Jerome´s Diary Entry #17: Dedication For A Run

Ulm had a very nice trip to China and a break during the All Star Weekend. Everybody had some days off. But most of the players stayed educated. And we bounced back strong against Hagen (87:72). We won two in a row now. Unfortunately this is our longest winning streak for this season. Our main goal should be to perform strong on the road. The team stays very hungry, because nobody is really satisfied with the first half of the season.

I did hit the weight room and the gym with Darko and Austen to do some extra strong. Darko and me are also are very focused on the second team of Ulm. We are at the first place at the moment, but do have some important games coming up against 2nd and the 3rd seed teams. If we win those games we are through and moving up to the next level. We would reach our goal and complete one of our missions.

The harmony around Ulm and the team is getting better. We are doing a lot of stuff together.
Hope that we will win this game against Frankfurt (live on DSF this Saturday). We lost the first game at home against them, but now we do know the team better and do also know us as a team better. Plus we did get stronger on the Center and Point Guard position. The new guy Kevin Martin could be the big difference maker.

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