Roger Powell Doesn´t Dunk, But The Deutsche Bank Skyliners Force BG Goettingen To Slip Over Their Own Violets 70-58

Basketball lady luck in the Lok Halle has been about as distant for The Deutsche Bank Skyliners in the last years as German soccer star Lukas Podolski scoring goals in a rapid pace in the German Bundesliga, Lebron James finally winning that first NBA crown or Minnesota Viking quarterback legend Bret Favre winning that second Superbowl after the 1997 win against The New England Patriots, but Frankfurt finally won for the second time 70-58 after winning in 2008 where half of the team was sick and Murat Didin had to play Maksym Shtein who had his best game as a pro in the BEKO BBL scoring 24 points. Perhaps new Skyliner Roger Powell was that mini me version of Michael Jordan being that most cherished good luck charm? Powell may look like Michael Jordan, but has an ego the size of a split pea. “I was definitely no good luck charm. This victory came because our team played well and coach prepared us well”, stressed ex Utah Jazz Roger Powell. BG Goettingen is usually as strong as steel at home, but this season seem to have been melting a bit in the Lok Halle having a 2-2 record and might be looking for their own good luck charm. “Frankfurt didn´t have any special luck and we didn´t slip on any violets. Our defense was ok, but not as intense as it could be. We played 25 minutes of hell and 15 minutes of heaven. Frankfurt played harder and wanted it more. We played well in spurts and when we didn´t, they capitalized on our mistakes”, commented BG Goettingen center Jason Boone. If there is one guy that could replace American talk show host Jay Leno and entertain the most bored lady in a nursing home then its AJ Moye, who fires entertaining quotes as rapidly as Tobi the dragon sprouts fire. “I don´t think we had any luck, but then again perhaps it was the luck of the Irish with coach Gordon Herbert”, joked Skyliner American AJ Moye.

