Frank Robinson (Dennis Schroeder Was A Great Pick Up For The Atlanta Hawks)

Frank Robinson is 29 year old 193cm guard that was born in Compton, California and grew up in Los Angeles. He played at Cal Fullerton (NCAA) from 2005-2008. In his senior year, he played games: 15.8ppg, 6.9rpg, 2.5apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 45.1%, 3Pts: 34.2%, FT: 73.8%. In 2008-2009, he started with NBA club Atlanta Hawks (NBA), left in Oct.’08, then moved to Union Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia-Liga UPC, starting five): Adriatic League: 17 games: 4.5ppg, 1.5rpg, 1.1spg; Euroleague: 8 games: 6.8ppg, 3.3rpg, in Feb.’09 signed at EnBW Ludwigsburg (Germany-1.Bundesliga, starting five): 11 games: 11.0ppg, 4.9rpg, 1.4apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 53.2%, 3PT: 27.0%, FT: 73.5%. In 2009-2010, he started with the Atlanta Hawks (NBA) again, only pre-season, in Dec.’09 moved to Los Angeles D-Fenders (D-League, starting five): 38 games: 12.4  Maccabi Haifa (Israel-Premier League, starting five): EuroChallenge: 14 games: 9.3ppg, 4.1rpg, 1.3apg, 1.9spg, FGP: 48.6%, 3PT: 30.0%, FT: 59.5%; Israeli League: 28 games: 12.9ppg, 4.3rpg, 2.7apg, Steals-2(2.4spg), FGP: 54.4%, 3PT: 30.4%, FT: 61.1% ppg, 4.1rpg, 3.7apg, 1.9spg, FGP: 49.8%, 3PT: 24.3%, FT: 69.2%. In 2010-2011, he played for  Sokhumi Tbilisi (Georgia-Superleague, starting five): Eurochallenge Qualifying Round: 2 games: 16.5ppg, 4.0rpg, 2.0apg, 1.0bpg, in Oct.’11 moved to Artland Dragons Quakenbrueck (Germany-1.Bundesliga, starting five), in Nov.’11 signed at B.C. Habikaa (Israel-Premier League, starting five): 21 games: 12.6ppg, 5.5rpg, 2.3apg, Steals-5(1.8spg), FGP: 53.9%, 3PT: 25.7%, FT: 54.1%. This past season, he played with  Asseco Prokom Gdynia (Poland-TBL), left in Nov.’12: Euroleague: 7 games: 7.4ppg, 3.7rpg, 2FGP: 40.7%, 3FGP: 26.9%, FT: 50.0%; Polish TBL: 8 games: 5.3ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.3apg, 2FGP: 23.8%, 3FGP: 33.3%, FT: 68.8%, in Dec.’12 moved to Budivelnyk Kyiv (Ukraine-Superleague): Eurocup: 6 games: 3.8ppg, 2.8rpg, 1.0apg; Ukrainian Superleague: 9 games: 5.3ppg, 3.8rpg, 2FGP: 44.2%, 3FGP: 5.9%, FT: 46.7%, left in Feb.’13, later that month signed at s.Oliver Baskets Wuerzburg. With Wurzburg he played 11 games: 11.3ppg, 5.0rpg, 2.0apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 48.8%, 3PT: 20.7%, FT: 57.1%. He talked to German Hoops about basketball.

Frank thanks for taking time to talk to Geman Hoops. You are currently in beautiful California, but told me you wouldn´t mind be in Germany now. Was that more of kind words for me a man that has to endure the cold German weather in summer?

Hey man thanks for contacting me, it’s always a pleasure. Yes I am home and I’m loving every minute of it. At the same time I wouldn’t mind being in Germany either. I’ve grown to love Europe and have accepted it as a second home.

How is your summer going? You are very busy with your summer camp, but you do find time to work out. When your running in the California hills, do you think about certain plays on the court during the last season that could have happened differently?

