what did you do to get some more calmness into the roster?

Well we just told ourselves that no matter what happens on the court we have to play through adversity and as a leader of the team, I told my team is once it started to get a little chippy between the teams I said look at the scoreboard we don’t have to go into a tussle match with them we have to be smart and not lose our cool.

Your leading the team in scoring, second in assists and third in steals. What things do you want to improve in the second half?

I want to improve every category but mostly my percentages and I want to work on being very consistent through the second half of the season.

You take very many shots including very tough shots and are shooting 34% from downtown. Do you see yourself keeping this pace in the second half or possibly stepping it back a little and getting your team even more involved?

Well honestly I take the shots, because I’m confident and I work on the shots and yes my percentage may not be the best but I feel that I will continue to be better and I will continue to help my team to be better with Justin and Jordan being added to our team I won’t have to take as many tough shots as I did in the first half of the season but as the leader of this team it’s my job to take the tough shots and I make some And I miss some but I have to live with it either way it goes. A lot of people may see me as a selfish player but I feel that I do a great job getting everyone involved on our team but at the same time I make decisions off of what the defense gives me and the confidence I have about my game.

Do you see Steph Curry hitting 70 points this season?

No way Steph Curry won’t score 70points but he will get close.

What was the last movie that you saw?


Thanks Sterling for the chat

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