The Double D´s Reign On Mothers Day As Dashaun Wood Demonstrates Sweep To Dirk Nowitzki As The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Advance To The beko BBL Semi Finals Over BG Goettingen 82-59

It was unknown if Boston Celtic coach Doc Rivers was moping around American Airlines arena in Miami after game 2 loss trying to forget his woes and instead cherish moments of him feeding the human highlight film Dominique Wilkins with ally-ops in the 80s, but in Kassel after the BG Goettingen loss and all the fans had disappeared into the cold night trying to forget the Veilchen loss with a beer at Mr Jones bar, BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz was still in the Rothenbach Halle sitting alone in the stands contemplating what had gone wrong like Bobby Knight used to do after Indiana loses or remembering how the champagne once tasted last spring as BG Goettinegn won the Eurochallenge. With BG Goettingen clinging to their lives down 2-0 against Frankfurt like a broken down Shaq is after finding out the last Mcdonalds was closed for the evening, Franz looked as sad in Kassel as Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness is after any kind of loss including the Munich basketballers , Marey Carey does during pregnancy not getting her favorite dish or Artland Dragons fans were not reaching the playoffs on the last day in 2009 and 2010. BG Goettingen had three match balls against them in the Ballsporthalle, but were still as focused as Jimmy Mckinney is when he gets the green light to launch bombs from the parking lot, Jim Carey was showing his love to Jennifer Aniston in the movie Bruce Allmighty or Paris Hilton risking to go into the piercing hot July sunlight in Monte Carlo without her sunglasses, but Frankfurt showed no fear disposing of BG Goettingen 82-59 getting past their hard effort and advancing to the semi finals. “I think that we felt as much pressure as they did. I told the guys at half time that we could either have 20 more minutes in this series or possibly 80 more minutes. I have to give our team a lot of credit. To be able to beat this team 5 times in a row in one season is incredible”, stressed 2011 beko BBL MVP Dashaun Wood. “Frankfurt did a good job handling the pressure and taking care of business on Mothers Day”, added BG Goettingen guard Kyle Bailey. ” Coach told us to play aggressive. We didn´t expect them to fail, but just play our game”, commented Skyliner guard Quantez Robertson. “Frankfurt did what they had to do. They handled the pressure well”, said BG Goettingen guard Antoine Jordan.

Sunday May 8th was an interesting day as the Letter D not only had a very important meaning not only in Frankfurt, but for all basketball fans in Germany. Two great players with their first names beginning with D, Dashaun Wood and Dirk Nowitzki had the chance to take care of business and sweep their opponent. Dashaun Wood had to think a long time what the double D meaning had, but quickly smiled and chuckled when he knew what was meant. “I helped Frankfurt get a sweep and now Dirk has to help the mavericks sweep the Lakers. I am sure he will do it tonight. I think that Dirk an dme are a like in a way. When both of us get started, it is hard to stop us. Our stat lines have been ridiculous in this series. We both also are seeking our first title as a professional”, stressed Dashaun Wood. “You should never count out the black mamba(Kobe Bryant)”, joked Antoine Jordan. “I think it is a bit strange that both top players of their teams with the same letter can sweep their opponent, but Anything can happen when great teams play and the D´s can get wins. Dallas will win, because they have the momentum”, joked Quantez Robertson. “I hope that big German boy wins tonight. Then I have the chance to joke at Grayson Moyer about his Lakers”, joked Skyliner center Marius Nolte. “I do believe in the chaos theory. Coincidences like this will happen”, added Kyle Bailey.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners had the comfortable 2-0 series lead and knew that sustaining a loss and having to go back for a game 4 in the mysterious Lok Halle would be about as appétizing as having to eat a yummy chocolate ice cream sundae with a twist of ketchup on it. It was no secret that BG Goettingen was undermanned without guard Trenton Meacham and disposed forward Mike Scott, but the team never gave up, but in the end were unable to win this series on account of missing extra energy. “I think key for winning this series was our deeper bench and we also played harder then they did. I have a big respect for coach John Patrick and this team. It is amazing how much the coach was able to get out of his team despite the small budget. In order to beat a team like this, you have to play harder. I am really happy about winning the series the way we did. We did exactly what we planned to do from the start”, stressed Marius Nolte. “You have to have your A game always if you want to beat Frankfurt. They are a great team. We gave up a good fight, but it wasn´t enough. I wish them the best of luck”, added Antoine Jordan. “We were unable to protect our home court advantage. It is always tough to win on the road”, expressed Kyle Bailey.