This summer has had a different rhythm for me. It has been very busy with several events and projects my partners and I have put together. The first was the SWSX Inaugural Showcase. This showcase featured twenty of southern California’s finest young athletes who never have had the opportunity to prove themselves as professional players. This event was put together to help those guys get the exposure we feel every player should have at least once in their careers as they strive to become professional players. There were three teams scouts that represented three very elite leagues and about four to five agents. The event was a success and five players were able to partner up with an agent after the games were finished. The second event was the International Hoop Expo (IHX). IHX was an event held in Detroit, Michigan and was put together by Jordan and Joe Crawford. Their family put together an amazing event including the Jordan Crawford Elite Camp, their very own showcase for aspiring pros and also a powerball conference that featured five great speakers. The goal of the event was to bring awareness to the city of Detroit and also to open eyes to many about what it takes to become an athlete or someone in the athletic word. The third and final event was the Frank Robinson Skills Academy, which has two sessions. One just ended and the second which starts July 9th. The skills academy features young athletes who are hungry for knowledge from ages 6-16. These athletes have come from all over the San Fernando Valley. So yes it has been very busy.

You came to the s.Oliver Baskets Wurzburg late in the season. Besides the disappointment of not making the playoffs, was there anything positive that you could take from the season?

This season was a tough one for me, dealing with injuries and having to switch teams but once I arrived in Wurzburg, there was an immediate sigh of relief. The experience was one that rejuvenated my motor and being around that group of guys was refreshing. The only thing I would do differently is not step out of bounds with 30 seconds left in the game against Ulm. We were up and had the ball. I should have took the baseline three and at least we would have got a shot up. The playoffs was on the line and I take full responsibility for that. We worked really hard to dig ourselves out of a hole and got as high as sixth-seed, so to end it like that hurt.

What do you like most about watching the NBA Draft? Were you surprised that Anthony Bennett was picked at number one? Were you surprised how late Nerlens Noel was taken? Did it seem like NBA teams had Sam Bowie and Greg Oden disease?

I didnt really pay attention to this years draft to be honest. But from what I know about Anthony Bennett he is a beast and in my opinion should have been the first pick. Im more surprised that Nerlens Noel was still considered a number one picked or even in the top ten more than anything. An injury like that can take years to recover and if your in the top five you need some one to help now. Not a question mark

German Dennis Schroeder was chosen at #17 with the Atlanta Hawks. They have many free agents and Jeff Teague. Do you see the Hawks building around the 19 year old or bring in some free agents guards?

It was a great pick up for Atlanta. That is a team that I follow very closely because of the history I have with them. Even though everyone is gone since I was there except for Josh, Al, and Jeff I still wish them well. Dennis and Jeff can very well play together. I think it is too soon to say they will build around him but he sure has the potential to be one of the really good defenders in if he puts his mind to it. He has all the tools to do that.
After many years away from Germany, you were back last season and contributed to a big 64-60 win against the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig. What do you remember from the game of Dennis Schroeder who played 30 minutes scored eight points, had eight rebounds and three assists? Without knowing an yof the NBA hype that was slowly developing, did Schroeder look like a first round NBA pick? What did you like most of his game and what will you remember most from it?

That game he didnt have a particularly good game so I really didnt take anything away from it. But I did remember watching him last season during my time with Artland and said that the kid would be in the league once he was eligible. Its hard to teach that kind of length and quickness. When we played him he didn’t look like a first round pick I felt he would go mid second round. Then I saw his performance at the hoop summit I believe it was. I spoke with some people and thought that he probably could sneak in the first. I never envisioned him going as high as seventeen. But that is great for him and Germany as a country.
How does a normal Frank Robinson workout day look like?

Because my summer has been so busy I wake up at 5am. I work out with Mike Penberthy at 6am, we do a lot of footwork stuff and include ball handling shooting and other skill stuff. Our main focus this summer is making reads off of pick n roll situations. Which has been something that I have really paid attention to over the last six to seven months. At 10:30am I usually lift weights, do some flexibility stuff and some speed work. This is my routine Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I play pick up games with my fellow pros out here in California. Which include Horace Wormly, Louis Darby, Paul George, Reggie Jackson, Rashad McCants, Nick Young, Jeff Adrien, Joe Crawford and a slu of really talented players that live in the Los Angeles area. Saturday we play in the Drew League which has become the top ProAm in the United States over the last three years. Im done with my workouts by 1pm and have the rest of the day with my family and working on my off the court ventures.
What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

I just finshed seeing Monsters University with my son, it was very entertaining.

Thanks Frank for the chat.

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