Chris Randolph(Marler BC) European Teams Don’t Want Any Excuses Just Wins And You Are Expected To Be The Man and Set The Example

Chris Randolph is a 27 year old 191cm guard that just finished his first professional season in Germany with the Westfalen Mustangs (Germany-2.Regionalliga), in Jan.’15 signed at Marler BC (Germany-Oberliga). He played college ball in the States with Washington Adventist University (USCAA) and S.Virginia (NAIA). He started his professional career with the Georgia Gwizzlies (ABA): 15games: 8.2ppg, 4.1rpg, 2.1apg, 2.2spg. He also played with the Chihuahua Vive League Tour (Chihuahua,Mexico). He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Chris thanks for talking to German Hoops Where are you now and what are you looking most forward to doing this summer?

Thank you for interviewing me really appreciate it, currently I am back home in Virginia and I am looking forward to working out. This is offseason so this is the time to get better and get ready for next season. Getting a lot of shots up, conditioning, and plenty of drills. Want to focus on getting faster and athleticism the most this offseason.

You played last season in Germany with two teams Westfalen Mustangs (Germany-2.Regionalliga), in Jan.’15 signed at Marler BC (Germany-Oberliga). How would you summarize your first season in Europe?

Yes and things just didn’t work out with the Mustangs so we parted ways but I appreciate them giving me the opportunity.

You started the season with Westfalen Mustangs (Germany-2.Regionalliga), in Jan.’15 signed at Marler BC (Germany-Oberliga). What were the main reasons for having to change teams?

Yes absolutely I think the toughest part on the court was the style of play there, also getting used to the high expectations that European teams have for imports they don’t want any excuses just wins you are expected to be the man and set the example. Off the court adjusting to being places and nobody speaking English was challenging at first especially since German is such a tough language to learn. Also to it getting dark very fast in the winter time can be kind of depressing lol but it was a great experience.

You had played in Mexico before coming to Germany. You stated that your game is smoother in Germany. Is Europe a place you will concentrate on prolonging your professional career in the future?

Yes it’s a lot smoother I’ve learned to have more of an overall game and not just be known as a shooter and also my footwork has gotten a lot better since I have gotten a chance to work one on one with a few European teammates. Yes I think Europe will be a place I stay for the long run but I also wouldn’t mind going back and playing in Latin America again at some point. I actually would like to come back and play again in Germany in Regionaliga 1 or 2 if possible

Marler was on a good way of making the playoffs, but failed in the last month? What were the main reasons for the team not making the playoffs?

Yes we were I believe we just didn’t stay as hungry as we were at the beginning of the second half of the season. We had a very young team outside of us 3 imports so we had a lot of growing pains.

How much fun was it playing together with Kai King? What was the most important thing that you learned from the veteran?

It was a joy he is a hell of player one of the best guards I have ever played with and seen and an even better person. He is one of my best friends now. I consider him a brother we hung out every day while we were in Germany. I learned so much from him on and off the court just on how to be a better professional and change my game up. We battled every day in practice we were like Jordan and Pippen both of us hate to lose and we both talk a lot of trash so practices used to be really competitive when we would play against each other. I think the most important thing I learned from him was how this business is and how to stay consistent on the court and how to better take care of my body. We are hoping we will get to be a package deal somewhere and play with each other again for the upcoming season.

Your season stats at Marler were 7.2ppg, 4.1rpg, 3.2apg, 2.2spg. Were you content with your stats? What steps did you make as a player in Germany this season on the court?

I was content in the sense that the goal was to win a championship and we were winning and 1st place so that’s all that matters to me I’m a team player and love to win so coach asked me to be more of an overall player and do a little bit of everything which was a struggle at first but got easier as the season went on. I’m use to scoring a lot more but playing this way has really helped my game. So now I am able to effect the game in so many ways now.

You played college ball your last two seasons at S.Virginia (NAIA). How did head coach Bryan Pendelton get you prepared best for a professional basketball career?

He prepared me in the sense of the workouts we did in the pre season I have never worked that hard in my life even at my division 2 school prior to coming there so he prepared me to be able to go through any workouts and also how to appreciate the game.

As a rookie in 2012-2013 you stayed in the States and played for the Georgia Gwizzlies. What kind of experience in general was it playing semi pro ball? What positives did you take from this season?

I was so young at that point and used to getting spoiled in college with team stuff shoes, sweatsuits and it’s just not like that in the ABA. You are playing with grown men some guys go to work every day and have families. That’s where I first learned what it meant to be a professional and the ins and outs to the business with teams and agents. I had a great experience.

The best known teammate you had in your ABA season was ex Tennesse guard Ramar Smith. What things could you pick up form his game that season?

I didn’t get to play a lot of games with him but I learned just how to know when to let the game come to me and when to take over if need be.

In your second season you played for the Chihuahua Vive League Tour (Chihuahua,Mexico). How were you able to cope with the language barrier and style of play in general?

Yes I loved it in Mexico the fans were great and showed us a lot of love daily. I know some Spanish so it was a smooth transition for me as far as how they play they get up and down very fast pace.

What are your future plans? How excited are to get involved with the summer transfer process where finding a team is always an experience?

Future plans is to find a team between August and October. It’s always exciting and I love the recruiting process always have even when I was in high school with colleges. I have gotten 3 offers so far one in Germany,Spain, and in talks with Peru. More should come as the seasons are over and teams start recruiting between now and July. I’m excited though I’m hungry for a championship so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next season.

How does a normal summer day workout look like for you on and off the court?

A normal workout day for me is getting shots up mid-day and lifting and then if my good friend Glen Dandrige who is a pro overseas also is back home then we get in the gym at nights and run and do drills. Other than that I work and I love to sleep lol.

Who will reach the NBA final this season and win it all?

Haha Cleveland no question I’m a big LeBron fan.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Thanks Chris for the chat.

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