Jerome´s diary entry #4: Pre Season Game 2

I was sleepy today. I slept in until 11am. I had a lot of time left, because we had to be at the meeting point at 2.30pm to leave for our bridgewaterteampicsecond pre season game against Gmünden. It was a very short trip. We got there about an hour and a half before the game started. I got a little bit loose before we were getting back into the locker room for our personal team meeting. We didn`t know much about Gmünden, just that they did have a couple Veteran guys. And they really did.  We have had a better start than yesterday and did build a comfortable 6 point lead after a few minutes. They came back thou. Those old guys do really know how to play and how to take advantage of every single mistake.

I checked in with 9 minutes to go in the second quarter. I had a very weak start. I didn`t screw up on the offensive end. I also grabbed two offensive rebounds. But I got beat very badly on the defensive end. Gave up a backdoor cut and wasn`t able to beat any kind of screen. I got trapped into flair screens, and got stuck in some staggered screens. My man was wide open for the easy basket, but couldn`t sink it twice. Our defensive communication wasn`t very good either. No communication on on ball screens.

It was the first time that Mike gave us, or especially me, a little wakeup call on defense during a time out. I played 5 minutes, but checked in for the last 2 minutes. My defense got a little bit better, I missed an easy 2 on 1 layup, but Christian Burns was right there for the follow. The Austrians were really dominating and went with a comfortable 9 point lead into the second half. There was only room for improvement in every category. I do not know what it was or what happened. But Gmünden outplayed us.

We looked very rusty and exhausted in the third quarter and they were able to get a 17-point lead. I was back in action with a couple minutes to play in the third period. This time I was doing a better job on defense. I got through the screens and was right there on the catch. We couldn`t find ourselves open looks on the offensive end thou. We were scrimmaging a lot and did not execute as a team. We couldn`t get really back into the game. They were just too smart and were using every single second of the shot clock.

Rocky got back into action for me, but did hurt his hand on a play and had to come out again. So I got back into action. I almost played 7 minutes in the last quarter. The game was lost already and I didn`t have nothing to lose so I was trying to hustle and do as much as I can. I collected two steals and forced a fumble, which screwed up the whole offensive play for Gmünden. I drew a foul at the end. I did miss my first free throw again. This time it was way short. Almost airballed it. The second one was good thou. Well that was the game.

You could really tell that we are still in preseason and that we are finding ourselves together. The score was 97-75 I think at the end. We will have the chance to play this team in two weeks again. Like I said we did not know much about them and I think a lot of things will change until then. It will take some time until everybody knows their role on the team, but I am very optimistic that we will be successful. The Sportverein of Aalen invited us to a very nice dinner at the gym afterwards. The organization and the committee of Aalen were very nice. I would love to come back here. Today I had to sign my first autographs. That was a uncommon feeling for me. Need to get used to it and I do also need to get an idea of a signature.


  1. Hey Jerome,

    you are a very talented player!
    Stay focused, work hard and I’m sure you will become a good player in BBL.

  2. Habe das von Jeromes Tagebuch gerade erst erfahren!
    Sehr gute Idee. Leider nur in Englisch… Aber so kann ich mein eingerostetes Englisch wieder auf Vordermann bringen!!!
    Hoffentlich bleibst du am Ball, Jerome.
    Ich bin sehr gespannt auf weitrere Einträge.

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