Justin Cobbs Goes From Slightly Invisible To That Much Needed Glow On The Court Powering The Fraport Skyliners With One Slick Move To The Hole Past BG Goettingen 74-70

When BG Goettingen arrived on the scene in the Beko BBL in the 2007-2008 season, head coach John Patrick and company brought a breath of fresh air to the league as their 40 minutes of basketball hell and unconventional style brought one or the other BBL opponents to unwanted head aches or annoying and painful cramps after a 40 minute battle in the trenches. The Frankfurt Skyliners also had their share of unforgettable games against the 2010 Eurochallenge winner as who could forget the amazing win in the mysterious Lok Halle in Goettingen where Murat Didin had a sick list as long as Shaq´s midnight snack list to Mcdonalds as he dressed 7 players and Maksym Shtein had the game of his life and showed a totally other side of him as he exploded on the court making just about every touch he had land in the basket as he led the club in scoring with 24 points. Other nice memories were in the 2009-2010 season where Frankfurt won in overtime 90-88 as Aubrey Reese tied the game at 88 with a three pointer and then won the game with two free throws with nine seconds to play and Seth Doliboa blocked the last BG Goettingen shot with two seconds to play. That season Frankfurt also got past BG Goettingen in the Cup Top 4 in Frankfurt only to later lose to Bamberg in the final. In the 2010-2011 season Frankfurt swept the season series and then won in the playoffs 3-0. In the last meeting between both teams, American Matt Bauscher preserved the win for BG Goettingen 62-61 with the classic buzzer beater. After two seasons in the German Pro A, BG Goettingen returned back into the Fraport arena with a new coach and all new players and wanted to continue their winning streak there, but couldn´t stop Justin Cobbs last minute transformation from slightly invisible to that needed glow at the end despite giving up a strong fight losing 74-70. After the win, Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertson was happy that despite the tight win that he didn´t have to test his nerves even more with a buzzer beater and seeing his old teammate Dominik Bahiense De Mello “I remember BG Goettingen having a good look with that buzzer beater a few years back. Tonight we did a good job executing down the stretch. I made a stupid play at the end letting them get to the free throw line, but we held our composure at the end getting the needed stops. It was a good feeling playing against my ex teammate who I played two seasons with. He is still a good friend of mine today. He made some crucial shots at the end to get his team closer. I am happy there was no buzzer beater today”, expressed Auburn alumnist Quantez Robertson. After the 93-86 loss against the Brose Baskets Bamberg, BG Goettingen was looking to get back on track in the win column and gave a great fight against the Fraport Skyliners, but came up a bit short. After the game, BG Goettingen was more than unpleased about the narrow loss and had a lack of words for the reasons of the loss. “They made the plays that they needed down the stretch. Cobbs is a great player and future Euroleague player that came up big”, stressed former Michigan State forward Raymar Morgan.

A big snow storm in Germany had made transportation tough getting to the Fraport arena, but not as difficult as for the Crailsheim Merlins who had massive delays on the high way and were unable to reach Hagen in time as that game was cancelled. Even though BG Goettingen left on game day from the approximate 3 hour drive from Niedersachsen, they had no problems reaching Frankfurt in time as 4,450 fans showed up to see this post Christmas duel. Before the game started there was a minute of silence as ex Beko BBL player Nate Fox who played parts of five seasons in Germany for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen and Braunschweig was remembered as he had been murdered a few days before Christmas as he got out of his car at his home in Illinois. When the game finally did start it was BG Goettingen that got off to the better start as the Fraport Skyliners seemed to be on an imaginary pond slipping all over the place not being able to keep pace and they quickly trailed 9-2. It was Americans Raymar Morgan and David Godbold that supplied the early punch scoring buckets. Especially 2015 Beko BBL allstar Morgan quickly showed his level of intensity in the paint as his aggressiveness seemed to unrattle Frankfurt. However basketball is a game of runs and seemingly out of nowhere Frankfurt responded going on a 12-0 run to take the lead 14-9. In the run, it was the Frankfurt big men of Danilo Barthel and Johannes Voigtman that did damage down low getting easy buckets. Armand also helped in the run with a lay in. Frankfurt profited in this run very much because 1999 NCAA champion with Uconn El Amin and Morgan were on the bench. BG Goettingen lost the momentum while Frankfurt hit their shots at a more efficient rate and got on transition. BG Goettingen somehow found back to their game ending the first quarter going on a 9-4 run to dead lock the game at 18-18. El Amin made a floater which was surprisingly his only bucket of the game, Kulawick wooed the crowd again as his heavily unorthodox three point heave saw nothing but net and ex West Virginia guard Alex Ruoff scored inside. “Frankfurt started very slow and BG Goettingen got a boost from Morgan early, but Frankfurt made a good comeback as El Amin and Morgan were on the bench. Sean Armand was a spark plug coming off the bench”, stated Armand friend Jayon James who currently plays in Luxemburg for Grengewald Hostert. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 36% from the field and 0% from outside while BG Goettingen was shooting 50% from the field and 25% from outside. BG Goettingen had the 10-7 rebound edge and had three turnovers while Frankfurt had two turnovers.