The Deutsche Bank Skyliners won their fourth game in a row and second straight on the road upping their record to 5-2 and climbing to position two. Frankfurt showed for the second straight game on the road in very hostile environments that they can handle the pressure and not let the home team come back and take control of the game. “The key to this win was that whenever, BG Goettingen pressed and tried to come back, we stayed cool and stuck together as a team. This was a total team effort where each player gave his part to the win. In the offense it was Wood and Powell that pushed us and we kept up the intensity on defense”, stressed ex Paderborn Basket center Marius Nolte. BG Goettingen fall to position 12 with a record of 3-5 showing  a pretty good effort on defense, but not strong enough to put a dent in the fine tuned offensive machine of Frankfurt. “Our defense was not bad, but we were disorganized on offense not making plays. We had some bad luck missing shots and made bad decisions. Moye disrupted us in the first quarter”, said ex Ratiopharm Ulm guard Kyle Bailey.
Kyle Bailey is back in Goettingen for a third term of duty and is trying to rebound after his sub par season with EnBW Ludwigsburg not finishing the season. He finished the game as BG Goettingen top scorer with ten points, but came into the game averaging 8,1ppg, 3.3rpg and 2,9apg. However his shooting percentages are suffering as he is shooting 34% from the field and 28% from outside. He was obviously frustrated after the loss, but one could sense that he is just waiting to explode on the court and he understands his role. “Nothing has really changed with my role. I am still the playmaker and a leader in the clubhouse. It is  anew team and just taking more time to get the feel. My goal here is to get as good as I can get and win a title, but I am still figuring things out”, warned Kyle Bailey. Despite the individual struggle of Bailey, his teammates are confident of his abilities. “Kyle fights for us and is a leader on the floor. His shot wasn´t falling tonight, but he is always positive and optimistic that they will fall”, added BG Goettingen forward Mike Scott. It doesn´t matter who it is, AJ Moye always has a story or opinion about that player. “I think Bailey is a remarkable player. I hope he gets going, because I know the level that he can play at.I like his game and am sure that he will hit his stride”, said ex Walter Tiger Tuebingen American AJ Moye.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were without Jimmy Mckinney while BG Goettingen was healthy having their full roster active. With the Frankfurt hotel steps away from the Lok Halle, the players can stroll over when they want and AJ Moye took advantage of the free arena showing up early and shooting on his own two hours before tip off. Moye was working on his fade away jumper and at times was hitting 15-20 in a row. Moye was ready and wanted to find the touch from his fourth quarter 9 points in Artland and didn´t waste any time as he had 8 of the Frankfurt first 12 points. Moye hit two buckets with the shot clock running down and John Little in his face. Frankfurt had the quick and early 12-4 lead as BG Goettingen was having difficulty getting a sound rhythm in their offense, but also had to contend with a very focused and aggressive Frankfurt defense. Skyliner coach didn´t wait long inserting Roger Powell who followed the hot shooting of AJ Moye hitting a beautiful running hook shot for the Frankfurt 14-4 lead. Powell didn´t show anymore signs of jetlag, but looked like he was on a mission. “Powell had some more practices and fits in now knowing more plays. I am really happy he is on the team. It is hard to find a guy like that. I never saw a player like him in the German league so far”, warned Skyliner guard Dashaun Wood. Powell might not have dunked, but that second dunk will probably happen against Giessen Saturday as teh American had this desire to dunk whenever he could. “I missed a dunk and am sad I didn´t dunk, but I am happy we won”, joked Roger Powell.
BG Goettingen then went on a sudden and unexpected 5-0 run started by a Dwayne Anderson three pointer and lay in by Adam Waleskowski who was in the right place at the right time finding the ball in his hands after Pascal Roller had saved the ball and passed to the BG Goettingen player. Frankfurt finished the first quarter strong as Roger Powell and Dominik Bahiense De Mello hit three pointers. Frankfurt had the 20-11 lead after one quarter. “We gave Frankfurt a lot of respect and they came in with a lot of confidence. Moye made big shots despite good defense from us”, stressed BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 47% from the field and 33% from outside while BG Goettingen was shooting 36% from the field and 20% from outside. BG Goettingen had the slight 9-8 rebound edge, but six turnovers and Frankfurt had only two turnovers.
In the second quarter, both teams got off to a slow start as the first two minutes were filled with missed shots and turnovers. Pascal Roller got Frankfurt started with a three pointer after getting a beautiful pass from Moye out of the low post at the other end of the hoop. After a Robert Kulawick bomb from outside, it was Roller again who drooped a three pointer as Frankfurt led 27-14. Despite two big Roller shots, BG Goettingen wasn´t impressed as they stormed out on a 11-2 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 29-25. Louis Dale started the run with a three pointer. The BEKO BBL rookie from Cornell has had a good start in Goettingen and should make a fine transition from college to the pro level. “Dale is a good kid and he has so much determination”, added Kyle Bailey. Roger Powell interrupted the BG Goettingen putting his NBA body to display penetrating to the hoop with the elegance of a male figure skater and finishing of the glass and making it look so easy. BG Goettingen then got a fast break hoop by Mike Scott and a bucket by Kyle Bailey who finished in the lane beautifully laying the ball in with his left hand. Frankfurt went into halftime with some breathing room ending the second quarter with a 4-0 run as Kimmo Muurinen  made a mid distance jumper from the wing and Wood sunk two free throws. Frankfurt led 33-25 after two quarters. “Our defense got us back into the game. We were forcing more turnovers and getting the ball inside more”, expressed BG Goettingen manager Marc Franz. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 41% from the field and 36% from three point land while BG Goettingen was shooting 33% from the field and only 21% from the three point line. Frankfurt got the rebound lead 20-15, but had nine turnovers and BG Goettingen only eight.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners copied their fast start of the third quarter in Artland and transformed it into the third quarter in Goettingen and the expression that basketball is a game of runs would play center stage in the first five minutes. Frankfurt started the attack with a Muurinen lay in, which was followed by a Wood floater. Frankfurt led 37-27 and were also getting the job done on defense like they have all season long as Joe Dabbert made a block. Wood then hit a three pointer with one second left on the shot clock, De Mello scored on a lay up and Jason Boone missed two free throws as Frankfurt led 42-27. However it was time for BG Goettingen to go on a 8-0 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 42-35. Jason Boone scored inside being a bit fortunate catching a Trenton Meacham air ball, bailey hit two free throws, Meacham hit a jumper and BG Goettingen mixed up their defense with some press which led to a Jason Boone lay up. Even though Frankfurt had the lead and BG Goettingen was fighting and not letting Frankfurt run away with the game, it never felt like Frankfurt would ever be able to give the game away. Powell scored inside off a offensive rebound which was followed by a Mike Scott jumper and Frankfurt still led 44-37. Boone then made a two handed stuff getting  a nice no look pass by Kyle Bailey which was followed by Wood and Nolte free throws as Frankfurt led 50-39. Frankfurt had the comfortable lead, but BG Goettingen kept staying at the throats of Frankfurt ending the third quarter on a 5-0 run as Bailey made a floater and Kulawick a three pointer. Frankfurt led 51-44 after three quarters. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were shooting 43% from the field and 29% from the parking lot while BG Goettingen was shooting 38% from the field and 22% from the parking lot. The rebound duel was deadlocked at 27 a piece, while BG Goettingen had 14 turnovers and Frankfurt had 12.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners kept the lead in the fourth quarter and would extend their lead and BG Goettingen would cut it down again, but Frankfurt never led by less than seven points. Roger Powell did a fine job getting to the free throw line and Wood nailed another three pointer as Frankfurt led 57-49. Wood got on fire in the fourth quarter nailing a jumper from the top of the key and then going to the hoop and scoring off balance knocking the shot off the glass and returning back to defense gliding up the sideline and showing wings with his arms as if he was turning into a road runner. Frankfurt led 62-51 as time was running out for BG Goettingen. BG Goettingen had one last gasp as Meacham scored and Anderson drooped a three pointer as Frankfurt led only 63-56. However Frankfurt got  a clutch basket from Powell getting  a put back off an offensive rebound as Frankfurt led 66-58. With 25 seconds left to play, BG Goettingen was as good as beat and Frankfurt got four more garbage points from De Mello as Frankfurt closed out the game 70-58. “Strong teams win on the road. One has to be more disciplined on the road while being loose at home. We controlled the tempo and executed on offense in the second half. We used the clock well”, stressed AJ Moye.”We could never get under seven points. We have toi learn to be more consistent and be more disciplined”, said Mike Scott. “It might be early in the season, but we know how to finish games. We are getting more confident on offense and defense and executing down the stretch”, stated Dashaun Wood.
The Deutsche Bank Skyliners were led by Dashaun Wood with 18 points, five rebounds, four assists and two steals. Roger Powell had 18 points and eight rebounds. Dominik Bahiense De Mello had nine points, five rebounds and two assists. AJ Moye had eight points, four rebounds and two assists. BG Goettingen was led by Kyle Bailey with ten points, four rebounds and two assists. Mike Scott had nine points and six rebounds while Dwayne Anderson and Trenton Meacham chipped in with eight points a piece.

Winning on the road can only stimulate the self confidence of The Deutsche Bank Skyliners especially winning in a place like Goettingen and Frankfurt rebounded well again showing why they are the best rebounding team in the league. The team may not have the biggest players, but guys with the biggest rebounding hearts. “We rebounded very well. In all the wins we had, we have led in rebounding. Our center of focus is our defense and when that is working as well as our rebounding then we will always have a good chance to win”, warned Dashaun Wood. Another important fact about Frankfurt is that they have learned early to share the ball and love each other. “The team really cares about each other. You will see a different top scorer in each game. This team is not about one single player, but about The Deutsche Bank Skyliners”, explained AJ Moye. Frankfurt is playing excellent basketball, but comparisons to Alba Berlin and The Brose Baskets Bamberg seem a bit uncalled for so early in the season. “I dont like that comparison and we are not thinking about that right now”, warned Skyliner center Marius Nolte. The Deutsche Bank Skyliners host The Giessen 46ers on Saturday November 6th at 18:30.


  1. Powell should be in the league. Don’t understand why he’s not playin NBA. Some teams are dumb… I will follow his stats in germany, guess hes MVP material over there!!!!!! Hope you write some more about him here.

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