Tramar Sutherland ( I Am Coachable And I Will Do Any Task In Order To Win)

Tramar Sutherland is a 23 year old 190cm guard that was born in Toronto, Canada. He started his basketball career at South Plains JC (JUCO) in 2008. In 2010-2011, he transferred to UALR (NCAA) where he played a total of 65 NCAA games. Awards/Achievements in his basketball career so far have been Sun Belt Tournament Winner -11, and Sun Belt West Division Regular Season Champion -12. Tramar is embarking on his professional basketball career and spoke to German Hoops about is basketball dreams.
Hi Tramar thanks for taking some time to talk to where are you now exactly and how excited are you at testing the european market?
I am home in Toronto, Canada. I just graduated from school. I am very excited about testing the European market. I feel like it’s the next big step.

You are a rookie. You just finished at UALR (NCAA). How ready are you for playing professional basketball?

I believe that I am ready to play professionally because I have been working hard for this moment. I’ve worked out with pros that have played in Europe and I compete at a high level.

How difficult was it making the adjustment from Juco at South Plains to the NCAA at UALR?

It wasn’t that difficult but the expectations were a lot higher and I expected that. I would stay in the gym and work on my game endlessly at south plains because I knew that I would play a lot if my game was on point. This kept me on the floor and I became a better player. At UALR I realized that everybody is in the gym working out just like I am. Everybody is fighting for a spot on the court and this motivated me to step my game up even more. There was no room for error.

You are a 190cm guard. What is your biggest strength as a player?

My slashing to the basket ability and my ability to defend at any level is my strength. I am athletic and can score against many different matchups. I really think the game and I can adjust to any line up.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t always get noticed right away?

I am athletic and can score against many different matchups. I really think the game and I can adjust to any line up.

You were the Sun Belt West Division Regular Season Champion in your senior year. What will you never forget from this run?

I will never forget our togetherness as a team and our willingness to never give up. I treated every game like it was my last because I didn’t want to lose. I will also never forget making the last 2 free throws to give us the win to capture the west division title.

What was the most incredible thing that you saw Dandre Williams do on the court?

I seen him steal the ball twice in less than 10 seconds to help us win the sun belt conference championship. He’s  a match up nightmare!!

You played 2 seasons for head coach Steve Shields. What was the most importan thing that you learned from him?

I learned that I have to pay attention to detail while playing and soak up everything that is taught to me like a sponge.

What NBA story will always stick out in your mind when thinking about assistant coach Joe Klein?

He’s a good shooting big man. I would say when he won the 6th man honors in his early career.

Who was your toughest opponent in the NCAA(player)

Guarding Tristan Thompson from North Texas. He runs around screens all day.

how does a typical summer work out day look like for Tramar Sutherland?

I wake up and hit the weight room with my friend Alex Johnson he played at NC State and My friend Dane Smith from Tennessee Martin. Then I would do drills on the court before scrimmaging with the guys. This may take a while. After we are done we would do some conditioning before leaving the gym.

What is your most important asset that will convince any coach that he should hire you?

I am coachable and I will do any task in order to win. I do my best to make others better around me and I am a team player. I am a versatile player.

What is your dream as a player?

My dream is to play for many years and stay healthy. I want to have growth as a player every year and I want to be successful.

Thanks Tramar for the chat.

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