In the second quarter the Fraport Skyliners regained the lead and would keep it until halftime leading by as much as nine points. Frankfurt started the second quarter with a lightening 4-0 run to lead 22-18 as Armand and Robertson hit easy buckets inside. However BG Goettingen didn´t lay down as sniper Alex Ruoff hit a three pointer to pull BG Goettingen back to 22-21. After Morrison and Morgen traded buckets, Frankfurt raced out on a 8-0 run to lift their lead to 32-23. In the run, Frankfurt played superb team basketball showing that they have the ability to score in a variety ways and also got everyone involved. Little used double license player Stefan Ilzhoefer hit an open three pointer as the ball was swung around the offense like clock work. Armand then penetrated and baseline found Barthel cutting to the basket for two points and Armand then connected on a transition three pointer like Pascal Roller did in his best days in Frankfurt. After missing some three pointers, ex Phoenix Hagen German Dominik Spohr finally connected on a three pointer to cut the Frankfurt lead to 33-27. Then came round one of the 2015 Beko BBL allstars between Barthel and Morgan as the German went around the American for an easy bucket and in round two made a monster block on the American. American David Godbold then connected on a step back jumper as Frankfurt led only 35-29. Voigtmann then made a quick pass to Canadian Aaron Doornekamp who made a reverse lay up and Frankfurt led 37-30. Barthel then hit a soft hook shot and ex Wurzburg forward Jamal Boykin connected on a three pointer in the corner as BG Goettingen trailed 40-35 at halftime. “Frankfurt played a good second quarter. They played solid defense and got their bigs involved. They also did a good job contesting every shot at the rim. Cobbs might not have been scoring, but he was running the show and knew when to push the tempo and when not”, stated ex Iona(NCAA) American Jayon James. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 45% from the field and 20% from the three point line while BG Goettingen was shooting 37% from the field and 33% from the three point line. Both teams had 19 rebounds a piece, while Frankfurt had three turnovers and BG Goettingen had five turnovers.

In the third quarter the Fraport Skyliners kept the lead, but BG Goettingen never left their door step as they threatened late in the quarter regaining the lead again. Quantez Robertson got the Fraport Skyliners on the board first making a steal and then coasting to the bucket for the easy two points as he remained uncontested from BG Goettingen. However the 42-35 lead of Frankfurt was nothing to be proud of or comfortable about as BG Goettingen saw the window of opportunity and snatched it going on a quick 5-0 run as Alex Ruoff didn´t score, but made the big plays first feeding Morgan with the no look shovel pass for the hard one hand dunk and then keeping his team alive on offense getting an offensive rebound and finding ex Braunschweig guard Robert Kulawick for the open three pointer as Frankfurt led only 42-40. This fast run didn´t amuse or impress Frankfurt as they stood faithful to the name basketball is a game of runs scoring seven points to lead 49-42. In the run the big men of Frankfurt Barthel and Morrison stayed aggressive on the offensive glass getting buckets. BG Goettingen kept coming back as Ruoff connected on a jumper and Kulawick snuck inside for an easy basket as Frankfurt led 51-46. Mike Morrsion kept Frankfurt ahead with a basket inside 53-46. BG Goettingen then stole the momentum back on their side closing out the third quarter going on a 11-2 run to lead 57-55 after three quarters. In the run of BG Goettingen it was ex Skyliner De Mello that had his moment in the spotlight first opting to pass up the open three and finish on the penetration with a finger tip lay in and then hit a three pointer. Spohr also was big in the run making a three pointer and a jumper as BG Goettingen had their first lead again since early in the first quarter. “We were sloppy on offense and defense and they took advantage of it and got back into the game”, stressed Canadian Aaron Doornekmap. BG Goettingen was shooting 40% from the field and 37% from the parking lot while the Fraport Skyliners were shooting 41% from the field and 15% from the parking lot. BG Goettingen had the 33-26 rebound advantage, but seven turnovers while Frankfurt had only five turnovers.