Before the game started, AJ Moye was as always prepared to come on the court to play even if he was still in his street clothes. Moye was dribbling a ball on the sideline as if he wanted to secretly ask Dashaun Wood for a spot as back up back up back up point guard when he returns. Jimmy Mckinney and Benedikt Nicolay were playing shoot and hand in your face training and the fans of both teams were getting some practice in of the famous Hallo Frankfurt Hallo Goettingen chants 45 minutes before game time. Shortly before the game, Wood was given his beko BBL MVP plaque. With an untypical Sunday 15:00 playoff game and 30c and sunny skies, only 4,080 people made the trek into the Ballsporthalle. The Frankfurt fans weren´t disappointed as The Deutsche Bank Skyliners cruised out on a 12 -3 run. BG Goettingen had one short lead at 3-2  helped by three free throws, but Frankfurt responded with a shocking 10-0 run. Frankfurt played their typical inside/out game, but quickly established an inside game as Chris Moss scored twice. Roger Powell contributed with a fade away jumper and Mckinney with a bomb from the wing. BG Goettingen seemed very unsure on offense risking bad shots and on defense were too timid and not aggressive. After a Patrick timeout, German Robert Kulawick responded with a catch and pop three pointer as Frankfurt led 12-6. However Frankfurt kept up a good tempo on offense getting to the free throw line and getting a Wood lay in as Frankfurt led 18-8. BG Goettingen did find some daylight in the remaining minutes going on a 10-4 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 22-18 after one quarter. John Patrick didn´t shy away from using his bench bringing in Jermaine Raffington as he scored over Nolte, but John Little also scored twice inside. BG Goettingen had fought their way back to 19-17, but reliable captain Pascal Roller put a dagger into the BG Goettingen fortunes with a three pointer as the clock expired. “We were not in the game. We got our intensity up at the end of the first quarter”, said BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. “We had a good start and we knew that we had to start well, because they will never give up. They have been like that all season”, added Dashaun Wood. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 47% from the field and 40% from outside while BG Goettingen was shooting 43% from the field and 33& from outside. BG Goettingen had the slim 10-8 rebound edge, but four turnovers while Frankfurt had two turnovers.
BG Goettingen got out to the better start in the second quarter going on a 6-3 run, but were unable to regain the lead as Frankfurt still led 25-24. BG Goettingen established their inside game attacking inside three times as Raffington scored over Nolte and New York native Jason Boone scored twice. Frankfurt was helped by the second three pointer in a row by Pascal Roller. Frankfurt then got a jumper from Kimmo Muurinen and Roger Powell unleashed a beautiful shovel lay in as Frankfurt led 29-26. Frankfurt was doing a good job on the offensive boards and getting to the free throw line. The quarter continued to be led by a stronger defense from both teams. beko BBL rookie and Cornell graduate Louis Dale hit a big three pointer to cut the Frankfurt lead to 32-29. Mckinney then nailed a pull up jumper and John Little ended the second quarter with two successful free throws. Frankfurt was leading 34-31 at halftime. At halftime, a staggering stat was that defensive specialist John Little was leading BG Goettingen with 8 points while top scorer Dwayne Anderson only had 4 points. “Coach John Patrick gave Germany Jermaine Raffington and Christoph Tetzner a chance with minutes. Coach made the right adjustments which gave the game a new fresh look. Jason Boone was playing well and we were more awake on defense. Frankfurt did  a good job with offensive rebounds, but also had some more bounces than we did”, stressed BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 39% from the field and 23% from the three point line while BG Goettingen was shooting 42% from the field and 30% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the 20-15 rebound edge, but had seven turnovers while BG Goettingen had six turnovers.
