Gary Mcghee( I Am Good At Passing The Ball Out Of The Double Team)

Gray Mcghee is a 24 year old 208cm center from Anderson, Indiana that is playing his first season in the Beko BBL for BBC Bayreuth. He played at Pittsburgh from 2007-2011 and played with future NBA players like Dejuan Blair and Sam Young. In his senior year, he played 34 games: 6.9ppg, 7.7rpg, 1.3bpg, FGP: 56.7%, FT: 48.5%. He played a total of 120 NCAA games. In the summer of 2011, he played at the well known : Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (Pre-NBA Draft): 2 games: 9.0ppg, Reb-5(8.5rpg), 1.0bpg. Last season as a rookie he played KK Zagreb Croatia Osiguranje (Croatia-A1), only pre-season, then moved to Bandirma Kirmizi (Turkey-TBL: 30 games: 10.5ppg, Reb-4(7.8rpg), FGP: 56.3%, FT: 45.6%. This past summer he played  AirTran Orlando Summer League (Oklahoma City Thunder): 2 games: 2.5ppg, 2.0rpg and NBA Pro Summer League in Las Vegas (Los Angeles Clippers): 5 games: 4.8ppg, 5.0rpg. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

You played your first season for BBC Bayreuth. How did you like the Beko BBL?

I liked it very much. It is a very competitive league where you have to come to play each night. It is a very physical league with very good players.

Are there any areas on the court in the Beko BBL where you  had difficulty getting used to?

Not really. I played in Turkey last season and am used to the European style. If anything maybe the fats paced game in the Beko BBL. It wasn´t as fast passed in Turkey last season, but I like to run and get easy baskets.

What is the biggest geographical difference between Anderson, Indiana where you come from and Bayreuth?

Not much. Both are small towns. Bayreuth has maybe 20,000 more people and both places are cold in the winter.

BBC Bayreuth started very strong into the season. Was a reason for that with the early team chemistry?

Yes I think that is true. We came together early in preseason and had a very hard pre season. We play for each other and have no ego players on the team.

What was your role on the team?

The big man in the middle and anchor on defense. I am the guy that rebounds and who gets the ball down low and can produce.

What do you like more a crashing dunk or a monster block?

I like to do both, but I think I like to dunk a little more. I think a dunk is what gets the crowd and bench going the most.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t always get noticed right away?

My knowledge of the game. I know how to read the game and have a good basketball IQ. Especially out of the double team, I am good at passing the ball to the open man.

On what things do you still need to work on your game?

I need to improve my free throw shooting, touch around the basket and develop my post moves.

You played against German Stefan Schmidt each day in practice. What do you like about his game?

I like his game. He has a nice touch around the basket and is a motor on defense. He rebounds very well and he pushes me to get better each day.

What is the most incredible thing that you saw Joe Trapani do?

He really gives everything each game. He is very athletic and He has done some nice double clutch reverse and windmill dunks.

You are from Indiana. What was your childhood like?

I had a nice childhood in Indiana. I started to play basketball with seven years old. My  dad taught me too play. Since Indiana is known for basketball, it was always an important part of my life.

Do you know where French Lick is? Have you ever been there?

I have never been there and I am not really sure where it is Indiana, but I know that Larry Bird is from there.

Who were your NBA idols as a kid?

My favorite player was Shaq. I watched him with Orlando and the Lakers. I liked how dominant he was and how he could dunk whenever he wanted to.

You played at Pittsburgh that had great teams. Why wasn´t the team able to get further in the NCAA tournament in your time there?

We had many tough close loses. In my freshman year we lost to Michigan State, then lost on a buzzer beater against Villanova from Scottie Reynolds and my senior year lost a tough game against Butler in the second round. I thought that we had a chance to win it all my senior year.

What was the most incredible thing that you saw Sam Young do on the court?

He was a great player. He was so athletic and could jump out of the gym. We really relied on his scoring and leadership.

How did Pittsburgh head coach Jamie Dixon prepare you for a professional basketball career?

He helped me find my nitche in my game which would be defense and rebounding. He taught me how to love to play defense. He told me that if you work hard and play defense that there will always be an opportunity to play somewhere.

What was your wake up call in Turkey to the professional ranks?

Turkey was a very good rookie experience for me. We didn´t have a very good team and were very young. We struggled to win, but I kept working hard and this experience helped me grow as a player and person.

Who wins a one on one in practice you or Jason Cain?

We play one on one each day and we push each other, but I have to say myself. I would never go against myself.

What were the most free throws that you made in a row?


What was your most crazy shot that you have made in your career?

I made a buzzer beater three pointer in college to win a game.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Flight with Denzel Washington.

Thanks Gary for the chat.

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