Preston Wynne(Baskets Akad Weser-Ems) The Younger Players Don’t Have A Slow Down Button And Only Know One Speed And That Is As Hard As They Can Go

Preston Wynne is a 28 year old 184cm guard from Wellpinit, Washington that is a rookie playing for the Baskets Akad.Weser-Ems/Oldenburger TB (Germany-ProB). He started his basketball career at Spokane Community College. He then finished his college career at Vanguard (NAIA) and as a senior played 36 games averaging 20.9ppg, 4.3rpg, 1.9spg, FGP: 41.6%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: NAIA1-1(90.7%). He spoke to German Hoops before game two against Rostock.

Preston thanks for talking to German Hoops. You celebrated a huge 83-74 win against Rostock in game one. How important was that 32 point outburst in the first quarter? Did that pave the way for Oldenburg and carry them to the win?

It was sure a big part of the win thats for sure. If we could have more like it i’d be happy.

What did the team learn from that first loss that has helped them play better in the last two games?

Rostock is a very good team. The first time we played them we were not nearly ready for the speed in which they played.

Your ex head coach Mladen Drijenicic became head coach of the first team, but what was his biggest strength that has made the team so successful this season?

Mladen is a perfectionist. Even if we ran our plays nearly perfect, he would always remind us that there were things each one of us could do a little better. He would bring the most out of every player, and would have a big smile on his face every minute of it. He loves his job.

Rostock did a great on the boards. How key will rebounding be and what else will be most vital for the team to advance?

Rostock is a very aggressive rebounding team. If we can lower their rebounds and stop their drives to the basket, we will have a good chance to win.

What has been the secret to the success of Oldenburg?

I think its our trust we have for each other. From our coaches all the way to the last guy on the bench.

They have only one import and mostly young Germans. How special and important has this roster of Germans been for the success of the team this season?

They have been a huge part of the teams success. The younger players don’t have a slow down button, they only know one speed and thats as hard as they can go. It makes the older players play harder.

You seemed to have no problems adjusting to the German Pro B. Was it difficult having to be a leader as a rookie?

At first it was a little tough, but once I got the hang of German basketball it wasn’t to hard. I try to lead by example.

How challenging was it this season battling against the top guy of the other team and coming out on top?

It hasn’t been too tough. We have such a well rounded team that on any given night anyone can score 20+, if I´m around 10 points and we get the win I am 100% okay with that.

How much fun has it been playing side by side with German Dominik Lockhart? This may be the best 1-2 guard combo in the German Pro B. How do you guys make each other better?

Playing with Dominik has been wonderful this season. He is a very gifted player, very selfless player, who is always trying to make his team the best they can be.

How have you seen the play of Jan Niklas Wimberg develop this season? Even though you are a rookie do you sometimes shake your head that he is actually 9 years younger than you?

Niklas has improved a lot in all areas of his game in this short year. His on court IQ is very impressive for such a young player. Every day I go to practice I´m reminded by my age, The youngsters talking about their homework.

Steph Curry recently hit 77 three pointers in a row in practice. How amazing is that and what were the most three pointers that you hit in practice in a row?

It seems pretty good, i’ve never tried it personally. I have made 168 free throws in a row though.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

That was a while ago in august right before I left the states. It was The Lego Movie with my son and daughter.

Thanks Preston for the chat.

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