BG Goettingen had 20 minutes left to change the momentum of the game and they got going in a positive direction going on a mini 4-0 run to have their second lead of the game 35-34 since their early 3-2 lead. Anderson got all points in this run as he made a tip in dunk and sunk two free throws. Wood had been pretty quiet to this stand point, but there is never  a game where he doesn´t take over a part of the game at some stand point. Frankfurt went on a 15-3 run to lead 49-38  and Wood nailed two three pointers  as Frankfurt had the lead back at 41-35 and would never trail again. Frankfurt continued to get to the free throw line and Muurinen made a mid distance jumper. Frankfurt finally had the total momentum and control of the game. Frankfurt continued to extend their lead while BG Goettingen was getting to the free throw line, but were shooting poorly 3/10. Powell scored twice inside including  a pretty hook shot. Mckinney and Roller added to the scoring attack nailing two three pointers as Frankfurt led 62-43 after three quarters. Suddenly BG Goettingen had 10 minutes to play and an early summer to get ready for. “We stepped up our defense. Dashaun Wood got some open looks and hit three pointers. Shepherd came in and was a big spark for us”, added Quantez Robertson. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 50% from the field and 41% from the parking lot while BG Goettingen was shooting 39% from the field and 29% from the parking lot. Frankfurt led the rebounding battle comfortably 30-18, but had 12 turnovers while BG Goettingen had 10 turnovers.
In the fourth quarter, 39 year old Michael Meeks who played together with Steve Nash with the Canadian national team at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney came in and getting his own offensive rebound and laying the ball in. However Frankfurt continued to be cool, calm and collective and had this undying self confidence in their offense. A eerie statistic in this series has been the consecutive 8 points scored by a Skyliner in each game. In game one it was Jimmy Mckinney, in game two it was Dominik Bahiense De Mello and in game three it was Jevohn Shepherd who helped Frankfurt go on a 11-4 run. Shepherd who has limited duty in the first two games did the best for his minutes scoring in a phase where Frankfurt had the game as good as wrapped up, but still his scoring put another rip in the BG Goettingen come back and also helped his self confidence. “What did I tell you after game one? If we want to win, we have to have a different Jimmy Mckinney in each game. We need different guys to do different things. Without other guys stepping up, we won´t be able to win. I think we will continue to keep this formula”, joked Dashaun Wood. Frankfurt had a comfortable 24 point win and BG Goettingen continued to have problems breaking through the stingy and aggressive Frankfurt defense. Frankfurt continued to have a balanced scoring as Roller made a floater with a second left on the shot clock. With two minutes left, BG Goettingen coach John Patrick cleared his bench bringing in Jordan and young German Malte Herwig. Frankfurt continued to have no mercy in the last minute as Mckinney and Roller nailed consecutive three pointers. Frankfurt had a more than satisfying 82-59 win and now have a 10 day wait for game one of the beko BBL semi finals. “I think that BG Goettingen got tired in the second half. They have a short rotation and have had injuries. Our bench was stronger and Shepherd gave us the extra energy that we needed”, stressed Marius Nolte. “We limited Wood a little, but he still had no problems getting to the free throw line. Offensive rebounds and foul trouble hurt us. It was hard to get guys in rhythm. Both teams knew what the other would do, but Frankfurt had more guys to step up and make plays and we didn´t”, added Kyle Bailey. “We were down only by three points at halftime, but we were more tired in the second half. They continued to hit shots and we didn´t and the score kept going up”, added Antoine Jordan.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dashaun Wood with 19 points, six assists and four rebounds. Roger Powell had 15 points and five rebounds.  Pascal Roller added 14 points, four assists and three rebounds. Jimmy Mckinney and Jevohn Shepherd added 12 points a piece. BG Goettingen was led by Dwayne Anderson with 12 points and seven rebounds. John Little had eight points and Michael Meeks and Jason Boone chipped in with seven points a piece. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners gave a solid performance on offense shooting 50% from the field and 40% from outside and winning the rebound duel 37-28, but the story of the game was allowing just 59 points. “BG Goettingen is a good team. We played Frankfurt basketball which is good defense and pushing the ball. We also contained Dwayne Anderson well. The way we played was our typical style”, stressed Dashaun Wood. “Our help defense was excellent today. We are always trying to improve in that area. We know when they penetrate, we know right away that we havé to help”, warned Marius Nolte. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners now await their fate as their next opponent will either be Alba Berlin or the EWE Baskets Oldenburg. Alba Berlin have a 2-1 series lead, but this series seems to be wide open. “You can flip a coin with this series. Both teams are god offensive teams with good veterans. We know that when you advance, the games get harder”, stressed Dashaun Wood. “That is a good series. We will just have to wait and see. This off time will be good for Tez and me to get back to full strength”, said Marius Nolte. “It doesn´t matter who we play, because the series will be tough”, warned Quantez Robertson. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners host Alba Berlin/ EWE Baskets Oldenburg in game 1 of 2011 beko BBL semi finals May 18th.

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