In the fourth quarter both teams fought for the lead in the first few minutes as BG Goettingen would regain the lead two more times and then never again as Frankfurt marched to the win. Robertson tied the game at 57-57as Barthel found him back door. Both teams then traded hoops as Boykin was found by Godbold for the basket while on the other end it was the passing duo of Barthel and Voigtmann that got the easy two points as Barthel hit and the game was deadlocked again 59-59. “We tell Joe to be more aggressive, but he just loves to pass the ball. He knows how to fill up the stat sheet”, stressed Justin Cobbs. De Mello then was all alone inside as Boykin found him and then it was Barthel that set up Voigtmann to tie the score at 61-61. Frankfurt then escaped out on a 5-0 run as Justin Cobbs would start to get visible again and be that needed glow on the court that he easily would have been in the snow as well which was increasing with each play outside the arena. Cobbs dished a quick pass to Voigtmann for the lay in and after a BG Goettingen time out Armand nailed a step back jumper as Frankfurt led 66-61. Frankfurt also upped their intensity on defense as Voigtmann was a big wall inside denying Morgan twice with huge blocks. Alex Ruoff was big in crunch time keeping his team in the game as he made a sweet spin move and hit a floater as BG Goettingen trailed 66-63. However even if Cobbs waited until shortly before the raising of the curtain in a play, crunch time was his show as at the end he snuck and sped around Morgen for the easy bucket and one as Frankfurt led 69-63. BG Goettingen still had some energy as Morgan scored over Voigtmann and Ruoff nailed a three pointer where his quick release brought back some memories to Andrew Rautins in a Skyliner jersey last year as suddenly the game was tied again now 69-69. After a Cobbs turnover and Spohr miss, the American from Los Angeles who is being more and more loved with each Skyliner win took matters into his own hands getting to the hoop and giving Frankfurt the 71-69 lead in Dashaun Wood manner spinning and falling and somwhow throwing the ball through the net. This proved to the game winner as Armand and Barthel ended the game with insurance free throws. “There was a high screen on the right and the left side was free so I went that way and just tried to finish and am happy it went in. I was missing shots tonight, but I just kept working and was able to get to the basket at the end”, stressed Justin Cobbs. “I saw Cobbs play some times in college. He wasn´t hitting early, but he kept his head up and hit clutch buckets at the end”, added Jayon James. “We didn´t execute at the end. At the end it wasn´t so much Cobbs, but more that we weren´t playing with a leading guard and it showed. We will bounce back from this loss”, warned ex Chicago Bull Khalid El Amin. “Frankfurt had a strong fourth quarter and kept BG Goettingen under 10 points leading up to the last minutes. They had five guys score in double figures which was a huge factor. They defended well at the end and had the needed defensive rebounds”, added Jayon James. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Danilo Barthel with 17 points and 11 rebounds. Sean Armand chipped in with 11 points. Justin Cobbs, Quantez Robertson and Mike Morrison added 10 points a piece. BG Goettingen was led by Aley Ruoff and Raymar Morgan with 17 points a piece. Dominik Spohr added 10 points. Frankfurt shot 43% from the field and 20% from outside while BG Goettingen finished the night shooting 38% from the field and 32% from outside. BG Goettingen won the rebound duel 43-36 while Frankfurt had nine turnovers and BG Goettingen had 11 turnovers.

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